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Talk about quick!  We may recall SCARY SNIPPETS:  HALLOWEEN EDITION, the flash fiction book of lots of stories — 100 or more — each of 500 words or fewer (see November 11, October 30, et al.).  Well, they’re at it again, this time for the Winter Holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Year’s, say, and even a few up to 600 words, but we know we mean Christmas), with SCARY SNIPPETS:  CHRISTMAS EDITION.  And, one of my dirty little secrets, I often write Christmas stories myself though they’re hard to sell — strictly seasonal interest plus for some reason people expect them to be jolly.  I don’t do “jolly.”  But, well, anyway I went to the Trunk of Unused Christmas Fiction and extracted one titled “He Knows When You’re Awake” and whisked it right off only two days ago.

And the word just came back, along with a contract:  CONGRATULATIONS!  Your Story — He Knows When You’re Awake — Has been ACCEPTED into the Scary Snippets Winter Holiday (I freaking like that) edition!  Thank you also for thinking ahead and sending your bio; you’re on the ball this holiday season Mr. Dorr!  Thank you!  Here is your contract; sent in either docx or pdf for your convenience, you only need to return one.

So, just for the record, the contract does say “SCARY SNIPPETS:  CHRISTMAS EDITION,” but what’s in a name?  The contract is signed and went back today, with more to come as it becomes known.

The question came up, can SCARY SNIPPETS, the book of short horror for Halloween of stories of no more than 500 words apiece (see October 30, et al), now be obtained in hard copy as well?  Or, to quote Amazon’s blurb:  Trick or treat.  Bloody feet  A hundred souls for ghosts to eat.  Nothing screams Halloween more than horror.  And nothing can be more horrific than scary stories.  Here in this collection, we’ve gathered together over a hundred micro sized pieces of terror.  From all around the world we’ve put together an anthology that will make you hungry for more.

So I gave it a check and the answer is yes, at least according to Amazon’s site, as well as Kindle which we knew before.  My tale in this is one is called “Silent Scream,” of why one must make as little noise as possible RIGHT NOW.  And as a bonus, we now have a picture of the cover as well as, with an extra click at the site, a table of contents and a few sample stories, all of which may be found by pressing here.

The title was SCARY SNIPPETS:  HALLOWEEN EDITION and the contents to be stories — lots of stories — horror of 500 words or less (cf. September 27, 21), to be out for Halloween.  “Ghosts, goblins, any and all horror is accepted.”  So Tuesday night the word came from Editors Kyle Harrison and Natalie Brown, and with it authors’ electronic copies:  Thank you so much for submitting!  We are so honored to have you be a part of this!

So there it is, a very short post for some very short tales, mine titled “Silent Scream” on the golden aura of quietness.  To see, or order for oneself press here.

The story was titled “Silent Scream,” and the anthology SCARY SNIPPETS (cf. September 21).  This was to be a “Micro-Horror” collection, seeking horrific short stories that feature the theme of anything creepy for the Halloween season.  Ghosts, goblins, any and all horror is accepted.  The major constraint, the word count must be 500 words or less.

And so things progress, the contract arriving today from Suicide House Publishing, now signed and sent back.  The story in question was just under 500 words itself and is about silence.  The virtue of silence.  Its desirability.  An absolute need for silence . . . or else.  Hopefully, if all continues on schedule, to be out by or before Halloween.

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