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Today brought a reminder from AbeBooks (cf. below, September 6) that their September sale has just eight days to go.  Or to put it in their words:  Save up to 50% on books and collectibles from select sellers.  Discover a great selection of new, used, and collectible books, art and ephemera, all discounted until September 28th.  Or to put it in my words, if you might have a temptation to get a paperback copy of TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, there’s a week left to find astounding bargains as low as $7.08 and $7.33 — and that’s with free shipping to boot — by pressing here.
For more on TOMBS itself, you can click on its picture in the center column, or read some reviews by pressing here (and yes, these are all 5-star as it happens, but to be scrupulously honest you can find a few 2 or 3-star ones on GoodReads, for all of which my special thanks!).  Or, more to the point, if you have read TOMBS — or are getting it now and are about to start — why not jot down what you think of it, just one or two sentences will do, and send it to both GoodReads AND Amazon as your review?

Two quickies for Monday, the first a YouTube followup on Sunday’s post on LOVING VINCENT.  For an 8 minute, 21 second peek into “The Making Of. . . .” via the BBC, with an starrynightrhonevinterview of one of the artists, Sarah Wimperis, please to press here.

Then the second, just out of curiosity, I’ve noted several times that while paperback copies of TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH often seem on sale, I seldom see bargains on THE TEARS OF ISIS.  So (why not?  thought I) this morning I made a comparison, at least on Amazon, and came across what seemed to me a curious counterpoint, that THE TEARS OF ISIS is the bargain if you like electronic copies, but TOMBS is still king for print on paper.  Thus THE TEARS OF ISIS Kindle edition is priced (today, at least) at $2.99 compared with TOMBS at $8.99; for print editions, however, TEARS has one used “good” copy at $12.94 with free shipping but everything else at full price or higher, while TOMBS bargains abound with one new copy at $10.02 (plus shipping) and a number of others for $14.02 and $14.07 with shipping free.  What is to be made of this I know not myself, other than that strange are the ways of book pricing on Amazon (or, if you haven’t already, treat yourself to a Kindle copy of THE TEARS OF ISIS for which I should get at least a small royalty while, for TOMBS, snap up those new copies in print if you will, or even Kindle for which the royalty is a bit better — that is, I do have a dog in this fight myself).

We’ve met AbeBooks before, most recently with a Summer Sale only last month (see August 3, et al.), and they’re doing it again, this time with savings of up to 50 percent from selected vendors through September 28.  The catch here is that the varying discounts don’t seem to include Elder Signs Press or other publishers of my books as such — at least not exactly.  But discounts in some cases do still abound.

So if you haven’t checked out a paperback copy yet of TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, but wouldn’t be averse to a bargain, press here quickly.  Two vendors, both British, are offering TOMBS at an astonishing $7.04 and $7.22 respectively, and that seems to include free shipping to the US!  Other low prices can be found there as well, and while I don’t know if the September 28 cutoff applies, books at prices like this might be snapped up fast.

So I also checked out THE TEARS OF ISIS (hint:  if searching for it add the name DORR after the title, otherwise you get buried in titles about the mid-east) but, alas, no bargains here.  But I did find one “very good” used copy of the technically out-of-print DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET at a sale price of $8.99 (also with free shipping within the US), for which one may press here.

Here’s another list, this one rather long and special as well as one I’d like to save for myself:  “43 Underrated Films from the Darker Side of Cinema You’ve Probably Never Seen — A Gehenna Post Article” via GEHENNAANDHINNOM on WordPress.  Well, of course I’ve seen some, but I use these things to check out the ones I haven’t in case there might be something I’ve missed that I’d better look for at least on DVD.  One’s mileage varies, as the saying goes, but to see for yourself check here.  In addition, G & H’s editor, publisher, and now list maker C.P. Dunphey not only bought my story “Flesh” for YEAR’S BEST BODY HORROR 2017 ANTHOLOGY (see November 1 2017, et al.), but also ran an interview of me on the GEHENNA POST along with an extremely positive review of TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH (cf. June 3 2017, and/or check it on Amazon et al.), which can be seen by pressing here.  Or in other words, we know already he has good taste.

Adding to yesterday’s post, I’ve discovered another recent (August 15) 5-Star TOMBS review on Goodreads, this one citing TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH in conjunction with Jack Vance’s THE DYING EARTH.  Says reviewer John Rennie, in part, . . . this is a good, no excellent, example of a book inspired by Jack Vance’s work.  It paints a wonderfully weird and colourful picture of an Earth lapsed into a rather Byzantine senescence.  There is more, to be sure, for which one may press here, while for all seven reviews of TOMBS that currently appear on its Goodreads page, press here.  One warning, however, not all of the Goodreads reviews are “5-Star,” TOMBS perhaps not being aimed for all people, but as Mr. Rennie himself concludes, [a]ll I can say is that I loved it and if this sort of rather quirky writing appeals to you then you will love it too.

