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Interesting things come sometimes from strange places.  Like SNOPES.COM, which is normally a site to debunk, or confirm, controversial political or other claims, but today came up with a straight science topic:  “The Science of Fright:  Why We Love to Be Scared” by Arash Javanbakht and Linda Saab.  So for we who write horror, and so are sort of in the business. . . .
Well it’s not too profound — we’re hard wired to be afraid of some things as a simple technique for survival, but as intelligent beings as well we can also analyze situations, taking into consideration why particular horrors (e.g. sights experienced in movie theaters) might not be dangerous to us after all.  But, basking in relief, wasn’t that fun (or at least stimulating)?
Well maybe, maybe not.  Individuals may have individual fears, some stronger, some weaker, so giving movies as an example one person may be thrilled while his or her companion is bored.  Or sometimes we laugh.  But for more, press here.

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