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Usually I don’t tout commercial products on these pages — that is, with the exception of books and magazines my stuff is in — but this one seemed too much fun to pass up.  From horror_shower_curtain14RIOTDAILY.COM, courtesy of Scott M. Goriscak and THE HORROR SOCIETY:   “24 Horror Inspired Shower Curtains to Creep Up Your Home.”  My own faves, #14 and (especially) #18, with a tip of the classicist hat as well to #s 15 and 21.  So see for yourself by pressing here.

Then for a bonus, for the ladies with summer coming:  “Death Becomes You.  12 Skeleton Inspired Swimsuits” (or to quote from the blurb:  Whether you’re on the beach or poolside, show everyone that you have quality taste in fashion and the macabre.  When you’re wearing these swimsuits, you’ll definitely be turning a few heads . . . and possibly decapitating the rest) for which press here.


I spent Sunday afternoon at the County Library at a workshop, “Moon, Pumpkin, Leaf:  an Introduction to Writing Haiku,” put on in conjunction with the Bloomington Writers Guild (Sept. 4, Aug. 19).  It was just a one-shot thing, but fun — and with learning to be had too, as well as with perfect weather for it.  The subject (surprise!) was October or Autumn, so we were sent outside to wander the streets about the library to sharpen our senses, noting our immediate observations down, and then back inside to write Exercise 1.  Then Exercise 2 was to keep a season word for Autumn/October in the first line, but write of something we remembered (possibly even an Exercise 1 observation, since that was no longer immediate either).

So what the heck, I may never publish them elsewhere (though who knows?), or maybe I will but after rewriting them to non-recognition, so here are the best of what I wrote in their “immediate” form, one for each exercise, as a lagniappe.  Or actually two. . . .

(from immediate observation)

October gold
passing scooter’s basket filled
with fresh cut flowers

(from a memory featuring, as it happens, the cave cat Wednesday moments before I left home for the workshop)

leaf-red spread    with sleeping cat
can first snow be that far?

A pleasant time (and they had free cookies too 🙂 ).

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