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I can probably say now with some assuredness that DIGITAL SCIENCE FICTION ANTHOLOGY (cf . April 2, March 27; July 29 2017) has not yet been published.  However, Managing Editor Michael A. Wills has released a preview of the cover so more should be ready for announcement soon.  Also today’s email adds that there will now be a total of 25 stories by 25 authors, the book will contain about 125,000 words and 400 pages, and be available in e-book, paperback, and “eventually” hardcover formats.

Then one more small item (in more ways than one), today brought the first royalty check for spring quarter.  As is my custom, neither amount nor publisher will be revealed, but I can say that this time the check was greater than the postage that sent it!


Exciting times!  Exactly a month ago, July 20, I submitted a reprint, “The Borrowed Man,” originally published in THE GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD, BOOK 1 (Fox Spirit Books, 2014 — cf. August 8 2014, et al.), to Digital Fiction Publishing for its upcoming DIGITAL HORROR FICTION anthology.  And so the reply received today from Editor/Publisher Michael Wills:  Thank you for sending us “The Borrowed Man”.  We think it is a great fit and would like to publish it.  We will be in touch shortly with a formal contract and details for your review.  And then also today, there came not just one, but two contracts to sign, the second for DIGITAL SCIENCE FICTION to republish “The Needle-Heat Gun,” originally in NIGHT LIGHTS (Geminid Press, 2016 — see July 29 this year, et al.), both of which went back this afternoon.  “The Borrowed Man,” I might also add, is set in the far-future universe which includes TOMBS: A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, although the story is not in the book itself.  But should you read it and like it, and have a yen to explore its world further, you can find more by clicking TOMBS’s picture at the top of the center column.

Then for yet more about TOMBS, THE TEARS OF ISIS, and writing in general, word came today that a new interview of me has been scheduled for Monday, September 4, by British blogger/reviewer Drew Weldon for his THE TATTOOED BOOK GEEK.  That’s the Labor Day holiday here in the States — plenty of time to read and enjoy it.  More on which when the time comes will be here.

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