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The full title is HYPERION & THEIA VOLUME ONE: SATURNALIA and my planetoid in this particular poke (hey, it’s the end of the year, okay?) is a very long poem that begins the volume, “Dreaming Saturn” (cf. December 3, et al.).  The volume itself can be checked out by pressing here and it’s sort of a weird one, to celebrate (to quote from their web page) the ancient Roman festival of Saturn in December, which was a period of general merrymaking and was the predecessor of Christmas.  Or to go to the guidelines back about a year ago:  A time of revelry and reversal, Saturnalia represents the breakdown of what has been deemed the natural order.  Hyperion and Theia’s inaugural volume wants stories and poetry that runs the gamut of genres and turns expectations on their heads.  Submit a fantastical murder-mystery set in the biggest carnival in Atlantis.  Wow us with a sweeping romance in space where gods and goddesses serve their creations after a bloody war. 

And now, to close out the old year (well almost, but today is the last postal day since tomorrow’s a Sunday), the print copy is here!


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