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On a lovely afternoon one day after April Fools, the Bloomington Writers Guild/Boxcar Books “First Sunday Prose Reading & Open Mic” (cf. March 5, et al.) featured a heady mix of dark fantasy, science fiction, and mystery.  The first by many-time participant Shayne Laughter brought the ending of “Incident at Grandmothers Cottage,” a police procedural set in a fairytale forest which she had read the first part of at the premiere of the Players Pub Spoken Word series (at which I had also presented my TOMBS-set “River Red,” cf. February 10), followed by Karen Wylie who we have also met before (see November 1 2015 and August 3 2014) with an excerpt from her “science fiction of one sort or another” novel DIVISION, and mystery author, poet, and local WHFB jazz DJ/talk show host Ray Zdonek with a portion of his novel THE LAST ROUNDUP, fourth in his northern Indiana-set Lee Kosak mystery series.  This was followed by five open mike readers of which I was fourth with a 700-word dark fantasy/murder mystery on the subject of pets cooking women (with a bit of back story, that being a “prompt” a few years back at my writers group) called “The Death of Mother Carvey.”

Then yesterday brought the opening entry of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association’s Rhysling Showcase, each to include mini-bios of six of the poets in this years Rhysling competition (cf. March 29), for which press here.  These will continue with new posts every other day throughout the month — with (ahem) mine scheduled for April 19.

Yesterday evening involved music practice with dancers, a first-Tuesday-of-the-month (mostly) activity I’m involved with, which this month coincided with a rare transit of Venus across the sun.  We had to be at practice at 6:15, with the transit beginning six minutes before — no chance for checking it out at the onset.  However when we were done, I suggested to the woman harpist I was riding with that we stop by an on-campus parking garage where the university’s astronomy department had set up an observation area.  Thus we arrived there just in time for . . . the sun having just set!

Not to worry.  We both being divorced people, the situation offered an opportunity for several jokes to the effect that we had already experienced transits of Venus (“been there, done that”), but more to the point, whilst I inspected some of the high-powered telescopy being taken down, a woman came up with her cell phone with an app for viewing live feeds of the sun, still up, from Arizona, Hawaii, Japan, and the Philippines.  Almost as good as being there, eh?

Then this morning the mail arrived with the 2012 RHYSLING ANTHOLOGY (cf. March 12, et al.), the volume of finalists for best long and short “Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Poetry of 2011, Selected by the Science Fiction Poetry Association.”   My pup in this pack is the second of what I’ve come to think of as my King Kong Trilogy (the third, however, not yet published), “Monkey See,” originally published in SPACE AND TIME (see Oct. 21 2011).  For more information on the Rhysling and the SFPA, press the hot button two sentences above, browse around the SFPA site, join if you’d like, or if a non-member and hankering to stay that way, perhaps order a copy of the anthology anyway.

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