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Speaking of cats, the Goth Cat Triana is napping happily next to the keyboard, joyful that I have returned home to her.  More of what I did at NASFiC to come, but for now there are items to be caught up on.  And so this first popped up in today’s email from PHOBOS magazine (cf. February 24, et al.):  Good news!  The print edition of “Deep Black Sea” is now up for sale on Amazon!

Apologies for the delay, but I feel confident in saying this is our strongest issue yet, which of course is a result of the high quality stories by everyone present.  Thank you all for being a part of it.  Our next step will be putting out a Kindle version and making it available at select local bookstores. 

In the meantime, feel free to direct anyone interested to the Amazon site — and have them drop a review about how great your story is!  Reviews go a long way, even if it’s not five stars.

So . . . my story in this is a Lovecraftian romp, “The Dark Call of the Sea,” of a summer vacation at Innsmouth gone wrong.  For more, press here — and as quoted above, if you enjoy the issue, or just my story, please give the Amazon folk a review!

Then for a second item, my copy of CAT’S BREAKFAST: KURT VONNEGUT TRIBUTE (cf. June 15, et al.) arrived from Third Flatiron Publishing while I was gone, in a print edition at a (for Third Flatiron) whopping 270-some pages long.  My story in this is “Dead Girls, Dying Girls,” originally published in SO IT GOES:  A TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, 2013, see April 24 2013, et al.), about girls both alive and dead . . . and bears.  More on it can be found here and, should you enjoy, it can be reviewed too.


So came the announcement from Editor/Publisher Juliana Rew:  It’s hard to believe that summer’s almost here. And so is the new anthology, CAT’S BREAKFAST:  TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT.  A double issue, it contains 30  all-original  science fiction and fantasy short stories inspired by the wit and wisdom of  the late Mr. Vonnegut, releasing on June 15.

An international group of new and established contributors to “Cat’s Breakfast” makes this a remarkable and varied collection that is sure to please fans of science fiction/fantasy, humor, and horror.  The ebook’s available for pre-order on Amazon, and print books will follow shortly.

And so here it is, the lineup including my “Dead Girls, Dying Girls” (see April 27), a tale of a modern young lady . . . and bears . . .  originally published in Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing’s own tribute anthology, SO IT GOES, in 2013.  While as for that ebook pre-order and other info, one need but press here.


Spooky Action by David A. Kilman
They Grow Up So Fast by Konstantine Paradias
The Jim-Aaargh School of Philosophy by Rati Mehrotra
Command Decision by James Beamon
Hear by Tim Jeffreys
Honour Killing by Iain Hamilton McKinven
Talk to the Animals by Jill Hand
The Pigeon Drop by Gregg Chamberlain
Formica Joe by Anne E. Johnson
One Is One by Vaughan Stanger
Emerging Grammars by Christopher Mark Rose
Picnic, with Xels by Keyan Bowes
Scenes from a Post-Scarcity, Post-Death Society by Peter Hagelslag
The Static Fall to a Standing Walk by Jason Lairamore
Beyond the Borders of Boredom by Ville Nummenpää
Snakes and Ladders by Rekha Valliappan
Drop Dead Date by August Marion
Monkeyline by Jonathan Shipley
Quality Testing by S. E. Foley
Dead Girls, Dying Girls by James Dorr
The Bringers by John J. Kennedy
The Confrontation Station by Ryan Dull
The Edge of Toska by Veronica Moyer
Violadors on the Run by Corrie Parrish
37 by Dan Koboldt
The Losers’ Crusade by Neil James Hudson

Grins and Gurgles (Flash Humor):

Cyborg Shark Battle (Season 4, O’ahu Frenzy) by Benjamin C. Kinney
Strange Stars by Laurence Raphael Brothers
iPhone 17,000 by E. E. King
The Service Call by Edward Ahern

Then in other info, it’s one of those signs of spring becoming summer, and one of those little things sometimes buried under other activity, but the 2017 RHYSLING ANTHOLOGY(cf. April 19, 2, March 29, et al.) made a safe landing here in last Saturday’s mail.  This is the collection of award nominees in the Science Fiction and Poetry Association’s annual Rhysling Competition, in which my prize fight poem “Godzilla vs. King Kong” appears in the Short Poem division (cf. March 29, February 22).

