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Only four days left!  (Say what?)  That’s four days from now, to October 31, for a chance to purchase THE TEARS OF ISIS, my 2013 Stoker(R) nominated collection, at fifteen percent off its regular price.  And that’s for both editions, both print and electronic.  Or, to quote publisher Max Booth III:  Hey!  Speaking of Halloween, starting right now until the end of the month, everything in our webstore is 15% off.  All you gotta do is enter discount code ThisIsHalloween upon checkout.  Go get some spooky lit for your spooky self.

So for celebrating Halloween right, here’s a chance to read THE TEARS OF ISIS if you haven’t but might want to try it.  For information/ ordering, with links to other Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing titles as well, one need but check it out in the PMMP store by pressing here.  Or for more information on TEARS itself, including reviews, just click its picture in the center column — then come on back to the publisher’s store for this special discount.

And remember, if you read it and like it (this goes for any author’s books), please consider writing and posting your own review on Amazon and elsewhere as well.


It’s Halloween, so let’s celebrate by reading some spooky stories available online for free.  You have no excuse not to take a look at every single one of these.  And hey, maybe buy a couple of the books linked below each entry.  You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Thus begins “The 20 Best Horror Stories Available Online for Free” via LITREACTOR.COM (as is also the illustration), by Max Booth III, and note please his mention that every entry also links to a book you can buy.  Max may be better known for Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, his company, and bringer among other things of (*ahem*) my collection THE TEARS OF ISIS.  For the latter, one can click on its picture in the center column, but back to the point, Max has listed a number of stories, some of which I’ve read, some of which not (but am likely to soon for my own Halloween pleasure), and all of which you might find worthwhile as well.

For more, press here.

Came the announcement late Friday evening from Publisher Max Booth III:

Starting now and lasting throughout the weekend, all Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing titles are 20% off.  Purchase now and get them in time for Christmas.

Featuring books by T Fox Dunham, David James Keaton, John Foster, Kurt Risis-ecover-194x300eichenbaugh, Vincenzo Bilof, Jessica McHugh, Craig Wallwork, James Dorr, Sue Lange, Jay Wilburn, Rafael Alvarez, Matthew Dexter, Eli Wilde, and Polly DeVine.

My Rudolph in the reindeer pack is, of course, THE TEARS OF ISIS, 2014 Stoker® Fiction Collection Nominee, starring along with the Egyptian Goddess such luminaries as La Méduse, Maria Sanchez, the vampiress Ms. Celaeno, the Bone-Carver, Cinderella’s Godmom, the Ice Maiden, Waxworms, the Christmas Rat, more. . . .  But see for yourself by clicking its picture in the center column!

Then from there, if one wishes, one can find other books in the PMMP store (look for stories by me as well in SO IT GOES and BLEED!).  But please do consider THE TEARS OF ISIS — “The Christmas Rat” will be forever grateful.

And for all selections, this weekend only, be sure to enter the discount code HOLIDAY20 at check-out.

Speaking of “long delayed” anthologies (as we have just below) let us now take a trip in the wayback machine to the year 2012, in the month of September.  Here we find news of such things as a story, ”Avoid Seeing a Mouse,” to be published in the anthology ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES as edited by one Max Booth III; local group Upstart Poets continues to hold monthly readings; a poem called “California Vamp” has been selected for inclusion in the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s annual DWARF STARS anthology; DAILY SCIENCE FICTION’s first-year print collection has just been received; and then this item from September 4th:

But what about new work?  Well, yesterday’s walkthrough of mounting up email revealed a quick and at first slightly cryptic, more probably from my still starry-eyed condition from Worldcon than any real failing in its wording, message from Chuck Zaglanis . . . the import [of which] is that a hitherto unpublished story, “Raising the Dead,” has been accepted for the upcoming anthology AIRSHIPS & AUTOMATONS.  “We seek steampunk stories featuring strong characters, exciting plotlines, and automatons airships-final-front-cover1-224x300and/or airships.  . . .  Dystopian, humorous, pulp, Lovecraftian, upbeat or dark — all have a place here.  Please don’t feel constrained to write in a Victorian setting.  It’s steampunk, push the boundaries.  We’re looking for that certain flavor of writing that’s hard to explain, but obvious when it’s present.”   

“Raising the Dead” is at heart a love story with curators, ghouls, Necromancers, graves . . . and an airship.  It’s one of my “Tombs” stories set on a far-future dying Earth and, as I noted in my cover letter, “dystopic but with a sort of transcendent hope.”

I went on to say that “[a]s I understand it, the stories in AIRSHIPS & AUTOMATONS will follow a chronological order, beginning with one set in ancient Greece, and progressing to . . . maybe the world of the Tombs?  In other words, as in the guidelines quoted in part above, to take it away from the run of the mill of exclusively Victorian settings and add, I think, an extra level of novelty and excitement.”

