Ah, summer officially starts tomorrow, or so my calendar noted this morning.  Summer.  Warmth, vacations, another round of 6-Month Micro-Royalties, and. . . ?  But of course!  As hot weather sets in it’s time for a roundup of chilling new movies released for the year up through June, or in this year’s case “10 Most Terrifying Horror Movies of 2018 (So Far)” by Jessica Ferri on THE-LINE-UP.COM. To wit, [h]orror reached terrifying new heights last year — Jordan Peele’s GET OUT smashed box office records and won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, while movies like IT and ANNABELLE:  CREATION reminded moviegoers how fun it is to scream bloody murder in a darkened theater.  Yet the thrills of 2017 cleared the way for 2018 to be an even bigger year for horror.  These are the best horror movies of 2018 so far that will leave you screaming for more.
How many of these have I seen myself?  Well, possibly none . . . at least so far.  But then I usually catch things like this after they’ve had, as it were, a chance to fester, to mature in time and imagination.  So at the halfway point for this new year, here’s a list we may all look at for films to enjoy as the year winds down by pressing here.