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One of the effects of the coronavirus seems to be a slowing down of the publishing industry.  Or so it seems here — a personal observation at least, on a blog that has to do with story and poetry acceptances, signing contracts, editing, books and magazines going on sale.  Of course, sometimes there’s a rhythm as well, as has been the previous month too, one week packed with action almost every day, another with two or three entries at most.  Or maybe just one or two.  That is, usually I try to get at least two or three entries posted a week, but the action has been a bit slower now and now it’s been a whole week or thereabouts with nothing new.

But serendipity does still exist.  Perhaps part of the problem is, with the virus “lockdown” impinging on some of my activities too, that I’ve not been able to cruise about the internet as much searching for the occasional tidbit when nothing else seems to be going.  But this week is different — actually it was a day or two ago but as it happens I ran across some reviews on Goodreads of BURNING LOVE AND BLEEDING HEARTS, published just prior to Valentine’s Day (cf. February 12, et al.), one of which mentions, as one of the reviewer’s favorite stories, “the lesbian vampire convent girls.”  Say what?

This is the Australian anthology that has profits earmarked for the Red Cross there and relief for the bush fires the previous winter — reason enough, perhaps, to give a look.  And the story is “A Saint Valentine’s Day Tale,” third in the contents, of the New Orleanian vampiress Claudette, the joker among les filles à les caissettes, the “casket girls,” who arrived from France in 1728 and, yes, were housed in an Ursuline convent until they were married.  And also perhaps not precisely lesbian, but were bi, pleased by their husbands as well as their fellow filles.  Except Claudette’s husband occasionally beat her.

And there you have it. The review, by “Mir,” with others can be found by pressing here and scrolling down, with links for possible purchase of the book there as well.

As promised, SHALLOW WATERS VOL. 5:  A FLASH FICTION ANTHOLOGY is officially out on Kindle, at least for the present at only 99 cents for approximately 84 pages with 23 stories. For more one may press here.  My tale in the tote bag is called “Midnight Dark” (see April 8, March 24, et al.), officially blurbed as “A woman journeys north for survival.”  But the question is why she must travel, no?  And it’s listed fourth from last in the contents although, due to some late term editing, the title there is now slightly outdated.  So these things sometimes happen (in this case the “old” title is the one it had for the original competition).

To quote from publisher Crystal Lake:  SHALLOW WATERS is the official monthly flash fiction challenge hosted by the award-winning Crystal Lake Publishing.  Every month a new challenge is posted online, with authors submitting via email.  The best submissions are then posted on Crystal Lake’s Patreon page (an exclusive behind the scenes community of readers and authors), where patrons read daily entries and vote for the winner.  What you’ll find in these SHALLOW WATERS anthologies include the winners as well as the most popular of our finalists.  Stay tuned for more volumes in this series, or find Crystal Lake Publishing on Patreon to enter or vote on future challenges (or gain access to our STILL WATER BAY series).

Volume five includes suspenseful stories of horror on the road, war, graveyards, Karma, and Halloween.

Introduction by Joe Mynhardt
“Driving On” by Guy Medley (winner)
“Dichotomy” by Jason Parent
“Babysitting for Writers” by Kevin David Anderson (winner)
“The Good Samaritan” by L.F. Falconer
“Of Debris and Duty” by John Boden
“The Visitors” by Mark Allan Gunnells
“Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave” by Richard Thomas
“The Knights of Cold Days” by Dave Jeffery
“Travel Bag” by Bryan Miller
“In the Desert, In the Night” by Pedro Iniguez
“Grievance” by Christine Lajewski
“Fuel for My Fire” by Linsey Knerl
“The Dead Lands” by Anthony D Redden
“Welcome to Gothmart” by David Bernard
“The Mascot” by Jennifer K Carstens (winner)
“Wasteland” by Sheldon Woodbury
“All’s Fair” by Michelle Mellon
“Stay Away” by Michael Patrick Hicks
“The Road Home” by Rand Eastwood
“Midnight Sun” by James Dorr
“The Wind Stakes Its Claim” by Kris Kinsella
“The Forest of Skin” by Esteban Vargas
“Second Chance” by Alex Ebenstein (winner)

Triana does too.

Its full title is SHALLOW WATERS VOL. 5:  A FLASH FICTION ANTHOLOGY and its Amazon description begins:  With 23 Dark Fiction & Horror tales diving beneath the surface of life, death, and the mystery that lies beneath.  Elsewhere it’s noted of shallow waters that that’s where “nothing stays buried.”  So what exposed treasure might I have therein (cf. March 24, October 15, et al.)?  A story of zombies, vampirism, and Christmas called “Midnight Dark.”

The theme to write on, I recall, was “travel,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean all the tales will relate to that subject — the twenty-three chosen will have come from several of these calls.  But in any event the Kindle edition of SHALLOW WATERS 5, with new story “Midnight Dark,” will be available a week from now, Wednesday, April. 15, with more information including pre-ordering to be found by pressing here.

So today the governor of Indiana has ordered residents, with a few exceptions, to stay holed up at home until April 6.  That is, for two weeks (well actually thirteen days), with April 6 also the tentative date for the public library to reopen (see March 16, 14) — though when the time comes both closures could of course be extended.  Meanwhile the writing life, even if curtailed, continues.

