Wednesday was the past resident cave cat, most likely born  in late April 2004, although she celebrated her official birthday on May Day.  She was rescued from the Monroe County animal shelter on Halloween the same year. The first two of her pictures  are courtesy of  the animal shelter, the second taken probably just before I adopted her, while the third, below, was taken in early 2005.

One notices in the third a slightly more scruffy, “at her ease” look, that of a cat who is clearly no longer on her best behavior but rather is judging her surroundings as if, one speculates,  planning how best to make them her own.

Wednesday was named for Wednesday Addams of THE ADDAMS FAMILY with reference to the original TV show where the part was played by Lisa Loring.  (Christina Ricci’s interpretation in the 1991 movie is nice too however.)  Her  interests included mousing (in that respect she was a working cat residing in an older home which is subject to periodic “visitations,” primarily in the spring and fall), playing games (“Sabertooth Cavecat,” “Suicide Cat,” and “Destructo the Cat from Hell” are  favorites), and playing with her plastic fake spiders which remain kept in her spider box under the living room coffee table.

Wednesday, much beloved, died January 25 2017, a result of kidney failure.  She will be missed.

  1. elizabeth gaeta

    I love you Wednesday girl ! And greetings from the New Jersey cats.

  2. Wednesday says “Thank you — and Hi to the cats of New Jersey!”

  3. Wednesday says “Welcome, Marge,” should you come to visit!

  4. I am indeed here, in awe and praise of your lovely self, Miss Wednesday!

  5. (blush) Well . . . actually Wednesday doesn’t blush.– it’s more like she accepts praise as her due. (Brushings are okay too.)

  6. In the color photo (which I also have here at home) you look like you are surveyin
    g your castle, awaiting treats and homage –and perchance, another brushing!

  1. 1 From Bunnies to Cats (But Not My Wednesday) | jamesdorrwriter

    […] Now that we’ve gotten Easter bunnies — and variants — out of our systems (we have, haven’t we?), Caitlyn Paxon, on TOR.COM, redirects our attention to “Fantastical Cats Who Are More Than They Seem,” for which one may press here.  Unless resting is considered a magical power, however, the local cave cat Wednesday is unlikely to be on the list.  However she does have her own web page which can be reached by pressing here. […]

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