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Well, I do seem to be doing okay with the Pole to Pole folks this year having placed two stories with them already, “The Blade of Gudrin” in RE-QUEST and “The Game” in RE-LAUNCH on February 2 and 4 respectively (cf. also June 1, et al.).  These are two in a series of reprint anthologies coming out from Pole to Pole Publishing, and more are planned.  Thus a subsequent call:  Pole to Pole Publishing is seeking short, re-print fiction for the RE-ENCHANT anthology to be published in late 2018.  RE-ENCHANT will join our previous submission calls (now closed) for RE-LAUNCH and RE-QUEST in the Re-Imagined Series of anthologies.  RE-ENCHANT requires dark stories and myths about faeries or faerie-like creatures.  And to which, as it happens, I responded.

Today, Sunday, the email came from Editors Vonnie Winslow Crist and Kelly A. Harmon:  Thank you for sending “Dust” for Pole to Pole Publishing’s RE-ENCHANT anthology.  We appreciate the chance to read it, and have decided to accept “Dust” for inclusion in the anthology.  Your contract and additional information will be sent to you soon. “Dust” is a story originally published in my first collection, STRANGE MISTRESSES: TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE, concerning two maidens and a fairyland-like castle in Spain . . . and spiders.

Also for the writers among us (as with the posting two items below) might I note that RE-ENCHANT, along with another new companion volume, is still open for submissions through August?  For more information on both press here.


Speaking of Eldritch Press, which we met in the post just below as sponsor of the HWA’s new Dark Poetry scholarship, they also, of course, publish books themselves.  One of which has been mentioned just yesterday on their Facebook site via press owner Michael Randolph:  “Update to OUR WORLD OF HORROR Anthology.  All submissions have been answered.  If you have an outstanding response from us, check your bulk folders, 10500300_1450045741918910_1992919603849645277_nyour Email accounts that no longer exist, behind your ears and let us know if we have not gotten back to you.

”Final tally was 1374 submissions with 31 (roughly, we’re all tired) submissions being chosen, plus poetry.  Final word count should be roughly 100,000. . . .

”We had enough to fill a few anthos and passed over seasoned pro’s simply because we liked a different story better or the theme fit perfectly.

”We will be releasing a final TOC next week, minus the solicited stories we are waiting on.”

Well, the whole statement can be found by pressing here.  But to the point, yesterday evening my email was graced by Chief Editor Kevin Knowles:  “James, we are inquiring if your story ‘Spider Heat’ is available, if so we’d love to include it in OUR WORLD OF HORROR anthology.”  So it’s been five months, but they’d said their response times might be slow (and this is one where I’d sent the submission well before deadline).  And, as I sent back in the wee hours of a mildly snowy morning (first real snow of the coming winter, though we’d had some flurries around Halloween!), you bet “Spider Heat” — a summer story itself, set in Memphis Tennessee — is available and, at a good pay rate to boot, happy and anxious to be in its new home.

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