Once, in another age, the gates that guard the fiery inferno that is hell creaked open in the dark and unleashed, upon this earth, every drop of terror that could be wrung from beyond them. A group of storytellers banded together to chronicle the tsunami of evil that ensued. Their scribblings depicted events so horrific, the manuscript was hidden away.

So says Amazon’s blurb, which continues:

Now, dear reader, you seem to have stumbled upon it.

And you have opened it.

You must reap what you have sown.

Come, step into the pages. See firsthand what hell is capable of.

Of course, just know, you won’t last long enough to scream.

To which all I might add is that my ghost in this ghast-heap is a story called “The Re-Possessed,” originally published in 2016 in CEMETERY RIOTS, of Victorians, funerals, and how one’s best friend might sometimes be a sailor from Haiti. And for more on which, one may press here.

Are we ready for this, a new cover reveal announced today via Facebook, with a Kindle edition available too? And between the lines (that is, via a comment) with paperback option to come “any day.”

The book in question, MADAME GRAY’S CREEP SHOW (see October 3, May 23), [a] veritable smorgasbord of twenty-three deliciously terrifying treats, each one simmered to blood-curdling perfection and seasoned with just the perfect amount of gallows humor. From murder and madness to monsters and the downright macabre, the stories awaiting you within in this superlative anthology push the boundaries of horror to the next level . . . and way, way beyond! My part in the pudding is a tale of dark humor — and dubious taste! — titled “Wormbreath,” of a man in a marriage that’s been going south, but freed now by death. And assisted by a fortuitous lightning strike in the local graveyard, free as well to exercise his own, also questionable, sense of humor and . . . possibly . . . revenge.

Details can be found by pressing here for the Kindle edition with, as noted above, paper also available hopefully in the near future.

This is an addendum in a sense to October 15 (which see, et al.), to the effect that AFTER THE KOOL-AID IS GONE has been up for pre-order in Kindle, to go live tomorrow, the 26th.

But wait, there’s more.

The “more” is, in fact, that the book is also available in paperback on Amazon now, and has apparently been for several days already. So if one is inclined, you can buy it now by pressing here. Or still toggle to Kindle from there, of course, to pre-order the e-book edition for Monday.

AFTER THE KOOL-AID IS GONE is the one about the world today, where opinions are strong and life is horrific. But what will happen after the Kool-Aid is gone? When decisions have been made and eyes have been opened? My story in this is “Invisible People” and the answer it offers is not too pleasant, that continuing to try to just be a good person — and keep a low profile — may no longer work.

But why take my word for it, when sixteen other authors are offering their views as well, and one can find out as soon as tomorrow? Or, “after the mail arrives . . .”

Saith the press release: In the new anthology of short stories, FAKE NEWS, 13 authors each explore a different conspiracy theory, telling their tale as though the conspiracy had actually occurred. Available today as an eBook and shortly in hard copy, the book is edited by Joseph Cadotte and features the short story “The Country Doctor” by James Dorr.

“Was there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll? Are ancient aliens possessing you? What happens at Area 51? I wanted to explore all these ideas,” said Cadotte. “So I gathered some of my favorite contemporary authors and asked them if they had a story idea that may contain an alternate set of facts.”

The result is a combination of alternate history, fringe history, cults, and urban legends. In the baker’s dozen of stories within FAKE NEWS, writers explore the ramifications of conspiracies that never actually happened, and create some new ones along the way.

As noted, my tale on the table is called “The Country Doctor” (see September 14, August 31, et al.), originally published in BOOK OF DARK WISDOM in Summer 2005, about a possibly not-quite-human patient who showed up one night at a rural New Mexico physician’s office. But as for details . . . well, the accompanying military had the doc and his nurse promise they wouldn’t tell.

FAKE NEWS is available on Kindle now, which may be explored by pressing here, with a print edition as well planned for the near future.

The road to publication continues, today with an email from BLOODSAINTS Editor Dale Eldon:

Hello fellow Bloodsaints!!!! Dale Eldon here, and I got some awesome news. Some of you already know for those of you who follow me on Facebook, but I wanted to bring everyone up to speed.

We now have a new cover which I like a lot better. Bloodsaints is now a non-profit imprint of Terror Tract Publishing. I still have creative control over Bloodsaints, but the amazing Becky Narron agreed to team up with me. She also designed the new cover. We will have some late comers to the anthology who are established authors from Terror Tract. Which is awesome, because that means we are expanding the sainthood.

The anthology will be released soon, but due to the new arrivals, it will be delayed some.

BLOODSAINTS (the book as opposed to the imprint, cf. October 12, July 2), as we may recall, is a charity anthology with earnings to go to UNICEF COVID-19 relief, and contents to feature dark psychological horror, splatterpunk, extreme, bizarro . . . you get the idea. My spook in the stable is one reprinted from WICKED MYSTIC, Spring 1996, as well as more recently in the UK’s Flame Tree Publishing’s 2016 MURDER MAYHEM SHORT STORIES, “Mr. Happy Head,” the tale of a man who pursues his joys in non-standard places. And, oh yes, is also dead.