With the skill of a nineteenth century storyteller, James Dorr weaves tales that would impress Mary Shelley.  Say what?  Well, 2018 is the 200th anniversary of the first edition of FRANKENSTEIN (for a mention, cf. August 5 at the very bottom), although the third, published in 1831, may be more familiar to most readers.  (Though actually there isn’t all that much difference.)  But literary trivia aside, August 17 2018 (yes, I’m four days late, oops) marks the appearance of the sixth review of TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH on Amazon, in which reviewer S. Ramey continues:  He pulls you into a world of gothic darkness, challenging your conceptions of life, death and love.  Some stories may shock the reader, but in the time of the Tombs, the Old City, and ghouls, life is very different.  Or why not read the review for yourself, as “A future apocalyptic world that will challenge your world views,” by pressing here?

For myself, my thanks to reviewer Ramey and I am humbled by the mention of Mary Shelley.  But to the point also, reviews like this are a life blood for authors to help spread the word to new potential readers, so a special thank you for making my day!  For others who see this, if you’d like to look into TOMBS itself, you can also get to Amazon’s main page by clicking its picture in the center column.  To quote a final time from the review:  If you like horror, zombies, Gothic romance, or apocalyptic science fiction, this is a story collection for you.

And, should you read it and enjoy it, you might consider reviewing it as well.

Abe Books has announced discounts “on books, art & collectibles from select sellers” between now and August 27.  Included is my last year’s novel-in-stories from Elder Signs 8451b32b-e3c4-41cb-8f3e-7c6834708f13Press, TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, with three new copies (as of this looking) at only $9.64 plus $2.64 shipping.  A number of others are listed at $8.69 plus $3.60 and another at $12.80 including shipping, followed by a clutch of used copies and more new copies, all at less than $13.00 including shipping.  Amazon, I might add, also offers some discounted copies (as well, of course, as electronic copies), though shipping costs there may tend to be higher, but for the moment if you’ve been thinking of buying a paperback copy of TOMBS and would like to save a bit on the cost, check it out on Abe Books before the 27th by pressing here.

Well, “mid-year” more accurately, and it’s not something to get rich on, but it could buy lunch.  Actually it’s good to see that copies are moving at all, as is the case with all royalty payments, but with a single-author novel-in-stories like TOMBS: A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH (that is, all by me) it’s especially nice since even modest amounts add up.  I might add to that, if any here would care to contribute to the mid-winter royalty check to come, Amazon still has some bargain discounts the last I looked (two, at least, under $10.00) which can be checked out by clicking the cover picture of TOMBS in the center column.  Also, if you’re seeing this and you have read TOMBS and you think it worth while, might I suggest you might write a review and send it to Amazon, Goodreads, et al.?  Reviews need not be long or detailed, just a sentence or two perhaps mentioning what stands out about it for you, but for all authors honest reviews can be a huge help.

Just saying.

Comes June and with it a bright sunny afternoon, breezy and in the lower 80s and, with that, the start of the Summer Reading Season.  What better way to celebrate, then, than with a new interview of . . . me, this one by UK author and blogger Jacky Dahlhaus, tentatively to go live Wednesday morning?  So three days from now be prepared for more dish on TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, a mention or two (it mustn’t feel left out!) of THE TEARS OF ISIS, the importance of (*ahem*) reviews to all authors, plus details on the inspiration and influence of Poe and Bradbury (with mentions here of Ginsberg and Brecht), whether I start writing with a pen or on the computer . . . well, you may have seen interviews by me before, but maybe this one will have new stuff to say too.  You can’t really tell until you read it, coming up Wednesday.

And a quick second note, Ms. Dahlhaus is looking for a few more interviewees for the summer, if any other writers out there might be interested in some free publicity.  But there are a few qualifications in terms of work already published, more on which can be found at her website by pressing here.

Just a quick note today that I stopped by AbeBooks and note that TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH is available at discounted prices as low as $8.69.  This is for the print edition and, while there’s shipping added to that, it still comes to less than $13.00 (in this particular case, $12.29 to be more exact) compared to a $14.95 list price.  Plus, of course, whatever shipping might be on that.
If interested, the AbeBooks page can be found by pressing here.  I don’t know if this is for a limited time (I also looked up THE TEARS OF ISIS but didn’t find similar discounts there, for instance), but if you’ve been considering possibly buying it, this one might be worth checking out now.

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