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Today brings some of the ancillary aspects of writing, the major bit being to go over proof sheets from CEMETERY RIOTS for “The Re-Possessed” (cf. May 5, et al.), my tale of the business side of Victorian funerals.  First, to be sure, one must find an honest undertaker — but then the bereaved must be certain that he is Cemetery Riothonest himself as well.  If things stay on schedule the book is expected later this month, so corrections, if any, should go back tonight.

Then, unrelated, an acceptance and contract came today, the latter of which must be read over, signed, and popped into the mail tomorrow.  For what, one may ask?  But here’s the odd part.  That must be a secret, at least for a few days in deference to other writers who may still be awaiting word.  Which is fair enough.  So stay tuned and, in time, all will be revealed.

And then, speaking of timetables, I now have an expected release date for “Bubba Claus Conquers the Martians” and Upper Rubber Boots Books’s THE MUSEUM OF ALL THINGS AWESOME AND THAT GO BOOM (cf. March 17, et al.).  “Bubba Claus,” of course, is a Christmas story — in this case one that also has zombies — and so, for visions of sleighs and snow (or at least a space shuttle) in the height of summer, it’s slated for publication next month on July 26.

The dawning of Saint Patrick’s Day brings news from Publisher Joanne Merriam of Upper Rubber Boot Books.  But let her tell us first via Facebook:

I am the proudest of this book launch website that I’ve ever been about any promotional idea ever.  Go check it out! I’ll be keeping the blog updated with alien art, actual historical artifacts which had to be smuggled off Earth when Timeline B invaded, creative weaponry, and more!

MATAGB (the book) contains work by Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Kristin Bock, Alicia Cole, Jim Comer, James Dorr, Aidan Doyle, Tom Doyle, Estíbaliz Espinosa, Kendra Fortmeyer, Miriam Bird Greenberg, Benjamin Grossberg, Julie Kelsey, Nick Kocz, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Ken Liu, Kelly Luce, Tim Major, Katie Manning, Martha Mccollough, Marc McKee, Sequoia Nagamatsu, Ursula matagb-logo-blackPflug, Erica Satifka, Matthew Sanborn Smith, Christina Sng, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Lucy Sussex, Sonya Taaffe, Mary A. Turzillo, Deborah Walker, Nick Wood, K. Ceres Wright, and Ali Znaidi and the book can be pre-ordered in the gift shop by people in Canada and the USA (and the ebook by people everywhere) — will be adding countries as I can figure out shipping etc.

And so, no, the Irish can’t pre-order their print copies yet, but the ebook will be available to all (and the print, one hopes, soon).  But happy St. Patrick’s Day anyhow!  My corned beef in this cauldron (with cabbage, natch), I might add, is an out-of-place Christmas tale titled “Bubba Claus Conquers the Martians,” reprinted from Yard Dog Press’s 2007 HOUSTON, WE’VE GOT BUBBAS.  With zombies.  But information on all can be found here, of which, to quote just a little bit:

Articles in the MATAGB Collection include artifacts, equipment, weapons, clothing, disguises, letters, taxidermied kills, holodeck simulators based on actual memories in amber, exotic life forms, artwork, vehicles, technologies, listening devices, and memorabilia and insignia designed, manufactured, or used by swashbucklers, pirates, ninjas, adventurers, privateers, spaceship commandos, illuminati, and intelligence organizations now and in the past.

And the table of contents (albeit perhaps not in final order):

    Khadija Anderson, “Observational Couplets upon returning to Los Angeles from Outer Space”
    Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, “Photograph of a Secret”
    Kristin Bock, “I Wish I Could Write a Poem about Pole-Vaulting Robots”
    Alicia Cole, “Asteroid Orphan”
    Jim Comer, “Soldier’s Coat”
    James Dorr, “Bubba Claus Conquers the Martians”
    Aidan Doyle, “Mr. Nine and the Gentleman Ghost”
    Tom Doyle, “Crossing Borders”
    Estíbaliz Espinosa, “Dissidence” (translated by Neil Anderson)
Kendra Fortmeyer, “Squaline”
    Miriam Bird Greenberg, “Brazilian Telephone”
    Benjamin Grossberg, “The Space Traveler and Runaway Stars”
    Julie Bloss Kelsey, two scifaiku
    Nick Kocz, “The Last American Tiger”
    David Kopaska-Merkel, “Captain Marshmallow”
    Ken Liu, “Nova Verba, Mundus Novus”
    Kelly Luce, “Ideal Head of a Woman”
    Tim Major, “Read/Write Head”
    Katie Manning, “Baba Yaga’s Answer”
    Laurent McAllister, “Kapuzine and the Wolf: A Hortatory Tale”
    Martha McCollough, “valley of the talking dolls” and “adventures of cartoon bee”
    Marc McKee, “A Moment in Fill-In-The-Blank City”
    Sequoia Nagamatsu, “Headwater LLC”
    Jerry Oltion, “A Star Is Born”
    Richard King Perkins II, “The Sleeper’s Requiem”
    Ursula Pflug, “Airport Shoes”
    Leonard Richardson, “Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs”
    Erica L. Satifka, “Thirty-Six Questions Propounded by the Human-Powered Plasma Bomb in the Moments Before Her Imminent Detonation”
    G. A. Semones, “Never Forget Some Things”
    Matthew Sanborn Smith, “The Empire State Building Strikes Back!”
    Christina Sng, “Medusa in LA”
    J. J. Steinfeld, “The Loudest Sound Imaginable”
    Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, “The Wanderers”
    Lucy Sussex, “A Sentimental, Sordid Education”
    Sonya Taaffe, “And Black Unfathomable Lakes”
    Mary Turzillo, “Pride”
    Deborah Walker, “Sea Monkey Mermaid”
    Nick Wood, “The Girl Who Called the World”
    K. Ceres Wright, “The Haunting of M117”
    Ali Znaidi, “A Dolphin Scene” and “Australian Horoscope”

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