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These occasionally turn up on the internet and, as one might suppose, the answer is hoax.  Regardless of the actual age of some of the items included, they have a way of relying perhaps a bit too heavily on vampire lore gathered from post 1950s-ish movies.  Nevertheless. . . .

Well, I’ve used the notion once in a story, “La Valise,” starring Aimée, of les filles à les casettes, published in ZEN OF THE DEAD (Popcorn Press, 2015; cf. November 17, October 28 2015, et al.), suggesting that should a real vampire come across one in your luggage, it might not lead to a happy conclusion.  But for a bit more on the “hoax” part of the formula via Dan Evon, “Is This a Vampire Hunting Kit from the Early 19th Century?” on SNOPES.COM, one can check here.



Our perky French vampiress, lately of New Orleans, is at it again.  Yes, Aimée, the original fille à la caissette (see April 17, 10 2014; also August 24 2015 et al.), is embroiled in a contemporary mixup of suitcases at Louis Armstrong Airport in a tale called, simply, “La Valise.”  But what might she have lost in her overnight bag and, photo-originalperhaps more important, what would she find in the one she picked up instead by mistake?

These and other questions (e.g., what does one do for a late supper in the French Quarter?) can now be addressed.  The word came late — a mixup apparently at his end — from Editor/Publisher Lester Smith:  “Reviewing my email, I find that although I’ve saved ‘La Valise’ to my ‘accepted’ folder, I may not have responded to you.  . . .  Thanks for the story — accepted.”  The publisher is Popcorn Press and the anthology will be ZEN OF THE DEAD, hopefully, from the guidelines, to be out in ebook form Saturday, Halloween, with the print version to be published shortly thereafter.

Also, as a lagniappe, for two more stories starring Aimée check the dates in the citation above — or, more directly, “Flightless Rats” can be found here while the original “Casket Girls” is available here.

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