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Once upon a time, a long time ago, I wrote a story called “The Plant-Sitter.”  The sitter in question, hired to take care of an exotic plant while its owner attends a horror convention, in part was a homage to the 1960 Roger Corman film LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, specifically when at the end, the hiree apparently now deceased, the hirer tries to remember her name.  “Audrey something?”  The story was published in the Fall 2004 BOOK OF DARK WISDOM by William Jones, who later founded Elder Signs Press, and who I subsequently worked with on an idea I had for a novel-in-stories about a far-future world of the “Tombs.”  For various reasons that project got delayed, but eventually under new editor/publisher Chuck Zaglanis, thirteen years later, the book was published as TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH.

So these things are connected.  The Corman movie begat a 1960s retro rock musical in 1982, and that in turn was made into a movie four years after, in 1986, which I also have seen.  And now — one of the perks of living in a university town, where slightly off the beaten track films and theatre are nurtured — I had a chance to see the play on stage last night in an Indiana University Summer Theatre production.

For local readers the play can be seen on various dates through July 28.  For those who like horror in urban settings (a flower shop in New York’s “skid row”?) and dark, dark humor, all I can say is that it’s a delight.  It does have, yes, a carnivorous plant as well as, like most musicals, innocent lovers — or those at least who start off with some innocence.  Also it adds a sadistic dentist, and a Greek chorus-like trio of girl pop singers (early 1960s style, remember) who’re not averse to demanding tips to give strangers directions — to get to the flower shop, that is — although greed and materialism infect most of the other players as well.  Or in the plant’s case (named “Audrey II,” after the not quite entirely guileless ingenue) perhaps it’s more properly gluttony.

Anyhow I greatly recommend it.

Then a quick note on yesterday afternoon’s post on “11 Space Movies for Apollo 11,” it turns out that the wily SHORT LIST may have sent that particular feature as, apparently, a special treat for its newsletter subscribers — which means that the link may not have worked for all who tried it.  There doesn’t seem to be much I can do about that, but I can give a list of the movies alone.  Thus, from number one to eleven:  2001:  A SPACE ODYSSEY, APOLLO 13, INTERSTELLAR, FIRST MAN, HIDDEN FIGURES, CAPRICORN ONE, THE RIGHT STUFF, GRAVITY, THE MARTIAN, MOON, SPACE CAMP.

Well, it’s on THE-LINE-UP.COM and it’s actually titled “10 Romantic Horror Movies To Watch on Valentine’s Day,” by MacKenzie Stuart, but I didn’t run across it until today.  And anyway, really, ten movies on one day?  To quote the author:  Does the word rom-com send chills down your spine?  If you’re a true horror flick aficionado, you’re likely to dread md_e4939c90cafa-auditionventuring outside of your comfort zone of zombies and psychopaths.  However, horror and romance don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  You can enjoy the best of both worlds with a romantic horror movie that seamlessly weaves touching love stories into your favorite gory films.

And indeed, what films are being suggested, something for everyone starting with SWEENY TODD:  THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET all the way down to ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE (these two movies, by the way, with a strong musical interest too).  With, in between, WARM BODIES, HELLRAISER, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES . . . and five in addition, all to be checked out by pressing here.  So break out the amaretto along with the popcorn, snuggle up with your significant other (and/or the family cat — yes, Triana, you’re invited too) and enjoy, enjoy!

Not every list on this blog is of movies, and this one is too delicious to pass up.  So the entries are varied, music videos (Michael Jackson with THRILLER, one of the early starts), individual scenes (the line dance in DEAD AND BREAKFAST), shorts and cartoons (LULLABYE, the video at the end of PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES), stage plays (RE-ANIMATOR:  THE MUSICAL), as well as full-length films (ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE, at number 1) — including at number 3 the play EVIL DEAD:  THE MUSICAL (for which see below, December 15).  To see for yourself, check out “Zombie Musicals are the Perfect Genre Mash-up” by Seanan McGuire, on TOR.COM, by pressing here.  Then enjoy, enjoy.

So, yes, I was looking to see if I still had a VHS of MEET THE FEEBLES (on a different shelf, though, from FORBIDDEN ZONE), but while I have the original LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, I may not have the one with the music.  But then I do have REPO:  THE GENETIC OPERA on DVD, underappreciated in my opinion despite the singing of Sarah Brightman in the rolep9673_p_v8_ai of “Blind Mag” (and also starring Paris Hilton as “Amber Sweet”), and a few others noted as well.  So, what’s this about?  An article by Reneysh Vittal on TOR.COM that’s in today’s email, “Where Are the New Cult Musicals?”

Some good, some bad, the piece laments the tameness, of late, of movie musicals, recalling some of the edgier, wackier ones from the past.  There may be reasons, or maybe things just work in cycles where films are concerned — or, as one in the comments section suggested, maybe the problem is we, the audience, have become too jaded.  And perhaps a whisper of hope is expressed at the end, with a list of a few upcoming musical films that may have it in them to become the cult hits of tomorrow.

Or maybe not.  But to judge for yourself, press here.

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