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In fact, “Godzilla vs. King Kong” is currently being looked at by another publication, but it is not known whether or not it will be accepted and, whatever the result, it is likely to be a bit longer before the results of the fight will be known.  (Thus was my entry for May 25 apologizing for my mix-up of poems bought by GRIEVOUS ANGEL [see May 11, March 30].  “On the Other Hand” was the poem I had meant.  But fast forward now to the real-time present. . . . )

Perhaps it was an omen.  Friday night I had watched the Gareth Edwards version of GODZILLA, one I had seen before in 3-D but seemed worth a revisit.  And then the word came in Saturday’s email (albeit Sunday morning already by the time I1godzilla write this) from David Kopaska-Merkel:  “Godzilla vs. King Kong” would be bought by DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES.  The fight of the century had found a home.

Not only that, but DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES would take another poem as well of the five I had sent, “Plus-Size” about the biggest Egyptian who had ever been in Pharaoh’s army and how, his still-growing mummy awakened, he was to fare in a steampunk London.  A different take, if one will, of the movie THE MUMMY (of which I will say I think the 1932 version is the better).

So for those making book, “Plus-Size” is tentatively to come out in issue 102 in September, Godzilla and Kong to duke it out in 103 for January 2016.

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