Interior Decorators: Add Bounce to Your Bathroom With . . . Horror Shower Curtains

Usually I don’t tout commercial products on these pages — that is, with the exception of books and magazines my stuff is in — but this one seemed too much fun to pass up.  From horror_shower_curtain14RIOTDAILY.COM, courtesy of Scott M. Goriscak and THE HORROR SOCIETY:   “24 Horror Inspired Shower Curtains to Creep Up Your Home.”  My own faves, #14 and (especially) #18, with a tip of the classicist hat as well to #s 15 and 21.  So see for yourself by pressing here.

Then for a bonus, for the ladies with summer coming:  “Death Becomes You.  12 Skeleton Inspired Swimsuits” (or to quote from the blurb:  Whether you’re on the beach or poolside, show everyone that you have quality taste in fashion and the macabre.  When you’re wearing these swimsuits, you’ll definitely be turning a few heads . . . and possibly decapitating the rest) for which press here.


  1. TRULY enjoyed the shower curtains! Plus, that link also has links to other stuff macabre and so on. What treasures! I did not, however, wish to buy any of the shower curtains. Did you?

    • I have a rigid, translucent plastic sliding door thing that takes the place of a shower curtain, so no. In an earlier apartment, though, I once bought ex-wifey a cartoon cat shower curtain that we used (I think she liked it — I believe it was in the loot she took post divorce).

  2. If I did use a shower curtain, though, and the old one was getting to need replacement anyway, I would be mightily tempted. : )=

    • My pick is Nosferatu, and then (perhaps) one of those based on “Psycho” –shadow behind curtain, etc. –but it is rather unnerving, to say the least!

      I like the kind of door you have –I had one once in an apartment.

  3. I wonder if a disturbing curtain would be off-putting when it came time to take a shower …and one would decide to keep putting it off, until one was very smelly.

  4. I suppose if one’s significant other were *AFRAID* to take a shower. . . . Story idea?

  5. Or the Shower Curtain from Hell, better idea.

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