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Beginning now (March 3rd) through March 11th, we’re offering 30% off every single ebook title published by Untreed Reads throughout The Untreed Reads Store.  VERY IMPORTANT!!:  There is no discount code for this promotion.  The 30% off will automatically show up during the last step of the checkout process.  . . .  Remember that when people purchase through our store they get EPUB, PDF and Kindle versions for just one price!  Plus, they Pedscan gift a title to someone or send an ebook directly to their Kindle.  So begins the announcement from Jay Hartman of Untreed Reads Publishing, home of two stand-alone short story e-chapbooks by me, the steampunkish-mystery VANITAS and Christmas horror I’M DREAMING OF A. . ., plus my dystopic science fiction novelette PEDS.  To take advantage, press the picture of any of these in the center column and, as an extra, you’ll also find the New Year’s Eve anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR with its opening story, “Appointment in Time,” also by me.

So what’s the occasion?  According to Editor Hartman:  Every year, the ebook world celebrates Read An Ebook Week, and this year is certainly no different!  This year, the dates of the event are Sunday, March 5th through Saturday, March 11th.  Also, he points out, although the discount is only 25%, PEDS and I’M DREAMING OF. . . . are also on sale at DriveThruFiction from March 5 through 11, which can be reached by pressing here.  No coupon code is needed for either sale, though the one directly from Untreed Reads seems the better deal.


A quick note to mention that my guest blog, “To PEDS and Beyond:  Community and the Writer,” is now live on AReCafe (cf. September 29) and can be seen by pressing here.  This was originally published in an earlier version on the Open Book Society in 2012 (see November 28 of that year) on how a writer’s contacts — sales, meeting editors, etc. — forge bonds pedsbetween him or her and a wider community which, in turn, can lead to more opportunities.  The example here is the novelette PEDS, published as a stand-alone ebook by Untreed Reads Publishing, and how it led from and to other Untreed Reads sales* while other, similar associations led to the publication of the poetry book VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE), as well as my Stoker® nominated third fiction collection THE TEARS OF ISIS.  Direct links are also provided to OmniLit’s pages on PEDS and the Untreed Reads anthology YEARS END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR with my lead story “Appointment in Time,” from which other titles may be linked to too.

In other news, Grey Matter Press has announced a $10 per paperback sale for Halloween, covering all titles in their current catalog.  “This year’s Halloween Fear-ganza . . . includes horror, science fiction and speculative fiction from some of the most acclaimed voices in our genres, as well as the freshest faces to have arrived on the scene.  Every Grey Matter Press volume containing exceptional dread-filled work from award-winning authors and bestsellers Jonathan Maberry, Ray Garton, William Meikle, Stephen Graham Jones, JG Faherty, Tim Waggoner and many more are all included.”  My own pup in this frightpack is the story “The Artist,” about a butcher who sculpts in meat for banquets and other special occasions, in the 2013 anthology SPLATTERLANDS (cf. February 1, January 28 2015; October 14 2014,  et al.), for more on which one may press here.  Or for info on the sale in general (which, if you scroll down, also mentions SPLATTERLANDS with a link), press here.

Note though that the sale is only good at Grey Matter Press’s own store and is only for a limited time.  And while the precise cutoff date doesn’t seem to be mentioned, my guess is it would be a good idea to take advantage by Halloween.

*The first of those from an original contact through the Short Mystery Fiction Society, which also, years later, led me to the movie/horror anthology REEL DARK and publication there of my story “Marcie and Her Sisters,” for which see May 19, et al.

May is Short Story Month and to celebrate Untreed Reads Publishing has announced a sale on all individual short stories at $0.25 each.  This doesn’t include novellas, however, letting some of my titles out, but the Christmas/science fiction/horror tale “I’M DREAMING OF A. . ImDreaming.” is on the list and can be obtained by pressing here.  And it may be especially apt for the warm weather months that are coming, with temperatures soaring into the 90s and above — what better pleasure then than to sit back and read about snow?

