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A goofy sort of a Monday, weather warming today with a promise to be real hot again Tuesday.  A mellow day still with a walk downtown, some work at the library, a stop at the market on the way home for snacks and groceries.  Yesterday, Sunday, came the announcement that THE SPIRIT OF POE (cf. July 23, et al.) is now on Kindle, for which, if interested, press here.  Also the print copy arrived here Friday — the 27th which was also the “official” release date.  Whatever official release dates mean these days.

Still, feeling goofy, feeling happy with monster and vampire poems recently sold (with illustrations by Marge Simon — natch!), I wrote a goofy zombie poem today, “The Zombie Requests,” which I share below.  No pictures with it, though.



Please forgive me when I shamble

when parts fall off in the rain,

or if, as I lurch and ramble,

I should pause and eat your brains.

Artist /poet Marge Simon, cited in these pages in the past, and I have occasionally done collaborations, most notably in VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) where she did the cover and interior illustrations.  So it’s happened again — twice!  I had sent her copies of “The Well-Dressed Vampiress (advertisement)” as well as the just-sold “Where the Vile Things Are” (cf. July 23, 25 respectively) in response to some vampire poems she’d showed to me, but also suggested they might be amenable to illustration.   She agreed, and almost immediately had her interpretation of “Vile Things” accepted by NIGHT TO DAWN to accompany that poem there.  Then, after some discussion of where the “Vampiress” with her new portrait might go, she sent them on to Terrie Relf at HUNGUR.  Just one day later, today, Terrie bit (ahem).  “The Well-Dressed Vampiress  (advertisement),” with illustration, is set to appear in HUNGUR in the company of other (from the guidelines) “original works in a rich, decadent, literary artery . . . er, vein.”  Both “Vampiress” and “Vile” are scheduled to see print next spring in their respective publications.

Meanwhile TORN REALITIES has been mentioned once again in HELLNOTES, this time in their own review.  Several stories are briefly described although this time mine, “The Calm,” seems not to be among them.  Hey, not everyone’s gonna have taste 😉 .  But otherwise the review is worth checking out by pressing here.

There were no bat-prints or wing-marks on the package, just a “PRIORITAR” label on the front and a customs declaration, but THE BIZARRE AGE (see July 14, June 21) has flown in from Romania, arriving today a bit after noon.  My story in it is “Moons of Saturn,” originally published in 1993 in Algis Budrys’s TOMORROW during its time as a print publication.  One of the pioneers way back then, it subsequently converted to the electronic TOMORROW SF — and published a few things by me in that manifestation as well — for its last couple of years, but nevertheless is, alas, long since defunct (a lesson today for those in other pursuits, perhaps, that you’re not going to balance budgets by just cutting costs when your problem is insufficient income)   (Right, so I’m a writer, but that’s why many of us have day jobs 🙂 )

If interested, the book is published in English by Edutura StudIS in both hardcover and trade paperback editions and is edited by Taner Murat.  US ordering information appears below for July 14, but, especially if you’re in Europe, it may be cheaper to order directly from Romania by clicking here.

Below is a list of “Featured Authors” with places of residence and story titles from the publisher’s website:

Wm. Samuel Bradford

georgia, usa

You Can Feel a Presence

Matthew Denvir

new york, usa

Funky Beasey

James S. Dorr

indiana, usa

Moons of Saturn

Larry Lefkowitz


The City

Hector Lopez

texas, usa

Man on the Train

Abstract Thoughts of Renewal

Jenean McBrearty

kentucky, usa

The Blue Duck

Carl Palmer

washington, usa

Len and Smithy

Jack Peachum

virginia, usa

Southern Gothic

Tom Sheehan

massachusetts, usa

Murder by Invention

The Rescues of Brittan Courvalais

The Old Man of the River

J. J. Steinfeld

prince edward island, canada


A Distant Planet Full of Walls and Words for Walls

One Last Question

Maggie Veness

new south wales, australia

DeVito’s Spider

Today was the day the thermometer sneaked back to 100, a sultry, hot day, but one worth celebrating (even if not going to the cave computer to do so till now, 24 hours or so after the fact, but the thing is, it’s in the relative coolness of night).  Tuesday night brought, first, an email from NIGHT TO DAWN where, according to the guidelines, one “might meet the blood drinker of yore, or a walking skeleton, or even a human vampire.  Then there are the psychic vampires.  Recently, NTD has been featuring werewolves and other monsters but always with the bloodlust theme.”  In other words, a family magazine, and one not entirely a stranger to me and my work, having published three vampire-ku by me last year (see August 28 2011, et al.).  So now, according  to editor Barbara Custer, three more poems will be in the offing in issue #23, which I believe would be at or about April 2013, a 16-line tip of the hat of sorts to the late Maurice Sendak,  “Where the Vile Things Are,” a much shorter  sub-werewolf-ku “The Werewolf Explains,” and, splitting some kind of difference, the 9-line “Werewolves vs. Vampires.”

Then, lest prose be forgotten, another Tuesday eve email from SNM HORROR (see December 31 and 2 2011, et al.) arrived with an acceptance for a new story “Waste Not, Want Not” for their “August Augmentations” issue.  “Doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, botch ups or malpractice” — sounds like fun!  This one should be out early next month.

