Today’s e-missives included a link from Pole to Pole Publishing for ordering RE-LAUNCH (see October 11) from several different distributors as well as Amazon, as well as information on titles to come in their “Re-Imagined” series.  All thus far, I might add, Rocket space ship . Mixed mediahave tales by me in them with details to be shared here too as they reach publication.  For now, for RE-LAUNCH, my own story is “The Game,” originally published in the UK in HUB in November 2007 (all the “Re-Imagined” books are for reprints only, in this case “[f]eaturing fiction from Douglas Smith, James Dorr, Kris Austen Radcliffe, Eando Binder, Wendy Nikel, Stewart C. Baker, Meriah Crawford, Gregory L. Norris, Jennifer Rachel Baumer, Jonathan Shipley, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Lawrence Dagstine, CB Droege, Jude-Marie Green, Steven R. Southard, Calie Voorhis, Anthony Cardno, and Andrew Gudgel”).  And the Pole to Pole link, which will also be updated as situations warrant, can be reached here.