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The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics and Artifacts, volume one of The Great Tome Series, presents fifteen tales of cursed relics, ancient artifacts, magical items, and alien devices. In this volume: The Candle Room by James S. Dorr The Heart of Irelda by Jeff Sullins Her Long Hair Shining by Simon Kewin Digging for Paradise by Ian Creasey Light Bringer by Deborah Walker The Nimrod Lexicon by Taylor Harbin Life Sentence by Miranda Stewart The Shepherd by CB Droege The Rightful Owner by Linda GTVol1.3385958_stdTyler The Head of John the Baptist by G. Miki Hayden The Binding Agent by Douglas J. Ogurek Seamus Tripp and the Golden Plates byRichard Walsh and Jon Garrett Oracle at Delphi Street by Jon Etter Special Collections by Jon Etter The Djinn at the Wheel by Kathy L. Brown.  So reads the blurb on Amazon for the print edition of THE GREAT TOME OF FORGOTTEN RELICS AND ARTIFACTS (see also March 16, et al.), available in trade paperback form for an official list price of $15.99, though slightly smaller prices may be available too.  Not overly enlightening, perhaps, but the story titles may say it all.  To see for oneself, mayhap to order one need but press here.

Meanwhile the mammoth royalties for the final 2015 winter quarter have begun to pile up.  The take this time thus far:  $2.84 as announced from two separate publishers.  Checks are in the mail.  Well, added all together they might pay for a nice hamburger, a couple of extra condiments perhaps, but every bit helps, yes?  Anyway it’s part of the life of the writer.


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