It’s not any pay other than a good word with POETS & WRITERS, but there is an amount of prestige.  ARIEL CHART is dedicated to brevity.  Shorter works don’t get as much attention in the publishing world.  We are also committed to the literary work.  Genre ok.  But no fan fiction, please.  This is an Art journal. . . .  Nevertheless, the New Orleanians Aimée and les filles à les caissettes were game, urban legend-based though they may be (see March 6 2016, April 28 2015, et al.), and so late on Monday the word came back:  Thank you for submitting to ARIEL CHART.  We enjoyed reading your story, “Casket Girls,” and would like to reprint the piece in the upcoming February issue.  It is a well-written piece of prose that keeps the reader engaged throughout.  And of course, who doesn’t like a good vampire story?  Who doesn’t, indeed!
“Casket Girls” was first published in DAILY SCIENCE FICTION on April 10 2014 and has since spawned a few other stories as well, about Aimée herself and several others of les filles.  So it may be fitting that she, starring in her original tale, should provide the third story acceptance for a hopefully successful new year.