More information on the Rhysling Awards and the SFPA may be found here.

A quick follow up to April 27th’s post just below (paragraph two).  Later that p.m. what should e-appear in ye olde electronic mailbox but the promised contract from Third Flatiron Publishing for “Dead Girls, Dying Girls” to appear in CAT’S BREAKFAST, this being the title for their Kurt Vonnegut inspired summer anthology.  As opposed, that is, to the Goth cat Triana’s morning kibble.  So this afternoon I emailed back my agreement plus some extra requested information on form of payment, current address, etc.  And again, more to be told here as it becomes known.

(Meanwhile as I write this the Goth cat Triana, who is experiencing the first spring ever in her young life, has captured either a small spider or a member of the cricket colony that inhabits my basement briefly in fall and spring, on an all too tragic visit upstairs.  After some play, she has apparently eaten it, so I can’t say for sure which it is [I suspect the spider].  She does appear to have enjoyed it, though.)

The writing life, the writing life.  Last night the proof copy came for “Golden Age,” the closing story for Smart Rhino’s upcoming anthology ZIPPERED FLESH 3:  YET MORE TALES OF BODY ENHANCEMENTS GONE BAD (see April 19, et al.).  The changes suggested were unobtrusive, so back it has been sent today with my okay, plus one small correction.  “Golden Age” itself is a reprint, originally appearing in the science fiction magazine MINDSPARKS for  Spring 1994, and probably will be a bit more “gentle” than much of the content of the finished anthology.  Maybe a lot more gentle, in fact, but also in Editor Weldon Burge’s opinion with a sense of finality that may make it perfect to be the closer.

In other news, we may remember Third Flatiron Publishing which we last met in conjunction with my short short “Chocolat” in their IT HAS COME TO OUR ATTENTION anthology (cf. March 23, February 21).  They do these themed anthologies quarterly and, concerning their latest, the word came earlier this week from Editor/Publisher Juliana Rew:  We’d be pleased to accept the story, “Dead Girls, Dying Girls,” for inclusion in Third Flatiron Publishing’s Summer 2017 anthology, with the theme, “Cat’s Breakfast.”  This is to be a Kurt Vonnegut inspired collection, inspired itself somewhat by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing’s 2013 SO IT GOES:  A TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT.  And so a couple of us writers who both had stories in that one (aha!  so see January 3 2013, below) and have been at least occasionally part of Third Flatiron’s stable were invited to send our work in for possible reprint consideration.  The email added that it would receive a reprint rate, which had been understood, and that a contract should be along soon.  Thus “Dead Girls, Dying Girls,” the tale of an up-and-coming modern American young lady — and dancing bears — has earned a new home, more of which to be revealed here as it becomes known.

So it goes.

Yesterday, as noted, was S.C.I.F.I. writers critique group day at which my story on the griddle was my recent flash piece “A Saint Valentine’s Day Tale,” as also noted in a different outing on February 7.  This introduced the blithely-humored Frenchwoman Claudette, recently come to New Orleans with the vampiress Aimée and the “casket girls” of New Orleanian urban legend.  (For more on the casket girls, incidentally, see just below, February 18, regarding a tale starring Aimée herself called “Flightless Rats,” including a link to allow you to read it yourself.)  The story was well received with one comment I especially liked, from one who added she had been a French Literature major, that even in less than 600-words Claudette’s character came off as unmistakably French.

