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Another one published, this one LUPINE LUNES:  HORROR POEMS & SHORT STORIES from Popcorn Press, as announced by Editor Lester Smith.  To give Amazon’s take on it, Welcome to Popcorn Press’s eighth annual celebration of horror writing, this year featuring the werewolf in a collection of stories and indexpoems, particularly that crescent-shaped smaller sibling of the haiku — the lune.  Each year, on October 1, we host an open call for horror-themed poems and stories.  By October 31, we have a finished document published in ebook form, with a print version close on its heels.  What you hold in your hands is the result of that creative marathon.  Inside you will find werewolves galore, along with a handful of other shapechangers and harbingers of transformation.  Read it by the light of a full moon, if you dare, or perhaps by candlelight.  Read it aloud to family and friends — there is safety in numbers when the werewolf prowls!

My own pup in this pack is a single poem, albeit longer than lune or haiku, “Beware of the Dog” (see November 21, October 29), a working-class take on exactly how disruptive a werewolf might be on a Saturday night in a factory town.  Delve within at your own risk!  “Beware of the Dog” was originally published in GRIEVOUS ANGEL for September 11 2014.

To check LUPINE LUNES out for yourself on Amazon press here, or for Popcorn Press’s direct order page here.

Sunday, the second day of a cold snap that’s finally brought November temperatures to November, also brought the Bloomington Writers Guild’s Third Sunday “prompt” session (cf. September 19).  This is kind of fun mostly, a group of us around a table writing like mad to prompts the facilitator(s) offer, completing an essay or story or poem within a fixed time.  There are usually three of these, the first yesterday involving description/analysis of a recurring dream, the second a poetry prompt from an outside source, and the third. . . .

Well, a moment on that.  The third, for which we had only five minutes (the first two were fifteen minutes each), was to write a “thank you” letter.  But my mind wasn’t entirely on this.  It seems the cave cat Wednesday (more on whom, here depicted in kittenhood some twelve and a half years back, can be wendy31found under her name on “PAGES” at the far right) had her annual visit to the vet last week and the news wasn’t all good.  She had been losing weight and, tests coming back, the reason appears to be hyperthyroidism.  The good news is she can have the condition treated by eating a special *expensive* cat food, a bag of which is now on order in hopes she will like it.  The bad for her is that she must eat it exclusively, which means no more cat treats (her favorite:  Friskies’ “Beachside Crunch”).  So anyway what came up was a cat-related “thank you” to a hypothetical sister, for the gift of a hypothetical book, with the hypothetical cat “Fluffy” standing in for Wednesday — and which, as a tip of the hat for her, I offer as a lagniappe:

Dear Sister.  Thank you very much for the book you sent, 101 THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR CAT.  Fluffy thanks you too, though she thought numbers 18 and 36 were a little rough.  Her favorite, though, seems to be number 52, the one that involves catnip.  I would have one complaint, however — or perhaps a warning you might include if you give copies to people in the future — for numbers 48, 77, and 82, I woindexuld strongly recommend wearing thick gloves.  (Your Loving Brother)

Then back to business for Monday, today’s email included a proof copy of Popcorn Press’s LUPINE LUNES, including my Rhysling-nominated poem “Beware of the Dog” (see October 29, et al.), returned with no problems found this afternoon.  “Beware of the Dog” was originally published in GRIEVOUS ANGEL, September 11 2014.

Well, speaking of devils, or werewolves if one prefers, word has just come from Editor Les Smith that one of the three (not two, oops) poems has been accepted.  The poem is “Beware of the Dog” and offers a working-class view of lycanthropy, originally published in GRIEVOUS ANGEL, September 11 2014, and also appeared in the 2015 RHYSLING ANTHOLOGY in May last year.