And then it disappeared.  As an airship drifting behind a cloud, the anthology . . . was gone!

And so it goes.

Two long years passed, even rumors fading away like wisps of mist before an autumn dawn. . . .

But then — actually on December 30 but due to a hiatus at this end not opened until January 2 — came an email from Editor Zaglanis with a contract attached!  With it was a request to copy, sign, and return two copies “so I can cut you a check.  Feel free to revise your bio if you wish.  Thank you for your patience and the wonderful story.”

So it is back — or at least one hopes.  More will be reported here as it is revealed.  For now at least, the contracts went into the mail this morning; an updated bio was emailed last night (a major addition:  that the collection THE TEARS OF ISIS, then awaiting a hoped for May publication, has since become a 2014 Bram Stoker Award(R) nominee); and, if all goes well, I think AIRSHIPS & AUTOMATONS may become a major addition to the steampunk genre — and one that will have been worth the wait!

This one’s hot off the griddle, from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing’s Max Booth III:

Starting now until Saturday we will be having a Black Friday sale on our web store. So, if you have a book with us or you’re in one of our anthologies, some promo is in order.

20% off all titles, paperback and ebook
Promo code: BLACK14

This means THE TEARS OF ISIS (“named for the goddess, no relation to current Mideastern news events”) will be on sale at a twenty percent off discount for9780988748842_p0_v2_s260x420 the next two days.  Plenty of time for Christmas gifting — or for one’s self if you don’t have it already.  And plenty of time for delivery too!  To take advantage, just click on the book’s picture in the center column, or go directly to the THE TEARS OF ISIS’s page on the PMMP site by pressing here, then add the promotion code, BLACK14, when you check out.

Of course when you’ve done that (are you sure you don’t want a second copy while you’re at it, perhaps for some special relative or friend?) you might want to browse the PMMP store for other titles.  These can be reached from the page for THE TEARS OF ISIS or, to go directly to the general PMMP store page, by pressing here, where you might also check out the Kurt Vonnegut tribute anthology SO IT GOES with my story of modern mores, “Dead Girls, Dying Girls.”

Also just in, one site to watch out for is T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG, which “releases a family-friendly speculative story every Monday, mostly by guest authors.”  Rather like DAILY SCIENCE FICTION it can be subscribed to for free and, offering a flat rate of $50.00 per story, the quality is generally high.  So, literally less than an hour ago as I write this, came the word on a story I’d sent earlier in the month, “Congratulations! I love your story, ‘Flightless Rats’, and want to publish it on my blog and in the annual anthology.”

“Flightless Rats” is a tale of the vampiress Aimée (who we’ve met before in “Casket Girls,” cf. April 17, et al.), a night in 19th century New Orleans, and a bit of Biblical apocrypha.  More will be reported as it becomes known, but in the meantime those who wish to can check out what will become her new home, and maybe sign up to follow it as well, by pressing here.

Its summer hiatus having ended with August, the Bloomington Writers Guild (cf. post just below) is back with its regular schedule, including monthly prose readings every first Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m. at local bookstore Boxcar Books.  This year’s fall season started with a perhaps more science fiction/fantasy/horror bent than most, with three featured readers, Joan Hawkins (author of CUTTING EDGE:  ART HORROR AND THE HORRIFIC AVANT-GARDE plus a number of articles on film and popular culture), Richard Durisen (Professor Emeritus on Astronomy now writing poetry and short fiction, often with fantasy, dark fantasy, or sf components), and Karen A. Wyle (author of four novels “of science fiction and other genres”).  This was followed by an open mike session for which I’m beginning to run low on sufficiently brief short pieces to read, but for which this time, mindful of the coming of fall, I selected a b0c8c403-07a4-4ac0-9a8e-9c4d3810ee14_PMMP_LOGO300-word opus called “School Nights” in which a young girl learns things definitely not in the standard curriculum.

Als0 yesterday came an announcement from Max Booth III of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing that they were changing their official logo.  There had been some discussion about it before, but Saturday was the official unveiling which is now shared here.  “PMMP,” we may recall, is the publisher of THE TEARS OF ISIS as well as, also in 2013, the Kurt Vonnegut tribute anthology SO IT GOES with my story “Dead Girls, Dying Girls” in it (cf. April 9 and 24 2013, et al.).

And here it is, fresh from across the Atlantic, Sonnet O’Dell’s DUSTY PAGES interview of . . . moi (cf. July 22).  So many questions, so many answers.  Am I mostly a clean or a messy person?  That’s in terms of my writing habits, I presume.  Which do I find more embarrassing to write, violence or sex?  What are the most important attributes to staying sane as a writer?  What are books for?

What, indeed?  To find out, press here.  (And don’t forget all those interesting answers concerning THE TEARS OF ISIS; buy it for chills to counter the summer heat right here — and while you’re at it why not review it?  Amazon, B&N, Goodreads await. . . . 😉 )

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