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“Ballet of the Dolls,” we may recall (see May 4, 2, et al.), is now up on Tell-Tale Press’s NABU CARNEVALE promotional site.  Or to put it in the publisher’s own words:  THERE ARE EVEN MORE FREE ONLINE STORIES FOR NABU CARNEVALE!  This story is a beautiful dark fantasy piece by James Dorr.  James has provided us with his wonderful work before; his story “The Bala Worm” appeared in THE BLOOD TOMES VOLUME 2:  CREATURES, NOVELETTES EDITION .  This time, his engaging and haunting piece from the FANTASY LIBRARY, “Ballet of the Dolls,” fits perfectly within the NABU CARNEVALE theme.  We’re always happy to have James’s work in our books and libraries!

Artwork is by Ruslana Golub from the Ukraine.

Artwork too?  The story, “Ballet of the Dolls,” was first published in 2004 in the Lone Wolf CD ROM, CARNIVAL, as well as in print in my 2007 collection DARKER LOVES (see center column), and is about an ambitious young woman, needlework, and birds in a sideshow setting — plus a bit of not-so-nice seduction.  The artwork, along with a link to the story, can be seen on FaceBook by pressing here, or just for the story — it’s free! — press here.

Another stroll down Memory Lane (see November 30, 2019):  The guidelines said it.  “We’re looking for nursery rhymes, poetry, and stories that can be read and enjoyed by children of all ages.  There is no lower word limit on poems or nursery rhymes.”  Mine, however, would be a story, “Snow,” a 2000-word riff (more or less) on “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”  An evil queen, a stepdaughter in training, height-challenged jewel miners.  The book in question, to be published by B Cubed Press:  ALTERNATIVE BEDTIME READING FOR PROGRESSIVE PARENTS.  Thus the story accepted; a contract signed (a drawn-out process involving coronavirus-related computer limitations, but so it goes, eh?); yesterday, Sunday, evening brought the edited copy of “Snow” from the publisher for my approval.  Then, following a lateish night read, I added in a few small corrections and back it went.

So despite the troubles of the world around us, the writing life continues as always.  Contracts. . . .  Approvals. . . .  The slow grind of publishing, but this book, I think, will be well worth the wait.  More to appear here as it becomes known.

Also for a shorter look-back, the promised preview of stories for Tell-Tale Press’s NABU CARNEVALE promotion (see May 2, below) has now gone live in the Press’s “Library,” for which one may press here.  Scroll down to the Fantasy section, the first section listed, and press to find mine, a dark fantasy titled “Ballet of the Dolls,” where it will be the second of four stories.

Let us look back for a moment at April 22’s post about how my story “Ballet of the Dolls,” originally published in CD-ROM form in CARNIVAL (Lone Wolf, 2004) and in print in my collection DARKER LOVES (Dark Regions, 2007), was going to reprinted by Tell-Tale Press in electronic form, available via Facebook and Instagram, as part of a promotion for their upcoming NABU CARNEVALE anthology.  (Nothing by me in the latter, however, which will contain new fiction only — long story there, the gist of which is that “Ballet” was originally accepted but enough original work also arrived that Editor Andrea Dawn subsequently decided to have, in effect, two publications, the second taking in all the reprints to serve as a sort of “preview” for the first).  Complicated?  The bottom line, anyhow, is that the reprints, “Dolls” among them, will appear — a new one each weekday — through May with “Ballet of the Dolls” slated for Wednesday, May 20.  Reminder, and links, to appear here that day.

So for those who desire to see the bigger picture, here’s the schedule for the whole month, nineteen items in all, starting Monday through Thursday the twenty-eighth:

May 4 – Harvest Moon by Kenneth C. Goldman (horror)
May 5 – The Dionesian Wave by Ray Daley (sci-fi)
May 6 – The World’s Strongest Man by Ken MacGregor (horror)
May 7 – Carnival in the Woods by Diane Arrelle (fantasy)
May 8 – 2:51, Behind the Caterpillar by Gregory L. Norris (horror)

May 11 – Season’s Greetings by Edward Ahern (horror)
May 12 – Season Finale by Bradley H. Sinor (fantasy)
May 13 – The Fair by Kurt Newton (horror)
May 14 – Chicken in a Can by L.L. Hill (mystery/crime)
May 15 – Scut Work by Gregg Chamberlain (horror)