Also short story anthologies are on sale at 50 percent off through the end of the month which, speaking of the Christmas season, includes the New Year’s Eve anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR, with my lead story “Appointment in Time.”  So for more mid-summer chills just when they’ll be needed for only $1.50, click here.

Then when you’ve done that, if you wish to look into on-sale offerings by other authors, press the word “Home” in the upper left of the I’M DREAMING OF. . . or the YEAR’S END page for the Untreed Reads store with links to complete sets of sale stories by genre.  The sale is good only through Untreed Reads only, but books are available in all formats, EPUB, Kindle, and PDF.

Credit goes to Jay Hartman of Untreed Reads Publishing for announcing this one, with my novelette PEDS one of the books on sale.  But let’s let DriveThruFiction say it in their own words:  “To celebrate Science Fiction Month, this title has been marked down by 15% through all of May!”   And that’s not all, Nomadic Delirium Press’s anthology A ROBOT, A CYBORG, AND A MARTIAN WALK INTO A SPACE BAR with my tale of a lovelorn toaster, “Toast,” as one of its offerings is also part of the DriveThruFiction May sale.  To check them out, for PEDS click here, or A ROBOT, et al. here.  And then, to be sure, you can explore around for other science fiction bargains as well.

To help save the trees, Jay Hartman of Untreed Reads Publishing has announced “[o]n Wednesday, April 22nd, we’ll be offering 50% off all of our ebook titles for the day in honor of Earth Day.”  The discount will be good both at the Untreed Reads Store and DriveThruFiction, but again for only one day.  They further 9781611874822_SMannounce that several of their other distribution partners may also participate, “so be on the lookout for those promos as well.”

My titles at Untreed Reads are the chapbooks VANITAS, I’M DREAMING OF A. . . , and the novelette PEDS, all of which can be ordered by clicking their pictures in the center column, plus the lead story, “Appointment in Time,” in the New Year’s Eve anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR which can be reached by pressing here.

Jay Hartman of Untreed Reads Publishing has announced that is offering a 30 percent discount on all its titles for one day only, “Tax Day,” all day tomorrow.  To check it out, press here, then fill the name of the book desired in the search box at the upper right (warning:  you’ll then get a list of titles that include the one you want as a keyword, so it may involve a bit of scrolling at that point).  Or to see my titles only, you can click to “author” and search for “James S. Dorr” peds(the initial is needed) to find links to my Untreed Reads chapbooks PEDS, I’M DREAMING OF A. . ., and VANITAS; the Untreed Reads anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR with my lead story “Appointment in Time”; and one surprise title, an anthology from an entirely different publisher but with a story of mine in it too.  (Well, I’ll give one hint, it’s really technically science fiction but the publisher’s name is “Northern Frights.”)  Available formats are PDF, EPUB, and Kindle for Untreed Reads books (only PDF, I think, for the Northern Frights “surprise title” though), but remember the sale is for Wednesday only, April 15.

The Bloomington Writer’s Guild First Sunday Prose Readings (cf. December 8, et al.) began its 2015 season under new coordinator Joan Hawkins, with its first scheduled reading by Gwenette Gaddis, currently working on two novels, with a portrait of life in a small Southern town circa 1979.  As was pointed out in her introduction, when not writing she also bakes brownies, a pan of which were available on the refreshment table.  Then she was followed by Writers Guild veteran Eric Rensberger who, while primarily a poet, read from essays he has on his website as part of a continuing poetry series under the title ACCOUNT OF MY DAYS.

One new feature for this month (and to be repeated next month as well) was that in addition to the normal 3-minute open mike readings to close the session, a few “walk-ons” were to be allowed extra time, up to 10 to 12 minutes.  Mine was last among seven YearsEndCover-Updatedreadings at varying lengths, generally alternating from long to short and vice versa, following my last month’s Christmas tale with one for New Years, “Appointment in Time,” originally published in Untreed Reads’s YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR anthology (cf. December 30, et al.).  This was one of the longer ones.