Thus yesterday, from Crystal Lake Publishing Editor Joe Mynhardt, came the email:  I’d love to publish “Midnight Sun” in the next SHALLOW WATERS anthology, out around Mid-April. . . , but with one small catch.  We may recall that “Midnight Sun” scored last fall in a three-way tie for third place in Crystal Lake’s Flash Fiction Contest for “Travel Horror” (cf. October 15, 11, et al.), part of the prize being prospective future publication.  So the time has come, but the catch was an up-front request for possible editorial changes.

Well, that’s part of the writing life too and, as I looked the story over, I did see one thing that bothered me about it, a passage justifying the title that otherwise didn’t seem to make that much sense.  So I changed the passage — but also the title, the story of a Los Angeles vampire’s Christmas journey to the far north now renamed “Midnight Dark.”  Then a round of small changes from the publisher’s side, my okaying some, re-changing some others, all taking far longer than they otherwise might have due to the underpowered Cave Computer at this end.

But then nobody said it would be easy, right?  The changes went in Monday night, a contract came today (more problems for the Cave Computer), and a photograph of the signed contract plus an RTF copy of “Midnight Dark” with its final changes went back to Crystal Lake this evening.  The book, when it comes out, will be SHALLOW WATERS:  A FLASH FICTION ANTHOLOGY, VOL. 5, with more to come here as it becomes known.

(Though she’ll be drinking her green beer at home.)

(Triana plans to sleep through the day herself)

The paperback edition was actually published on Valentine’s Day, so says Amazon, and today the Kindle edition is out.  And not only that, for those who like luxury with their lust, a hardcover option came out today also.  The book:  Black Hare Press’s SEVEN DEADLY SINS:  LUST (cf. February 11, December 8), edited by Ben Thomas and D. Kershaw, and appropriate 365 days a year — or maybe this year a full 366.  My part in this, originally published in MON COEUR MORT (Post Mortem Press, 2011), is “A Cup Full of Tears,” on an evening in the unlife of a female vampire on a recruiting mission.  Or in any event, below is a rundown of the contents from Amazon’s blurb for their paperback entry.

Safe Word by A.L. KingGoodbye, Casanova by A.R. DeanFlaunt by A.R. JohnstonLouve Garou by Blake JessopAramis and Shelby by Catherine KenwellPoison Lust by Cindar HarrellTruly Human by Clint FosterNice Face by D.J. EltonFair Game by Dannielle VieraSexcapades by Dawn DeBraalFreedom by Eddie D. MoorePrimal Urging by Edward AhernMarionette by Erica SchaefZantiel by G. Allen WilbanksChad by Gabriella BalcomOf Oyster Shells and Shit by Hari Navarro#IAmHuman by J.L. RoyceThe Red Pierce Reunion Tour by J.M. MeyerThe Fae’s New Dawn by J.W. GarrettA Cup Full of Tears by James DorrPrey by James LipsonA Matter of Perception by Jason HoldenMermaid at War by Jessica ChaneseL’amour L’mort by Jo SeysenerThe Selkie’s Appetite by Jodi JensenLust for Life, or No Job for an Ordinary Woman by John H. DromeyThe Council of Six and a Half by K.B. ElijahLucifer’s Lament by Lyndsey Ellis-HollowaySanguine Enamel by M.J. ChristieUnplugged by M. Sydnor Jr.Podcast of the Dead by Mark MackeyTiger Nut Sweets by Maura YzmoreTaming the Beast by Maxine ChurchmanTortured Word Games by Michael D. DavisBlooming Day by N.M. BrownI Want You by Nerisha Kemraj My Girl by Nicola CurrieLocal Girls Are Waiting For You by Raven Corinn CarlukThe Stranger by Rhiannon BirdSome Body by Robin BraidGood Intentions by Sandy ButchersDigits of Doom by Serena JayneDamned by Stephanie ScissomI Warned You by Stephen HerczegI Got a Message for You by Sue Marie St. LeeDarkness Consumes by Terry MillerCoitus Interruptus by Thomas KearnesLittle Man of Apartment No 1610 by Tristan Drue RogersWhat Hears Your Prayers by Wondra VanianPi by Ximena EscobarThe Fallen: Lust of the Dragon by Zoey XoltonContains adult themes (my title thoughtfully set here in boldface for quick identification)

For the Kindle edition, from which one can reach its two hard copy manifestations as well, one need but press here.

(And older cats can use it as well)

This will be another quickie report, that BURNING LOVE AND BLEEDING HEARTS (see February 5, January 20) is now available in paperback format. To let Amazon tell it:  Britain’s most respected living horror writer Ramsey Campbell has said of this magazine-sized charity book of short stories:- “A fine anthology for a fine cause.  Invest your imagination in it and you’ll be investing in the world as well.”  BURNING LOVE AND BLEEDING HEARTS is a collection of dark Valentine’s Day tales; a charity anthology to raise funds for the Australian bush-fire victims, and ALL sale proceeds will be donated to the Australian Red Cross.  For more information, including a list of all authors and titles, one need but press here.  (Or if preferred, the Kindle edition, to be released officially Friday for Valentine’s Day, is available for pre-order as well.)

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