After many a false start THE SPIRIT OF POE (see January 10, et al.) is out at last, with an official release date Friday, July 27.  But copies, including a special introduction by Dr. Barbara Cantalupo, are available now via CreateSpace and Amazon, with other outlets both offline and online expected over the next few weeks.  Also it has a poem by me, “The White Worm:  On the Death of Virginia Poe, by Consumption” (“And in myself I see a tomb of ghouls/ lie dormant, waking to the White Worm’s call. . . .”), originally published in ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT (Unnameable Press, 1995) to mark the 150th anniversary of  the publication of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven.”  And if that weren’t enough, it has been announced that profits from sales  will be donated to help save the Poe House at 203 Amity Street in Baltimore which is endangered by a loss of city funds.  If interested, check the bookseller’s name of choice above for ordering and other information.

Then two short notes, the first being that’s review of TORN REALITIES is now featured in HELLNOTES.  To read it, press here, then scroll down to the eleventh paragraph under “Quick Hits” and press the button there, or, if you prefer, just scroll down this page to the posting for July 19.

As for the second, the picture in the entry below has been more inspirational than I expected.  The result:  a new poem written Sunday, “The Well-Dressed Vampiress (advertisement).”  Rather than reproduce it here, I’m going to send it out to a few places for publication.  Will it see print (or electronic impulses, as the case may be)?  Time will tell but, if such should happen, the news will be shared in a future post here.

(On a more pleasant day, weatherwise, than many we’ve been having of late, an old out-of-town friend here on a visit, a mutual  in-town friend, and I enjoyed iced tea and snacks at a local coffeehouse.  Conversation included such things as vampires in literature, computer enhanced movie SFX, older-time cartoons, fairy lore and fantasy, writing, and social media.  Then at the library afterward I ran across this on Facebook from Steam Punk World, via Glynn Owen Barrass.)

For the well-dressed vampiress, the corset guaranteed to be stake-resistant.

Weeks, it seems, of mid-90s weather continue, though not the low 100s like it was not so long ago.  So what’s hot? one might ask.  The answer for today is a new review of TORN REALITIES (cf. April 21, et al.) on, as passed on by anthology editor Paul Anderson via Facebook.  “Of the 19 stories, there are some real gems to behold, with very few that do not fit the bill.”  And yes, to be sure, “The Calm,” my own pig in this post-Lovecraftian poke, gets a nice mention too.

Other tales singled out for mention include lead story “Opt-In” by J. W. Schnarr, Clive Barker’s “Rawhead Rex” (of course), “Delta Pi” by Matt Moore (“. . . using mathematics as a vessel for terror”), “hard sci-fi” stories “Visions of Parin” by Joseph Williams and Jamie Lackey’s “What Waits Out There,” and the closer, “The Seventh Plague” by Allie Marini Batts.  Also noted are Kathryn Board’s “The Troll that Jack Built” and “A Ride in the Dream Machine” by  Jessica McHugh.

In total, reviewer/poster “Lonmonster” gives TORN REALITIES 4 Skulls out of a possible 5.  The review itself can be obtained by clicking here.

The electronic authors’ copies of Zombie Works Publications’ MONSTERTHOLOGY (see July 2) came today with fifteen (not just thirteen) “tales of vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies, and other monsters.”  Less favored monsters might include my “Stink Man,” an odoriferous excursion into the wondrous world of cryptozoology.  But more respectable monsters abound too.

Also Zombie Works announces that the book’s official release date is Friday next week, July 27, when it will be available on Amazon, et al., as well as Zombie Works’s own site.  Pre-orders are also being accepted now on the Zombie Works site which can be reached by pressing  here.

A mellow Sunday, time later this evening to peruse the comments on my latest story from my writers’ group meeting yesterday — Bastille Day, as it happens, and maybe with a little bit of fireworks having to do with a (purposely) unreliable narrator.  But also making a potato salad to have with chicken and another cold salad for Sunday Dinner.  And, for cave cat Wednesday, a “crustacean”-flavor cat treat.

Of work, I’ve just gone through a final proof copy of STAR*LINE 35:3, for July-September, which Editor F. J. Bergmann hopes to get to the printer tomorrow.  My poem in this issue is “Proper Perspective” (see also February 2), a vampire-ku about a lady who feels she’s misunderstood.  Also announced very late last night:  the Prime Books mass market edition of FUTURE LOVECRAFT, which includes my story “Dark of the Moon” (see May 8, et al.), is expected to be in bookstores starting August 1.

Then finally, just because it’s cool, I’ve added a picture of a library by Edouard J. Menta (also Mentha), 1858-1915, courtesy of the Bram Stoker Estate via Facebook.  Wouldn’t it be neat if that were my library?  (Or yours?)

Joyeux quatorze juillet!  So on our local Fourth of July I marched in the parade downtown, ending up oddly carrying one of two flags preceding one of the political units.  Now comes Bastille Day and with it the news that the anthology THE BIZARRE AGE, including my story “Moons of Saturn” (see June 21), is available for order on Amazon.  However remember, THE BIZARRE AGE is published in Romania, land of the Transylvanian vampires, and may take a little time for delivery.

No, that doesn’t mean they’re flying themselves here flapping their covers like bats’ wings (although one does hope for conventional air mail).  Also the stories are printed in English.  Their ad and ordering info on Amazon can be found here.  In addition there’s a listing on Google Books, including a sample scroll-down copy of the first 51 pages plus contents (as a special touch of the funky, the contents  page comes at the end of the book) with the first and much of the second story which can be reached by pressing here.  However my story is the third, starting on page 57, so to read “Moons of Saturn” you’ll still have to buy the book. 😉

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