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The “town” being Earth, of course, and you probably knew it even though it doesn’t get mentioned all that often.  But, President-to-be Trump aside, here’s an honest tip of the hat to the Russians courtesy of THEGUARDIAN.COM via Steph P. Bonchini’s THE EARTHIAN HIVEMIND, “Why the Soviet Space Workhorse Soyuz Is Still Going Strong — 50 Years On” by Robin McKie, for which press here.  Ah, nostalgia (and what a weird opportunity to have all the tags begin with an “S”)!

Just a short item, because . . . well, why not?  Now that Labor Day is over, are you ready to plan some serious traveling for next mars-attacks-openersummer’s vacation time?  Or maybe just for some background details for that next SF story.  And what about salads?*  Jared Jones comes to our rescue today with “A Trip to Mars Will Require People to Use these 8 Bizarre Inventions” courtesy of UPWORTHY.COM, which those with a yen for wandering can find here.

(*See item #4)

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