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A quick note today from Pole to Pole Publishing to announce the impending publication of their reprint science fiction and fantasy anthologies RE-LAUNCH and RE-QUEST (cf. February 6, et al.).  And, yes, I have a piece of the pie(s) with a story of a washed-up spaceman’s redemption, “The Game,” originally published in HUB in November 2007 in the former and “The Blade of Gudrin,” about a plucky heroine vs. a tricky goddess originally in the Spring 1993 SPACE AND TIME, in the latter.  Thus, according to Editors Kelly A. Harmon and Vonnie Winslow Crist, RE-LAUNCH is being moved up from an originally planned October release to “late June/early July” with RE-QUEST to follow after.  More on which as it becomes known will be announced here.


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