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The email came five days ago, Monday, from Eerie River Publishing’s Michelle McLachlin:  Hi, I am in the planning stage for author interviews and story snippets for Volume Two authors.  If you are interested in having your profile highlighted please let me know.  If you would like the beginning of your story included in a snippet also let me know.  (You don’t have to say yes to either, no pressure!)  The story and book referred to are the French and Indian War set “The Calm” and IT CALLS FROM THE FOREST, VOLUME 2 respectively (cf. March 26), the story itself originally published in NEW MYTHOS LEGENDS in 1999 by Mariatta Publishing and which also appears in my 2001 collection, STRANGE MISTRESSES, from Dark Regions Press.  And so of this, its latest appearance-to-come, the email continues:  I haven’t set up a pre-order yet, but am planning that for mid June.  Until then, we will be doing some fun author highlights to get people excited.  More information of course to be here, with appropriate links, as it becomes known.

But first things first, I replied immediately:  Yes for both the profile and snippet, just send the details/information, followed with a reminder about the vintage computer I’m working with until COVID 19 required lockdowns loosen and I can get back on 21st century library machines.  No problem with that, though (we’d already worked basics out with the contract in March), and the next day saw the interview questions and other details (bio, picture, social media. . .) as a simple email which I then converted to RTF to move to the off-line computer, filled out, and — to get right to the punch line — all went back this afternoon.

This goes back to Tuesday, March 24, and an email from Michelle McLachlin from Eerie River Publishing:  Thank you so much for your patience.  We really enjoyed the story and I would like to officially notify you that it has been accepted into the anthology IT CALLS FROM THE FOREST:  VOLUME 2. Congratulations!  The story was titled “The Calm,” a reprint originally published in NEW MYTHOS LEGENDS (Marietta Publishing, 1999) and also in my 2001 collection, STRANGE MISTRESSES.  But then, the next sentence:  Attached you will find the contract, please review, complete all the highlighted sections including your name and story title, sign, and return this as soon as possible.  You will be getting a full page after your story for your bio, so please also email me an updated bio with any social media links you would like included.  No problem, of course, to provide a bio, but the label on the attachment said “DOCX.”  The Cave Computer, the “older” machine the coronavirus lockdown makes me use (the local library being closed) does not like DOCX.

This is not the first time the balky laptop has stood between me and a story contract, see, e.g., March 24 below where “Midnight Dark” and SHALLOW WATERS involved PDF translations (after an RTF attempt had resulted in an over bulky, multi-megabyte attachment) and ultimately photographing a printed out version signed extra darkly with a felt tip pen.  So here again a PDF switch allowed the contract to be read — which in turn uncovered two clauses that needed reworking — but was ultimately solved with a dodge as old as the laptop itself:  a TXT file.  Ugly, but workable.  And, happy ending, the printed-in signature added with other fill-the-blank items, the contract went back about mid afternoon, roughly two days after the initial acceptance.

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