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This year, we launched a new initiative called THE SOCIETY OF MISFIT STORIES.  To celebrate we’re adding the “Misfits” to our Reader’s Choice poll.  Such was the beginning of November 2’s post announcing that my story “By Force and Against the King’s Peace,” late of ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE for December 1999, appeared to have been voted favorite “misfit story” this year by a fair landslide, though no real announcement had been made.  Well, as of this week it’s official, for more of which one may press here (and, reflecting the relative importance vis a vis their other category winners — hey, they did say it’s for “misfit stories” — scroll down, and down. . . .  But as a bonus, you’ll find a link to Bards and Sages Publishing’s MISFIT STORIES page as well, where you can even buy a copy of “By Force” for yourself).  As for the prize, well, that’s still unsure (though these days simply being honored for anything is, in itself, something), but more will be posted here as it becomes known.

Then, moving on down to October 22, in a post announcing the up and coming Sonnet O’Dell pre-Halloween interview in DUSTY PAGES you may have noticed this buried toward the end:   In the meantime, alas, one of the local cave computers died last night, the one that takes care of bloggie business here, so I probably won’t be able to post until Monday afternoon, EDT, on a library computer.  Whatever works, yes?  And indeed for the next several weeks these posts were coming to you from the Computer Annex, a.k.a.The Monroe County Public Library.  But now, a consultation with a local computer repair guy having suggested the afflicted instrument would do best to receive a peaceful interment, an all new reconditioned machine discovered on eBay is now up, running, and equipped with the appropriate software, and is bringing you this very post.  The same basic model as the one it replaces but of a slightly more recent sub-vintage, it seems to be working well and, if anything, may be slightly more sprightly than its predecessor.

Let’s wish it a long life!

Remember THE SOCIETY OF MISFIT STORIES?  See August 22, below, plus July 6 and June 23.  But the thing is, I missed announcing at the time that the reprint story they bought from me (originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE), “By Force and Against the King’s Peace,” was published there on September 9th.  Oops!  And if you don’t believe it, you can check it out (and even buy it on Kindle, if desired) here*.

But now it comes up again in this announcement from Julie Ann Dawson of Bards and Sages Publications:  With the release of the October issue of the BARDS AND SAGES QUARTERLY, the voting period has started for our Reader’s Choice Awards.  The purpose of the Reader’s Choice awards is to celebrate our writers.  Readers get to vote for their favorite story from each issue of t51hxoyeaatlhe BARDS AND SAGES QUARTERLY.  Authors are invited to have their winning stories republished in the annual BARDIC TALES AND SAGE ADVICE anthology (it is always nice to get paid for the same story twice, right?)

We are changing things up a little this year.  This year, for the Author of the Year award, we are including authors from THE SOCIETY OF MISFIT STORIES and the three current GREAT TOME anthologies.  

And the thing here is that, as of this writing, “By Force and Against the King’s Peace” is leading, with 42 percent of the vote, in the SOCIETY OF MISFIT STORIES category.

For more information on the Bards and Sages Reader’s Choice Awards one can press here.  And best of all, one can vote there too — just scroll down and down, through the four BARDS AND SAGES QUARTERLY listings, and you’ll come to the nine titles published thus far under Favorite “Misfit”.  About in the middle you’ll find “By Force and Against the King’s Peace” and to give it your vote you need but click on it.  Try it.  It’s easy!

And, if scrolling down farther, one will also find a ballot for “Author of the Year,” with my name first (although nowhere near in the lead for this one), which, were one to truly desire to, one could vote for also.  In that this is for all appearances in Bards and Sages publications, I might remind, too, that I have stories in all three of the published GREAT TOMES volumes (for which see variously below, October 1, September 21, June 9, May 10, etc.)

*Also, more information on the MISFIT STORIES series in general, including ordering links by title, can be found here.

“Imagine yourself in a cemetery.  Void of all light at the base of a tree.  But it’s no ordinary tree.  This tree abounds with the dead.  Now envision that each tree limb is a short story with its own vision, its own length of words, and its own insanity. . . .”

So begins the description on Amazon of CEMETERY RIOTS (cf. May 5; September 2, August 27 2015), dated the last day of June, the 30th, by Editors T.C. Bennett and Tracy L. Carbone with stories by such as Richard Christian Matheson, Hal Bodner, Cemetery RiotEric J. Guignard, John Palisano, William F. Nolan, and, um, me.  A “new collection of dark cautionary tales” in which mine, “The Re-Possessed,” might be seen as a warning to never stiff (yes, pun intended) the funeral director.

But hey, this is one we’ve been waiting for, so without, as they say, further ado, for more information/ordering press here.

Then, received this afternoon, my fantasy/mystery courtroom novelette “By Force and Against the King’s Peace” has received a publication date for Bards and Sages Publishing’s THE SOCIETY OF MISFIT STORIES (cf. June 23), a new electronic-only series tailored for science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories from 5,000 to 20,000 words that may find themselves at an awkward length for submission elsewhere.  “By Force. . . ,” at a tad less than 10,000 words, is itself a reprint (which is okay, though it’s expected that most “Society” members will probably be new) originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE in December 1999, and is being tagged here to appear on September 9.

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