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The name of the series was ‘WAY OUT, with an apostrophe, and, yes, it didn’t last very long, but for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY fans (or better yet, the superior t_500x300earlier movie version with Gene Wilder starring and WILLIE WONKA in the title), children’s author Roald Dahl actually did host a spooky adult TV show way back in 1961.  The hell of it is, though, it’s never been made available on DVD, one reason why you (or anyway, I) may have never heard of it.  But for some information, check out “Roald Dahl’s 1960’s Version of ‘Twilight Zone’” by Trisha Leigh Zeigenhorn on lg_1c77caed344c-roald-dahl-way-out_openingDIDYOUKNOWFACTS.COM, via “Discover Roald Dahl’s Dark Side in His Creepy Twilight Zone-like Show, Way Out” on THE-LINE-UP.COM (or, the magic of serendipity strikes again!), by pressing here.  And with that all may be no longer lost — scroll down to the very, very bottom and there’ll be a link to see at least some of the episodes on YouTube.


So, still reeling (sorry) over the post on Horror Movie Dances (see April 4), are we ready for something now for the children?  Ah, the internet!  To bridge the generation gap then, let us consider “8 Dark Kids Shows You Can Watch With Your Little Weirdos,” courtesy of Jinx Strange on DIRGEMAG.COM.  I still remember Billy and Mandy (the latter of whom, in a way, helped inspire a story of mine called “Dead Girls, Dying Girls”) and INVADER ZIM, and perhaps local goth cat Triana might also like to meet COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG.  But there are some others that look interesting too, so let us peruse them together by pressing here!

Well, it was one of my favorite TV shows in its time (I do have the whole series on DVD).  So, while I may be away from a computer for much of the weekend, I thought I might leave folks with something to read, a Baltimore Sun piece about John Astin who played Gomez Addams against Carolyn Jones’s Morticia on the original 1960s TH500fullE ADDAMS FAMILY, which can be found by pressing here.  And should you care to tarry on this page, something nice to contemplate as well.

Then in other news (or life goes on), when is a rejection not a rejection?  Well sometimes it happens along lines like this, via Mark Parker of Scarlet Galleon Publications:  “Mr. Dorr, I wanted to tell you what an honor it was to have you submit ‘The Hole’ to my inaugural anthology, DEAD HARVEST.  I regret having to pass on it at this time, but would guarantee it a spot in a future ‘Harvest’ anthology I have planned, ZOMBIE HARVEST.  In truth, I feel it would fit that one so much better.  I don’t know if that would be of interest to you, but where it’s a reprint, perhaps you’d consider that.”

As noted, the story is a reprint that originally appeared in FRONTIERS OF TERROR by Marietta Publishing in 2002 (also, incidentally, First Runner Up for that year’s Darrell Award for short gomez-morticiafiction set in the Mid South, in this case Memphis Tennessee) so, while we agreed that should another opportunity for “The Hole” come up I could withdraw it, why not?  And, insofar as it is about unreconstructed Confederate zombie soldiers seeking to reunite with the corpse of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, buried in Memphis, it probably would work better in ZOMBIE HARVEST.  This would mean a publication in autumn 2015 or possibly early 2016, the “Harvest” motif to become a sort of annual series, assuming things go as planned.

For more information on Scarlet Galleon Publications and, although now closed to submissions, DARK HARVEST press here.

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