Triana has been the computer cave’s resident cat as of February 2017.  “Dressed” mostly in black with some white accents, she is named for the goth girl daughter of Dr. Orpheus in the VENTURE BROS. series on TV’s Cartoon triana3c2001Channel.  Her predecessor was the cave cat Wednesday, an adoptee like her from the Monroe County animal shelter whose own page is also featured in “PAGES.”  While actually born on September 22 2016, Triana’s birthday is celebrated on October 1, thus bringing in the month of October, the season of fall, and a coming Halloween.

The picture at the top was taken by Eve Schultes-Ridge and shows Triana on her inherited high throne (in a previous life, a carton triaba2b4001for a refrigerator door gasket), relaxing with her favorite cat toy, a bright red molded plastic human heart.  (Yes, originally intended as a squeeze ball for people for relaxing tensions and a gift  from a friend who had gotten it at the local hospital, it has been Triana’s most frequent play choice, its irregular shape bouncing erratically when she tosses it or it’s tossed to her).  Other toytriana-on-chairs include the more traditional mice, along with spiders, snakes, and small balls.

Also taken by Schultes-Ridge is the portrait directly to the right, while the two just above are by me, the first of Triana amidst the clutter and jumble of the computer cave’s printer corner staring back at us with her lovely golden eyes.

  1. Marge Simon

    I am a long time, long distance fan of Triana. ❤ Love the new photos!

  2. Triana says “Thank you!”

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