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Well, at the top of the list of names at the lower right, but you get the idea.  And . . . appearing just above Philip K. Dick?  Not shabby at all (and look farther down on the list as well)!  The magazine is DARK INFINITY #5 (see September 15, August 11), the “Derelict” issue, and my story is a reprint too, “Ghost Ship,” harking back to TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU (Red Skies Press, 2013) and set in the universe of TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH.

But as for the magazine itself, let’s let Editor Tom English do the honors:  Cover of BLACK INFINITY #5, (the DERELICTS issue) out in early October.  Stories by Gregory Norris, David VonAllmen, Douglas Smith, James Dorr, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Stewart C Baker, Jason J. McCuiston, Philip K. Dick, Andre Norton, Jack Williamson, Alan E. Nourse and others, with art by Allen Koszowski and others.  Plus:  retro movie reviews by Matt Cowan; weird science by Todd Treichel; a classic SF comics story from the 50s; a special tribute section to the original Lost in Space series; a brief survey of derelict spaceships in SF; and a free music download (details inside the mag) created especially for BLACK INFINITY by Mac of BIOnighT.  — with Jason Krueger.

And out well in time for Halloween — I’m looking forward!

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill fairy tales.  The stories in this anthology are all about conniving creatures.  We didn’t limit the genre, so expect humor, horror, romance, and tragedy.
Really, we hope, by reading these stories, you will avoid making the mistake of trusting any type of Fair Folk.  Still, if you do make that mistake, we’d sure love to include your future unfortunate story in volume two of this anthology.
So the full title of the anthology was GRIFTY SHADES OF FEY, and the story I’d sent was called “The Kerry Pipers,” an original tale but with perhaps fey folk a little bit nastier than the guidelines suggested.  That is, these weren’t exactly into just fun tricks and jokes.  Then came the email today from Fiction Vortex Editor/Publisher Mike Cluff:  Thank you for your submission!  I really love the story.  However, I have decided to not include it in this first GSOF anthology where it would not get enough deserved attention. So that’s not so good, though perhaps not entirely unexpected.
But the email continued:  I do want to include it in the next anthology as one of the primary stories.  GRIFTY SHADES DARKER is set to hit Kickstarter in Spring 2020.  The theme will be horror and the much darker side of the Fey.  If you are interested, and willing to keep the story out of the market until then, I would list you as one of the authors on the Kickstarter campaign page and the re-designed Fiction Vortex homepage.
So, long story short, this afternoon I sent back my “yes.”

The story is called “Ghost Ship” and it’s for a special “Derelicts” issue of BLACK INFINITY.  The magazine’s subtitle:  “Strange Science, Weird Worlds, Hostile Aliens, Renegade Robots  . . .  and the Cold Vacuum of Space.”  And so, “Ghost Ship” having been accepted (see August 11), this morning the contract arrived and, signed later today, has gone back to Editor/Publisher Tom English.  Another small part of the writing life.

The call had been for tales of [a]bandoned space ships, alien ships, lost ships on the high seas, as long as they had some science fiction element, and added that reprints would be welcome too.  “Ghost Ship” itself was originally published in TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU in 2013 (cf. May 2 2013, et al.), and is set in the universe of my novel-in-stories TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH.  It is a sea story about the origins of a “Flying Dutchman”-like apparition, as told to the crew of fishing boat hurrying back to land just before a new sunrise.

So then the next step, receipt of a PDF file of the story for proofing should come, according to the email, in a week or so and, when all else is ready, is set to appear in BLACK INFINITY #5.

There’s plenty of time left, however, to make a pledge in the DISCORDANT LOVE BEYOND DEATH:  DARK AFFECTION ANTHOLOGY kickstarter (to give it its full name; see also below, September 6, et al.), scheduled to end on October 6 at 7:59 a.m. EDT.  And the premiums include not only book deals, but there’s also a link to an assortment of related swag (scroll way, way down toward the end of the site), and even for those who don’t want to pledge yet there’s a series of mini-bios of the authors to check out, as well as their own brief comments about the stories.  In other words, a sort of sampler before jumping in.

The title kind of says what it’s about; the initial call was for [a]n anthology of short creepy & emotional stories based around the idea of love evading the limitations of life & death.  For the anthology I am looking for around 20 short stories — (based on the overall word count of all accepted entries).  The genre will be a mix of ghost stories / horror / thriller and erotic fiction, cross genre stories are welcome.  Each story to be of approximately between 4,000 > 8,000 words in length.  Mine in this was a non-TOMBS, more real world (though at the beginning of the 1930s Great Depression, in northern Florida) crime story, “The Sending,” originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE and also reprinted in my first collection, STRANGE MISTRESSES:  TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE.  Which might kind of say it for the anthology:  wonder and romance, leavened with death, perhaps a murder or crime or two (though mine, a ghost story, begins with one partner already deceased).
For more, though, the kickstarter’s author comments provide many clues, all of which may be seen by pressing here.  (And also [*ahem*] a timely pledge may mean more money in authors’ pockets.  Well, a little bit anyway.)

Hark back to a sultry July 23, and the news that the kickstarter for DISCORDANT LOVE BEYOND DEATH had gone on hiatus, to return in fall a little bit closer to its projected release date of Valentine’s Day 2020 (cf. July 23,10, et al.).  That time is now upon us or, well, more exactly at midnight tonight.  But never mind that, and what time zone are we talking about anyway or, well, what’s a few hours among friends.  So maybe it is a little bit early, but Editor/Publisher Dickon Springate has opened it now!

Love takes on many forms, as does death, the description begins, and this anthology features twenty-two stories that dance the line between Dark Affection and Paranormal Romance, where death is not the end but merely the start of some truly original tragedies, tales that will often stop you dead in your tracks, challenging your preconceptions of what is right and wrong, before allowing you to return and continue reading.

