HWA Members: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the HWA 2017 Bram Stoker Awards(R) Preliminary Ballot with Links to Works

Some days just aren’t one’s day.  Voting members of the Horror Writers Association will have just received, as of about the last hour, a “Special Internet Preliminary Ballot Mailer with Links” listing all books and authors in the various Stoker categories, with direct links or instructions for obtaining reading copies of the works.  As readers may know, one of these in the Fiction Collection category is my mosaic novel TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH (cf. January 18, below — why a Fiction Collection and not a novel?  That’s how the categories work).  But, oops, one little problem on the links part of this.  When I looked up TOMBS, the link under it is for a different book altogether, Michael Hanson’s poetry collection WHEN THE NIGHT OWL SCREAMS.

So it goes.  I’m assured, however, that an updated list, to be sent Tuesday night after the actual ballots have been sent out, will have the correct information — so any HWA members reading this blog need not despair yet.  Or, better, to run around the system, if you’re a HWA voting member and wish to obtain a PDF copy of TOMBS to read, drop me a note to that effect with an email address to send it to under “comments” here.


  1. That is par for the course! I noted that Mary T’s and my collection Satan’s Sweethearts, has a bunch of unrelated jargon before you see our email contact addy’s. Someone was up too late or got up before drinking their morning coffee putting this ginormous listing together, I’d say! Here’s to seeing TOMBS on the final ballot!!

  2. Lucky it was that I got my note up on the HWA Facebook site yesterday (and thank you for your comment there too!) so people can find the contact if they look. (sigh)

  3. Yes, they got it right on yesterday’s updated list! (Not sure how much difference it makes yet, though. That is, buzz and word of mouth, etc., should be making a difference now too. . . .)

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