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Well, it’s partly tongue in cheek, but there is that go-playing program, and we humans gave up our mastery in chess decades ago.  But serving up hamburgers — what will jr-fdfb3ff1074aa32ed435d1a0a8d9d298become of the US economy?  Or, as Jon Comulada puts it in his introduction to “5 Robots You Should Be Keeping Your Eye On.  For the Sake of Humanity,” on UPWORTHY.COM:

Every movie about a robot uprising has the same scene:  You know, the one where someone explains that it didn’t start out ALL bad.

It’s usually followed by a flashback where we’re shown that human technology was progressing, we were building better and smarter machines and sitting back to marvel at our technological robut-9a925cb999a54362192fafec870bddadadvances.

Then, before anyone knew what hit them, humanity became slaves to our new robot overlords.

Is that warning enough?  To see more, press here.


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