DISCORDANT LOVE BEYOND DEATH offers up twenty-two fabulous inspired short stories, by a fresh line-up of authors from around the world, ensuring that there is something for everyone; and with many being on the macabre side, we believe that this anthology makes the perfect alternative gift for those who want something a little different come Valentine’s Day.

And so you have it, live again and awaiting your perusal of many offers from now until October 6.  My own part in this, perhaps a bit less “macabre” than some, is a classical ghost tale, “The Sending,” set in an early 1930s Florida lighthouse, originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE as well as in my collection STRANGE MISTRESSES: TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE.  But even it contains gangsters and dire plots, including a romance that can’t be thwarted by such a minor detail as death.

Or, for more details on the kickstarter press here.

Speaking of Aimée et les filles à les caissettes, the contract arrived today from WEIRDBOOK for the blood-appreciative New Orleanian’s most recent adventure, “Death and the Vampire” (cf. June 16).  This will be the fifth, I believe, of the “Casket Girl” stories to be published, including two in DAILY SCIENCE FICTION as noted below, so Aimée and her friendMusidora_6_16_19s have been getting around.  Not to mention some of these have been reprinted as well, plus that the entire casket girl canon, published and non-published, is currently being presented at the Writers Guild “First Wednesday Spoken Word Series” in form of successive open mike readings.

“Death and the Vampire” runs at about 1000 words and concerns a late night meeting on Rampart Street, in front of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, between Aimée and a tall, gaunt gentleman claiming to be Death.  But if, as the saying goes, Death cannot be delayed, the issue he’s to be a guest star in apparently can.  According to Editor Douglas Draa, due to a last-minute special issue, material planned for WEIRDBOOK #44 in mid 2020, including this story, will now appear in #45 later that year.

The magazine’s subtitle is “Strange Science, Weird Worlds, Hostile Aliens, Renegade Robots . . . and the Cold Vacuum of Space,” and the theme for the upcoming BLACK INFINITY would be “Derelicts.”  Abandoned space ships, alien ships, lost ships on the high seas, as long as they had some science fiction element and, yes, reprints would be okay as well.  So exactly a week ago (sneaking in, that is, on a last minute call and why not take a chance?) I sent the hopefully not too generically titled “Ghost Ship,” set on the far-future dying Earth of my mosaic novel TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, adding that while not in TOMBS itself it had been previously published in TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU in 2013 (cf. May 2 2013, et al.).

Then yesterday the reply came from Editor Tom English:  Thanks for submitting your eerie horror story “Ghost Ship.”  I’d like to reprint it in the next issue of BLACK INFINITY, to be published in October.  Details as to payment followed and, if all was well, I’ll send a contract.

So what with being in a play and all, I’d say Saturday was a pretty good day, not to mention following just two days after “International Cat Day,” plus an anthology’s publication, another in progress, and a “surprise” acceptance just before that — an interesting first half of August so far!  So this morning I sent back my “okay,” with more to be told here of BLACK INFINITY as it becomes known.

Yes they are used copies, but out-of-print DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET is there with a “very good” copy for $8.99 and shipping free, plus a very good copy of THE TEARS OF ISIS for $9.46, shipping again free.  And many anthologies with work by me, BORDERLANDS 2, ALTERED AMERICA, INTO THE DREAMLANDS, others, are on ABEBOOKS.COM’s current sale pages — but beware all non-fiction, especially books about descriptive geometry, and a few others by people with names that are similar to mine.  Thus work search engines.
If interested though there are some real bargains in this month’s list, some from quite a few years back (perusing the list was nostalgic for me), which can be found by pressing here.  In that they’re used I won’t get royalties on any (though for books that one likes, one can always help authors by writing reviews for Amazon, et al.), but what the heck — if you give it a whirl the entries are listed by price, lowest to highest, and the ones I cited (DARKER LOVES, TEARS) will be found on page 2.

For those who might wonder whatever happened to the kickstarter for DISCORDANT LOVE BEYOND DEATH (cf. July 10, et al.), there is now an answer.  Visitors may have noticed it’s been closed, but now the official word, that the closure is temporary — after a fashion.  That is, there will be a new kickstarter, most likely in September or October (authors [*ahem*] meanwhile will be paid), closer to an intended Valentine’s Day 2020 date for publication.  Also, according to Editor/Publisher Dickon Springate, it will be simpler that the aborted one, and noting the romantic aspect to the anthology’s contents, perhaps more inclusive to women readers.

To remind, DISCORDANT LOVE BEYOND DEATH is an anthology of short creepy & emotional stories based around the idea of love evading the limitations of life & death . . . a mix of ghost stories / horror / thriller and erotic fiction [including] cross genre stories, with my part in it “The Sending,” originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE, a ghost story/mystery set in an early-1930s Florida lighthouse.  (“The Sending” also has been reprinted in my first collection, STRANGE MISTRESSES: TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE, for more information on which one may click on its picture in the center column.)

More information will be reported here as it becomes known.

Book bargains galore (well, sort of), or a very quick update, Amazon’s price for TOMBS: A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH (see July 15) is still holding good, though one never knows when such things may change.  But here is some new news, a recheck on THE TEARS OF ISIS now has listings for three used copies in “very good” condition, and with shipping FREE, at $9.98.  That is, under ten dollars (though, since Amazon now adds on sales tax for at least some states, the actual cost may be a little bit more).  And there’s also a fourth copy at $6.03 with a shipping cost of $3.95 which comes to . . . also $9.98!  For more (and maybe to buy one?) press here.

Best hurry though, if you want a bargain — the next least expensive used copy of TEARS is for $22.98 (with shipping still free, but in just “good” condition).  While for a new copy, Amazon still lists the paperback at the cover price of $12.95.

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