Untreed Reads has e-reminded us that they’re running a 30-percent off sale on all mysteries and horror, ending Monday October 31 at 11:59 p.m. PST (see also October 2).  One minute before the Witching Hour, for you west coasters!  Two of my stories are included in th2940013874367_p0_v1_s118x184is, the Christmas chapbook I’M DREAMING OF A. . . ., and the New Year’s Eve anthology YEARS END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR with my lead offering “Appointment in Time.”  For more, press I’M DREAMING’s picture in the center column, from which, if desired, you can also go to other titles in Untreed Reads’s store.

Meanwhile Popcorn Press has announced a kickstarter for their latest Halloween anthology, LUPINE LUNES, with an emphasis on werewolves and very short poems, but you have to hurry — it ends Sunday, tomorrow, October 30 at 12:59 p.m., this time EST.  I may or may not have a dog(s) in this fight — I sent two poems, but haven’t heard back yet — but Editor Lester Smith has published me in the past (see November 17 2015, et al.)  Maybe more on this score as it becomes known.  But in the meantime, for more information, donations, press here.



Each year, on October 1, we host an open call for horror-themed poems and stories.  By October 31, we have a finished document published in ebook form, with a print version close on its heels.

This book is the result of that creative marathon.  Inside are works from writers new and old, pros and newcomers alike.  Some fewZenOfTheDead are previously published pieces deserving new readership; the majority have never before seen the light of day.

Our goal each year is simple: to encourage a wider audience for poetry and short fiction.  Halloween provides a perfect opportunity.

So came the announcement in the wee hours of this morning from Editor Lester Smith, that ZEN OF THE DEAD (see October 28) is now available from Popcorn Press.  My connivance in this year’s costume parade is “La Valise,” the tale of a New Orleans lady with a biting habit who, newly returned from a visit to her ancestral France, is victim of a mix-up of suitcases at Louis Armstrong Airport.

For more, one may press here.

Once upon a time (well, about a year ago less a couple of weeks — see October 25 2013; also this year May 5 and January 7) I sent some poems to Popcorn Press’s CTHULHU HAIKU II, AND MORE MYTHOS MADNESS, and five were accepted and subsequently published early this year.  None of these were actually haiku, but Popcorn Press is generous with its definitions as long as the work is short, including accepting flash fiction at up to 1000 words.  Of mine, one, “Bad Vacation,” was a shadorma, a six-line form somewhat like a lune and a haiku smushed together (cf. August 5 2013), while the others were free verse, “Slow-Motion,” “It Must Have Been That New Fish Food,” “The Vampiress Dreams of an Evening in Innsmouth” (my personal favorite!), and “With the Economy What It Is, Maybe We’ll Take Any Job We Can Get.”

Meanwhile life goes on, new books get published (right now they’ve been reading for a second HALLOWEEN HAIKU volume, for more information on which press here; for the original volume see November 2 2011).  But you can’t keep a Mythos monster down forever either.  Thus in today’s email came the notice with permission request to use my poems for a limited audio edition of CTHULHU HAIKU II.  As Popcorn Press’s Diane Severson Mori put it:  “Last year about this time you had some of your work publishecthulhu-haiju-ii-coverd in Lester Smith’s antho CTHULHU HAIKU II.  As part of the effort to drum up more support for the Kickstarter I offered to do an audiobook version if the amount reached a certain level.  It did and so I really should do the audiobook.  However, due to many extenuating circumstances I haven’t done it yet. Mostly, though, it’s because Lester didn’t get permission from all contributors right away. You are one of the contributors that he never heard from. So, it’s my turn to contact you.  I bet it just got lost in the shuffle!”  [note from me:  it apparently did, which unfortunately sometimes isn’t all that hard with email these days]

She went on to explain that it would be produced under a Creative Commons license and distributed only to the contributors and the backers of the Kickstarter.  Also that it would not be sold commercially, although some individual re-distribution might be permitted under CC rules.  I emailed back that I thought it would be fine and she had my permission to record my poems (there was an option for me to do a recording myself, but I declined — “Caveman of Computing” and all that, you know), so we shall see what the future will bring.

In the meantime, however, should any be interested in reading CTHULHU HAIKU II now in the original print or Kindle edition, more information can be had by pressing here.