Come we now one day later, and it’s come to my Sunday afternoon e-attention (sorry, couldn’t resist) that IT’S COME TO OUR ATTENTION, the Spring 2016 entry in Third Flatiron Publishing’s “Third Flatiron Anthologies” series, has just been published.  IT’S COME TO OUR ATTENTION from Third Flatiron Anthologies contains imaginative speculative fiction short stories about things that could be happening quietly, without a lot of fanfare, but which could still be extremely significant or make a big difference, to quote Amazon’s blurb.  Visit a landfill to hear some real trash talk.  Tag along with an alien agent here to save the earth from his hideout in the insane asylum.  Bust a conspiracy to change the climate via mind control.  Form an unhealthy attachment to your radio.  Go down to the basement even though we told you not to. Decide on the pros and cons of immortality.  Tell a librarian she would look beautiful without her glasses.  Find out what’s at the bottom of the wishing well (besides coins).  Indulge in a little illegal but highly satisfying genetic tinkering.  Acknowledge the debt we all owe to French culture.  

So, speaking of French. . . .

In any event, my story in this is called “Chocolat” (cf. January 25, et al.), about a Frenchman and, like “A Saint Valentine’s Day Tale,” it’s told in about 500 words and has a lot to do with food.  To savor for oneself, one can find IT’S COME TO OUR ATTENTION on Smashwords by pressing here, or Amazon by pressing here.

Arrived the missive Monday morning:  “Coming February 20, 2016! IT’S COME TO OUR ATTENTION from Third Flatiron Anthologies contains fourteen imaginative speculative fiction short stories about things that could be happening quietly, without a lot of fanfare, but which could still be extremely significant or make a big difference.”  And while the contents page as such wasn’t reproduced, there was an authors’ list, some names on which may be faattnpreview250-Chocolatmiliar.  “Contributors include Pauline J. Alama, James H. Zorn, Wendy Nikel, Philip Brian Hall, Hunter Liguore, Nyki Blatchley, James Dorr, Greg Beatty, Terri Bruce, Joel Richards, Marie DesJardin, Arthur M. Doweyko, E. M. Eastick, and Lisa Timpf.”  That’s one more part of the life of the writer, a fun part, I think, especially the cover preview giving a notion of what an artist in a different medium thinks of it all.

It’s nice to have an exact date too, and while we may not have titles yet for all the stories, we do know one.  Mine, that is, “Chocolat” (see January 2, December 11; also November 3 2014 for an earlier mention), the tale of a Frenchman and his love for candy.  But only that made of the finest chocolate or, at the least, that concocted from pure cocoa butter.

Why?  In less than a month we can all find out!

Speaking of fairy tales, even if they aren’t what THE TEARS OF ISIS is primarily about, by coincidence word has just come that PLAYING WITH FIRE (cf. May 12, April 8), Third Flatiron ImagePublishing’s summer anthology, is now available on Smashwords as well as Kindle, with Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Sony to follow.  And wouldn’t you know, my part in this is an 1800-word, um, fairy tale based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl” called “The Match Story.”  Except Andersen’s version doesn’t have zombies.

And, come to think of it, neither Andersen’s story or mine actually has fairies in it either, but chacun à son goût, yes?   Or as Editor Juliana Rew put it, “The story [that is, mine] was quite on the nose regarding the theme.  We found it cute yet grim, or vice versa.”

Third Flatiron is currently reading for its next quarterly anthology on the subject of “Lost Worlds,” with a deadline of June 30.  If interested more information can be found on their website by pressing here.

Juliana Rew of Third Flatiron Publishing has just released the table of contents for their upcoming Summer PLAYING WITH FIRE anthology (see April 8).  Scheduled to be out after June 1, I have the number five position this time with “The Match Story,” a heartwarming tale of a cold, cold Christmas, in time to add a chill to your summer.  Also a preview of the cover has been released, for which see just below.

One Step at a Time by Gunnar De Winter
In the Garden by Adele GardnerImage
Again and Again by G. Miki Hayden
Stone Cold by L. L. Hill
Match Story by James S. Dorr
Fire Dogs by Ian O’Reilly
Godrock by H. L. Pauff
Knock by Marian Powell
The Poison Pawn by Nicholas M. Bugden
Haephaestus and the God Particle by J. M. Scott
Fate’s Finger by Jonathan Shipley
The Carnival by Michael Fedo – Reprint of a famous classic!
Meteor Story by Marissa James

For more information on this and other Third Flatiron titles, readers can press here.

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