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Another quickie!  Today brought an edited copy of “Appointment in Time” from CURIOSITIES Editor Kevin Frost (cf. May 1):  Got a couple of minor edits, then I can move thecuriosities-issue-5-cover-shot manuscript to the narration queue.  The edits, two, were minor indeed, an added comma and one word misspelled, so this afternoon my “okay” went back, with my 2012 New Year’s Eve tale of steam and clocks and year-end horror one step closer to its new appearance in CURIOSITIES, as well as possible future podcast in THE GALLERY OF CURIOSITIES.  And with this an “extra,” courtesy of fellow blogger Brian James Lewis who directed me to a review he wrote on DAMAGED SKULL WRITER of the previous, Winter 2019 issue of CURIOSITIES, emphasizing its general high quality — one I can hardly wait now to see my own story appear in!  To read for oneself, one need but press here.

This was a quickie, sent just eight days before submissions closed — and accepted one day after!  The call was intriguing, under the rubric “Curious Gallery”:  Hello!  This project is a comfortable two-headed beast at play in the curious and often dark corners of retropunk fiction.  That means steampunk, dieselpunk, dreadpunk, bronzepunk, others too numerous to name punk  . . .  but not atompunk.  Sorry, space fans, we draw our line at Sputnik.  About 2/3 of rejections are for “bad fit.”  We buy nonexclusive rights for fiction, cover & interior art, music & sound effects usage, and narration services. The story, a sort of clockpunky reprint, “Appointment in Time,” originally published in YEARS END: 14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR (Untreed Reads, 2012).  And so this afternoon Editor Kevin Frost replied:  Thanks again for your time and submission. We wish we’d get more like this so yes, we’d like to obtain it.

And there we have it, contract sent and signed this p.m., for short story magazine CURIOSITIES plus its podcast partner, THE GALLERY OF CURIOSITIES, a twice monthly podcast which features stories from the publication.  Not every story we buy will make it to an audio podcast release, but we do make good effort to get it there before our rights expire.  So maybe a “maybe” on that podcast publication, but time will tell, with more to come here as it becomes known.

A quick note to mention that my guest blog, “To PEDS and Beyond:  Community and the Writer,” is now live on AReCafe (cf. September 29) and can be seen by pressing here.  This was originally published in an earlier version on the Open Book Society in 2012 (see November 28 of that year) on how a writer’s contacts — sales, meeting editors, etc. — forge bonds pedsbetween him or her and a wider community which, in turn, can lead to more opportunities.  The example here is the novelette PEDS, published as a stand-alone ebook by Untreed Reads Publishing, and how it led from and to other Untreed Reads sales* while other, similar associations led to the publication of the poetry book VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE), as well as my Stoker® nominated third fiction collection THE TEARS OF ISIS.  Direct links are also provided to OmniLit’s pages on PEDS and the Untreed Reads anthology YEARS END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR with my lead story “Appointment in Time,” from which other titles may be linked to too.

In other news, Grey Matter Press has announced a $10 per paperback sale for Halloween, covering all titles in their current catalog.  “This year’s Halloween Fear-ganza . . . includes horror, science fiction and speculative fiction from some of the most acclaimed voices in our genres, as well as the freshest faces to have arrived on the scene.  Every Grey Matter Press volume containing exceptional dread-filled work from award-winning authors and bestsellers Jonathan Maberry, Ray Garton, William Meikle, Stephen Graham Jones, JG Faherty, Tim Waggoner and many more are all included.”  My own pup in this frightpack is the story “The Artist,” about a butcher who sculpts in meat for banquets and other special occasions, in the 2013 anthology SPLATTERLANDS (cf. February 1, January 28 2015; October 14 2014,  et al.), for more on which one may press here.  Or for info on the sale in general (which, if you scroll down, also mentions SPLATTERLANDS with a link), press here.

Note though that the sale is only good at Grey Matter Press’s own store and is only for a limited time.  And while the precise cutoff date doesn’t seem to be mentioned, my guess is it would be a good idea to take advantage by Halloween.

*The first of those from an original contact through the Short Mystery Fiction Society, which also, years later, led me to the movie/horror anthology REEL DARK and publication there of my story “Marcie and Her Sisters,” for which see May 19, et al.

The tales to follow are a bit more psychological in horror than gory, something for which I’ve always had a preference in the stories I read.  What’s particularly exciting for me with this anthology is that not only do I have the opportunity to work with many current Untreed Reads authors, I also became exposed to the works of writers brand new to me.  It’s a chance to ring out the old and ring in the new with familiar faces and new faces alike.  (From introduction, YEAR’S END)

Happy New Year early this season!  Untreed Reads Publishing has announced a special sale for their New Year’s Eve anthology only, YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR, to be in effect through Monday, January 5 2015.  YEAR’S END is available in a variety of electronic formats, for $2.99 instead of its usual $4.99, and can be obtained from a number of supporting vendors.  Just choose your favorite from the list below, click on its name, and then take it from there.  This is a special sneak peek promotion (and you’re on the list because I’m an author in the anthology — see, we have privileges) which will be announced by Untreed Reads in a general emailing some time in the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  However, by using the links below you can qualify for the sale price now!

So to get YEAR’S END for $2.99 (instead of $5.99), just take your pick of the following vendors and press its name:

The Untreed Reads Store



Barnes and Noble



To quote Editor Jay Hartman:  New Year’s Eve isn’t all champagne and confetti.  For some, it’s filled with regrets, the changing of the day dragging them kicking and screaming into a year for which they aren’t prepared.  This year, some people will be screaming, but they may not make it to the New Year at all.

Join 14 horror authors as they reveal the dark side of our end-of-year celebrations.  This anthology of a holiday gone horrifyingly wrong contains stories by James S. Dorr, Richard Godwin, Nicky Peacock, John Stewart Wynne, Steve Shrott, Leah Givens, George Seaton, Kathryn Ohnaka, Jeremy K. Tyler, Betsy Miller, Byron Barton, Steve Bartholomew, Ali Maloney and Foxglove Lee.

Mine in this is the leadoff story, “Appointment in Time,” a tale of what happens when steampunk and tribal magic join (hint: it’s not pretty). And after that there are thirteen more stories, one each for the twelve days of Christmas and more, available now at a this-anthology-only special bargain price.

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