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Mileage may definitely vary on this one.  Some find “found footage” movies realistic and scary, others complain about headaches induced by shaky hand-held camerawork, while I’m probably somewhere in the middle.  THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, granted an excellent pre-release public relations buildup, ultimately suffered from (in my opinion) a danger inherent in the sub-genre:  a genuinely, promisingly scary buildup dissipated by the end “reveal” — or lack thereof.  Was that all it was?  In the case of THE BLAIR WITCH . . . well, I shouldn’t reveal it, but it was disappointing to me.  Or in the wonderfully, terrifyingly built-up Spanish film [REC], well what was it after all — could anyone actually see?  Or is that just me?

Then there are ones where there’s just too much waiting (realistic, I suppose in fairness) for, again to me, too little payoff even in the buildup.  PARANORMAL ACTIVITY anyone? — spooky to some perhaps, but to me, well, I have a cat.  Bang!  Too many “special effects” just found a, to me, too easily found possible explanation.  But also there are ones that I think work well.  CLOVERFIELD for instance starts perhaps too slowly, but when it gets going it becomes genuinely scary and, granted one does have to suspend disbelief, it’s fast enough that the ending packs a genuine punch!  And for one that both packs a genuine punch, and builds up horrifyingly along the way — and is all too believable (especially if one is into conspiracy theories) — may I suggest THE BAY?  Granted there may be a little cheating, the film presumably composed and edited “after the fact,” but I recommend it as possibly the best of the genre so far.*  And also, in this case maybe a sort of “hybrid,” but partially “found footage,” Norway’s TROLL HUNTER is funny as well, though perhaps more fantasy than actual horror.

So that’s my opinion.  Others may differ.  But for a rundown on these and five more, to decide for oneself, please to peruse “11 Seriously Scary Found Footage Horror Movies ” by THE-LINE-UP.COM staff by pressing here.


*Reviewed here, I might add, on these very pages, see June 8 2015.


As said just below (January 28), things move fast with SNM HORROR MAGAZINE.  And, as of today, the “February free-for-all, non-themed anything goes” issue is live.  Not only that, but as their email announcement goes on to say,  “Interestingly enough, even though we didn’t specifically call for it, almost every story features horror erotica, wImagehich basically embodies what SNM Mag represents. Yes, sex still sells! Most presses frown on explicit sex, strong language and adult themes or rated “R” material, but with us, it’s almost a requisite — and we offer no apologies for it! Dare to be different, dare to be bold; that’s what it takes to be a leader and stand out in the crowd. So we start off the New Year with a bang!”

The issue consists of two parts, “Issue 51” and “Issue 52,” with eight stories in all in which my story, “Stealing Candy,” in which a not-very-wholesome young man pays a memorable visit to a run down city park, takes the third spot in the second half.  To read it for yourself, just press here, then scroll down like mad past the two stories that appear ahead of it.  But read them too, as well as the fourth (after you’ve finished “Stealing Candy,” of course), and, if you want to see more, the other four stories can be found by pressing here.

As for the next issue, to come in April (deadlines for SNM HORROR are the 20th of the month preceding an issue, in this case March 20),  the theme has been announced as “April Adolescent Antichrists.”  I can’t make promises, but I’m not at all sure I’ll have anything to even submit to this one.

Here’s a submission that wasn’t quite at the last minute this time — it went in with a good five days left before deadline — but “Stealing Candy” has still been accepted by SNM HORROR MAGAZINE for its “February Free-for-all” issue.  This was an open ended topic, but confined to those who had been published by SNM in the past (for my credentials, cf. August 1 last year, December 31 2011, et al.), so I decided, what the heck, why not try a reprint from way back, but one with a sort of special meaning.  In this case the story was my first publication in GOTHIC.NET in January 1998, back in the old days under Darren McKeeman when it was a soon-to-pay-professional-rates pioneer e-horror magazine, and a harbinger of successes to come.  Ah, the memories, although the story itself is a nasty one, about a young man and his misadventures with the denizen of a runaway baby carriage.

But, hey, this is horror and nasty is nasty, and so today the acceptance came.  “Interesting bizarro erotica piece,” is the way Senior Editor/Moderator  Steven Nicholas Marshall put it.  From there things move fast with SNM as, with the story, I also received an .rtf of the edited copy to which I sent back a few corrections to the corrections, and now we wait — for probably less than a week — until it is officially published.

This will be the third story accepted this month, joining new stories “Dead Girls, Dying Girls” and “The Reading” slated to appear in SO IT GOES:  A TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT and UNIVERSE HORRIBILIS, respectively (cf. just below for January 25, et al.; January 5), which isn’t a bad start for 2013!

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