Publication, finally, should be fairly soon as the email suggests, with details to come here when they are known.

Well, just one monster, but perusal of Post Mortem Press’s “new” 2011 and 2012 September 15 re-editions (cf. post just below re. 2010’s MON COEUR MORT) has unveiled two more books with stories by me.

The first, and if I may say so one I’m still rather fond of, is “Girls Gone Dead,” a piquant tale of “brought back” models discussing their deaths for the popular video series GIRLS GONE DEAD, in the also now brought back NEW DAWN FADES: 20 INTENSE ZOMBIE TALES OF THE AFTERMATH OF THE APOCALYPSE (POST MORTEM PRESS: THE EARLY YEARS BOOK 8). Not overly profound, I don’t think, but fun. And the second is a reprint itself, originally published in NEW MYTHOS LEGENDS (Marietta Publishing, 1999; also reprinted in my 2001 Dark Regions Press collection STRANGE MISTRESSES: TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE), a French and Indian War set story of horrors found in New York state’s Taconic Mountains, “The Calm,” in TORN REALITIES: 19 SHORT STORIES INSPIRED BY H.P. LOVECRAFT (POST MORTEM PRESS: THE EARLY YEARS BOOK 10).

The expanded titles (the first editions were simply NEW DAWN FADES and TORN REALITIES) give, I think, a fair idea of the contents, and as I recall — it has been awhile — the stories in both are in general quite good. For those with a yen to pursue them further, the second link in the post just below takes you to the whole series, from which one may scroll down to the eighth and tenth volumes.

The ad just sneaked into my email today, from Petulant Child Press.

Halloween is Upon Us

Who doesn’t like a scary story, especially around Halloween?

For a limited time, Petulant Child Press has 12 unique horror anthologies for your Kindle on sale for ONLY 99c!

It goes on to say if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member you can get all twelve for free, but the one that interests us here is number six, titled in full, MON COEUR MORT: MY DEAD HEART (POST MORTEM PRESS: THE EARLY YEARS BOOK 6). Twenty-seven international authors bring us tales that range from humorous to horrifying, lyrical to lurid, touching to terrorizing. Regardless of tone, they all have one thing in common, they deal with the theme of otherworldly fear associated with love. In MON COEUR MORT the vampires do not sparkle and the werewolves wear shirts in public.

My tale in this is “A Cup Full of Tears,” of sweet lesbian vampire love and the need at times for it to be refreshed. But wait a minute, might there be something familiar in this, the book that is, not only the story? Let us hark back to an earlier post, on August 21 this year, “One By Me In Post Mortem Press The Early Years Offer,” about a super-reprint anthology combining the seven earliest Post Mortem Press books together, itself to be called UNKNOWN PLEASURES, and it to be just the first volume. But there was a hitch, as noted on August 25, “Unknown Pleasures, Mon Coeur Mort Re-Edition Cancelled,” having to do with contract difficulties. And that, seemingly, was that.

So this the next chapter, that apparently the book(s) can be published, or rather re-published (an out, incidentally, I’d surmised when I had re-read my own contract) simply as a series of second editions of the separate circa 2010 anthologies, dated this time (at least for MON COEUR MORT) September 15 2020. And so the saga of Asenath and Carmilla, much like the ladies in question themselves, would appear to live on.

And the bottom line then: If you’d like to check the “new” MON COEUR MORT out for yourself, with my story “A Cup Full of Tears,” you can find it here; or if you’d prefer a glance at the whole list, the place is here.

One’s cup runs over! I’m still in the midst of reading Esskaye Books’s SCARE ME, and this afternoon my paperback copy of INDIANA HORROR REVIEW 2020 arrived in the mail. Well, granted I’ve already received it as an ebook but, for serious reading, I much prefer to have a hard copy.

So for a quick peek back, including a link for possible purchase, one can check my entry for October 13 (while SCARE ME — to be a completist — is noted on October 15, et al.), but suffice to say it’s a variegated anthology including, with lots of mostly fairly short stories, a clutch of poetry (including five pieces by multi-time Rhysling winner Bruce Boston), a mini-collection of drabbles, and even a couple of illustrations. My pig in this poke is a 1500-word dark science fiction story, “Eudora” (originally published in BLOOD TYPE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF VAMPIRE SF ON THE CUTTING EDGE by Nightscape Press in 2013), an epic of Goth love and parasitism.

And, as prior entries suggest, several more books with work by me in them are aiming, at least, for pre-Halloween release dates as well. So I may have several more items coming to keep me occupied into November.

And one more quick notice. As promised (see two entries below, October 14), D&T Publishing’s AFTER THE COOL-AID IS GONE is now up for pre-order on Kindle, with an official publication date listed as October 26. So, what will happen after the Kool-Aid is gone? When decisions have been made and eyes have been opened? Between these covers, are seventeen stories about what just might be on the agenda. My story in this (to reiterate) is “Invisible People,” with more information/ordering to be found here.

I understand also a print edition will come in the future, with date yet to be set.

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