More information on the First Sunday series as well as the Writers Guild in general can be found here.

Then for those of us who like to make our Halloween sartorial plans early, DREAD CENTRAL has come to the rescue via HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE (see December 3, September 30, et al.) with “39 Vintage Halloween Costumes that Define Creepy.”  And yes, they do, most of them anyway, as you can see by pressing here.

For those who recall the illustration with October 19th’s post, here is a much nicer portrait of early French film actress, director, producer, and “vamp,” Musidora. (1889 – 1957)


(Musidora is also to some extent the visual model for Aimée in “Casket Girls,” cf. April 17, 3, et al.)

Then two quick items:  Today is the tenth anniversary of Wednesday the cave cat’s coming to the computer cave, for more about which check out “Wednesday” under “PAGES” on the right or else press here.  And Untreed Reads Publishing reminds us that this is the final day of their Halloween sale, including special low prices on my I’M DREAMING OF A. . . . and the New Year’s anthology YEAR’S END with my lead-off story “Appointment in Time,” for more on which press here.

At last it can be read!  “A Bucket of Lo Mein” (cf. September 22) is now up on HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE along with a selection of other stories and features.  Even without my flash fiction piece as an appetizer, however, the site is one worth dipping into — scroll down below (September 24, 22) for references and links to two other features at least I found interesting over the past few days.  But eBucket-of-Lo-Meinspecially check out “A Bucket of Lo Mein,” a flavorful tale of (shall one say) uncanny Chinese cooking and why bicycle delivery persons should always watch the road to avoid spills. To see for yourself, you need only press here.

And once you are finished, for an overview of HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE, including more stories, articles, reviews, and a featured interview this week of horror writer Lucy Taylor, look for the “You are here” line just above “A Bucket of Lo Mein” and press where it says “Home.”

Then, speaking of horror, YEAR’S END:  14  TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR with my lead story “Appointment in Time” is one of a number of horror and mystery titles on special sale at the Untreed Reads Publishing site for the month of October.  But let Editor Jay Hartman tell you himself.

“In October, we’ll be discounting everything in the Horror and Mystery sections 25% through October 31st.  This is part of our annual Halloween celebration on the site.  This sale has already begun.

“ONLY titles currently appearing in those sections will be discounted.”

To find out more, check out the Untreed Reads Store by pressing here, then look for direct links on the left side for Mystery, Horror, and Paperback titles included.  And remember these special pre-Halloween prices are available only at the Untreed Reads site, including (to quote again) the following:

“On October 31st we will have a one-day Trick-or-Treat promotion.  These are full-length titles that we will lower to $0.99 for one day only.

“We will also be doing “Treat of the Week.”  This is a title that is deeply discounted for one week only and is featured on our homepage.  . . .   The Treat Weeks are as follows:

“October 5th -11th
“October 12th – 18th
“October 19th – 25th
“October 16th – November 1st

“Paperbacks will continue to be 25% off, and buyers can continue to get the ebook edition free with the purchase of the paperback.

“There will be another special promotion the week of the 12th through 18th as Untreed Reads participates in San Francisco Litquake 2014.”

Again, to find out more, check out the Untreed Reads Store by pressing here, or if (as I hope) you’re especially interested in YEAR’S END (an anthology of New Year’s Eve horror, remember, including my “Appointment in Time”), you can go to it directly by pressing here.

This just in (literally): is holding a 25 percent off sale for Untreed Reads Publishing titles to celebrate the summer solstice.  However, the sale is for this day, the first day of summer only so one must hurry.  Four titles of mine are involved in this (three pictured in the column to right, but for the sale one must go to OmniLit directly), VANITAS, I’M DREAMING OF. . . ., PEDS, and the Untreed Reads YEAR’S END New Year’s anthology in which the lead story, “Appointment in Time,” is by me.

If interested, press here, then click to “Author” in the Search Box at the upper right and enter “James S. Dorr.”  But once again the discount is offered for purchases this day, Saturday, only, so one must act now.

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