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The name of the series was ‘WAY OUT, with an apostrophe, and, yes, it didn’t last very long, but for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY fans (or better yet, the superior t_500x300earlier movie version with Gene Wilder starring and WILLIE WONKA in the title), children’s author Roald Dahl actually did host a spooky adult TV show way back in 1961.  The hell of it is, though, it’s never been made available on DVD, one reason why you (or anyway, I) may have never heard of it.  But for some information, check out “Roald Dahl’s 1960’s Version of ‘Twilight Zone’” by Trisha Leigh Zeigenhorn on lg_1c77caed344c-roald-dahl-way-out_openingDIDYOUKNOWFACTS.COM, via “Discover Roald Dahl’s Dark Side in His Creepy Twilight Zone-like Show, Way Out” on THE-LINE-UP.COM (or, the magic of serendipity strikes again!), by pressing here.  And with that all may be no longer lost — scroll down to the very, very bottom and there’ll be a link to see at least some of the episodes on YouTube.


As I write this, the SyFy Channel is running its 4th of July THE TWILIGHT ZONE marathon special on TV.  So what better time to have run across an interview by Robin Dover on Terry M. West’s HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE, via the HWA on Facebook, of Rod Serling’s daughter Anne?  To let Robin introduce it himself:  “I’m extremely humbled and deeply honored for the opportunity to twilightinterview Anne Serling.  I was touched that she agreed to talk with me about her life, about her family and especially about her father, Rod Serling.  I found from reading her book, AS I KNEW HIM, MY DAD, ROD SERLING, Anne intimately incorporates her personal life experience encompassing the limitless depths of her memories, imagination and creative expression and pulls the reader in, holding them with honesty and enthusiasm.  They inevitably emerge transformed.  There is something about knowing you are being shown images that have existed for a person’s entire life.  Personal images, sounds and memories from a person’s private past that remains an important part of their present — and always will.”

To read it, press here — and a happy 4th of July weekend, again, to all.  And, for a complete run down of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, with episode lists, reviews, and more, check here.

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