May 18 – Dancing Bautas for Ashes’ Day by Russell Hemmell (fantasy)
May 19 – Clown Food by Jason Watson (horror)
May 20 – Ballet of Dolls by James Dorr (fantasy)
May 21 – Pushing Project Notebook as it is released on June 21
May 22 – Works of Artifice by Edward Ahern (horror)

May 25 – The Fireflies of Todaji by Russell Hemmell (sci-fi)
May 26 – The Festival of Conformity by Charles Wilkinson (horror)
May 27 – Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by Kurt Newton (mystery/crime)
May 28 – Fairy Story by Susan P. Sinor (fantasy)

And then one more detail:  For those who can’t wait that long, or perhaps have a favorite they’d like to read now (noting again that *ahem* mine is nearly three whole weeks away on the 20th), on Monday they’re scheduled to all be added to the Tell-Tale Press Library, in the case of mine in the “Fantasy” division, with a quick reminder and link to appear here two days from now.

Let us revisit Tell-Tale Press, who we may remember for publishing my reprint novelette “The Bala Worm” in THE BLOOD TOMES VOLUME TWO, CREATURES, NOVELETTES EDITION (cf. March 2; June 11, May 23 2019, et al.).  Subsequently last September they put out a call for a “Festivals 2020 Anthology” to be titled NABU CARNEVALE and, reprints still being fair game at the time, I sent a 4400-word story, “Ballet of the Dolls,” originally published in the CD ROM anthology CARNIVAL (Lone Wolf Publications, 2004), and later in print in my second collection, DARKER LOVES.  Then things started to get a bit complicated with enough stories having come in to make the main publication a wholly original one, but with the possibility that some of the best of the reprints might still be published online as a sort of NABU CARNEVALE promotion.  So okay, why not?

Today the email arrived from Editor/Publisher Andrea Dawn:  . . . I read “Ballet of the Dolls”, which you had sent to me as a reprint.  I absolutely loved it, and I would love to publish it in the online Fantasy library to help promote NABU CARNEVALE.  Details followed, the gist of which is this and the other selected reprints will be online on May 4, but I will post them on Facebook and Instagram on specific days throughout the month, try to spread them out by genre.  I’ll have both schedules to everyone by May 3.  Mine presumably will be in the “Fantasy” section, something I had okayed before to help avoid the horror part becoming overburdened (and anyway “Ballet of the Dolls” has a sort of witch in it, and witches are fantasy creatures, yes?).

Anyway I sent back my agreement this afternoon, with more information to be reported here in early May.

Just a very, very quick note that the Australian anthology BLURRING THE LINE (cf. November 3, July 13, et al.) is still on track for publication Thursday, November 26.  That is, at least in digital form according to Editor Marty Young, who adds he’s “still seeking the publication date of the print copy, but that won’t be far away.”  And, possibly more to the point from where I sit, payment for my story, “The Good Work,” due on publication, arrived late yesterday!

“The Good Work” has to do with jolly Dickensian Christmas urchins and warily watching out for witchcraft.  But one can see for oneself in a few days (at least electronically) by pressing here.

Today’s email brought an update from Cohesion Press for BLURRING THE LINE (cf. March 23, February 7), the Australian anthology that asks the question:  “Do you really know what’s real and what isn’t?”  According to Editor Marty Young, “[r]eal life kind of got in the way for a few months,” but noblurringw it’s on schedule for publication September or October this year.  And, as another nod to real life, the book will be dedicated to recently passed on, on July 11,  author and four-time Stoker Award® winner Tom Piccirilli, “who contributed with a pretty hard hitting story that’s incredibly close to home.”  Also the table of contents should be finalized soon, and will be announced here as soon as I know it.

My part here is called “The Good Work,” a treatise on witchcraft in 1850s London.  Or is that witch-hunting?  And, along with a call for updated author bios and pictures, there will also be a limited hardcover edition signed by the authors, more on which will be announced as well as details become known.

Latish this evening the contract came from Cohesion Press for my story “The Good Work” for publication in BLURRING THE LINE (see February 7).  This is the Australian anthology that asks the question “Do you know what’s real and what isn’t?”  So concerning my story, one might consider whethblurringer there were witches in 1850s London.  And if there were witches, then what of witch hunters?

Going back to the original blurb, “BLURRING THE LINE will take you into the far reaches of your darkness, without letting go of reality.  It will make you believe.”  So following some initial delays, the book is now one more step closer to publication, originally set, according to Editor Marty Young, for the “third quarter 2015.”  Then, to quote tonight’s email, once contract details are settled all around he (and, hence, I) “will let you know the TOC, and we can begin the promotional train.”

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