Does Cthulhu slither? Whatever it does, CTHULHU HAIKU II AND MORE MYTHOS MADNESS, to give it its full name, officially published by Popcorn Press in January (cf. January 7, October 25) but with various delays bedeviling its actual appearance in the, um, flesh, was seen today in my very own mailbox.  Sitting now on the table, Cthulhu-Haiju-II-coverpreparatory to more dipping into, ultimately to find its home on a shelf of books in the shade of such titles as BIZARRO BIZARRO, UNTIL THE END, WE WALK INVISIBLE, MISERIA’S CHORALE, and DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, is that a faint pulsing one sees in its pages?  An unhealthy sheen to its garish cover?  But never mind — at last it has appeared. And details on how it can be yours too can be discovered by pressing here.

My slime in this sea-spume consists of five poems, titled (in order of their appearance) “Slow-Motion,” “The Vampiress Dreams of an Evening in Innsmouth,” “Bad Vacation,” “With the Economy What It Is, Maybe We’ll Take Any Job We Can Get,” and “It Must Have Been That New Fish Food.”  The first and last of these are reprints, having had the poor taste to originally appear in CTHULHU A LOVE STORY (PROSPECTIVE: A JOURNAL OF SPECULATION, October 2012), while the remaining three are original to CTHULHU HAIKU II.

Life still goes on.   And so a cold Monday late afternoon was brightened by an email from Lester Smith of Popcorn Press that, although delayed by unforeseen circumstances, CTHULHU HAIKU II (cf. October 25) has now been published on Kindle and, in print, via Createspace, with a print edition expected on Amazon as well in the next few days.  I have Cthulhu-Haiju-II-coverfive poems in all in this extravaganza, none of them haiku exactly (but actually short poems of any sort were game, as well as flash fiction):  “Bad Vacation (A Shadorma),” “The Vampiress Dreams of an Evening in Innsmouth,” “With the economy What It Is, Maybe We’ll Take Any Job We Can Get,” “Slow-Motion,” and “It Must Have Been That New Fish Food.”  The latter two are reprints from CTHULHU A LOVE STORY (Prospective:  A Journal of Speculation, Oct. 2012) while the first three are original to CTHULHU HAIKU II.

So these are my first publications for 2014, for those keeping count, with the kindle version available by pressing here, and in print from Createspace by pressing here.

So that’s one more than the games needed to win the World Series, but it was an almost last-minute thing — and this in spite of a guidelines admonition that it would be a good thing to submit early.  But that’s how it goes.  And none of the poems were haiku either (there was one shadorma), but they don’t have to be, the constraint being only that Cthulhu-Haiju-II-coversubmissions be short poems or prose less than 1000 words.  And for more than that, well, check out posts here for the original CTHULHU HAIKU with my story “The Farmer in the Well” (cf. December 4, October 7 2012).

So anyhow Popcorn Press has decided to do it again and, at the last minute (procrastination, procrastination), I got together seven poems and sent them in and, just the day after, Editor/Publisher Lester Smith accepted four — and asked if I might rewrite the last line of a fifth and send it back in!  The fifth was the shadorma, a six-line, syllable-counted form somewhat like a lune smushed into a haiku, titled “Bad Vacation,” and this afternoon (deadline day) it was accepted too.  The other four are all free verse of varying lengths, two of which are reprints from PROSPECTIVE JOURNAL’s CTHULHU A LOVE STORY titled “Slow-Motion” and “It Must Have Been that New Fish Food” (see January 10 2013, September 21 2012), and two new poems, “The Vampiress Dreams of an Evening in Innsmouth” and “With the Economy What It Is, Maybe We’ll Take Any Job We Can Get.”

Popcorn Press is a fun little outfit that’s used work of mine in two other books too, HALLOWEEN HAIKU (see November 22 2011) and THE HUNGRY DEAD (December 30 2010), and I fully expect CTHULHU HAIKU II will be fun as well — regardless of whether the final line in “Bad Vacation (A Shadorma)” works for you or not.  More information will be found here as soon as I get it.

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