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And talking about a good start to the month, another acceptance came in today, also for a reprint originally published in the Spring 2006 DARK WISDOM.   Thank you for sending “The Wind” to the FORBIDDEN anthology.  As usual, you submitted a well written and captivating story.  I really enjoyed this supernatural take on the theme, and I have kept it under consideration for a long time.  Now, after such waiting, I am pleased to accept it to the collection.  I have attached the publishing agreement which you can send back when you have the chance.

FORBIDDEN, to cite the guidelines, is to be an anthology of repression, restriction, and rebellion.  Quoting Editor Martin T. Ingham, [t]hroughout recorded history, there have been rules and regulations, customs and traditions.  Some have been libertine while others oppressive; the morally strict and the sinfully decadent.  There have always been those who impose the law, and those who reject it.  Wherever there is civilization, there are things that are Forbidden!  In the case of “The Wind,” a once religious man has lost his daughter in a freak accident and, instead of accepting it as he should, he questions not law or society about it, but God.

Long-time readers may note this is not the first mention here of Martinus Publishing/Martinus Press, publishers also of the zombie anthology LIFE OF THE DEAD (with my “Girls Gone Dead”) and ALTERED AMERICA (“Avoid Seeing a Mouse”), and while paying in royalties has — especially with ALTERED AMERICA — done so fairly handsomely (cf. July 31 2016, January 20 2015, et al.).  Publication for FORBIDDEN is tentatively set for spring, most likely in May.


Just a few quick items for the end of July, the first being a royalty payment from Martinus Publishing.  As mammoths go, it’s a bit on the petite size which isn’t exactly world-shattering news, but the thing is part of it’s for the anthology ALTERED AMERICA (see January 20 2015, March 28 2014, et al.) with my Y2K story “Avoid Seeing a Mouse” which, although it’s clearly ending its run, has paid quite handsomely over the past three years, in fact probably nearing professional rates had it been paid for by word count.  And the story is a reprint to boot, originally published in ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES (Dark Moon Books, 2012).

The other anthology in the mix, though, LIFE OF THE DEAD with my “Girls Gone Dead,” has (to pardon the expression) pretty much died.

But speaking of zombies, for those who might be in Indianapolis in August, be sure to check out the Indiana State Fair or, more precisely, the Purdue Extension Agriculture/Horticulture Building.  To quote the news release, one will find therein “a walk-through maze and interactive video game designed to simulate a zombie apocalypse.  The maze ends at an underground shelter stocked with all the supplies necessary for survivalCorpseFlower in an emergency.”  Why?  According to the Extension’s Steve Cain, “the goal is to help visitors learn about disaster preparedness.”

And then, lest local Bloomington folks feel left out, about 9 p.m. Friday the Indiana University biology department’s nine-year old Amorphophallus titanum, or “corpse flower,” bloomed for the first time.  Named Wally after a former department greenhouse administrator, the corpse flower is so called because of the rotting-meat stench it emits to attract insects for pollination and its bloom is short-lived, averaging only 24 to 36 hours.   It is also a native of western Sumatra and one of the world’s largest species of flowers.

I occasionally run across arguments, often by people who’re looking into self publishing, about why that’s a better choice than going through a regular editor/publisher arrangement under an imprint other than your own (or Amazon’s or some for-pay press).  So this seemed worth checking out, a report of an admittedly unscientific poll of some thousands of writers about which they thought was really best based on their own experience.  But let blogger Barbara Rogan explain:

“An interesting study about publishing and writers recently came out, and one thing is clear: writers are not a happy lot.

“The study, called the 2014 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Study, is based on responses from 9,210 aspiring, published and self-published writers to a survey conducted in the fall of 2013. The lead researcher was Dana Beth Weinberg, professor of sociology at Queens College in NYC. You can download the report in full from Digital World for a mere $295; if that seems a bit steep, you can get the gist of the results from Digital Book World’s post and this one by Dr. Weinberger herself.”

Kudos first to The Horror Sociey for publicizing Rogan’s report, to be found on BARBARA ROGAN — IN COLD INK.  And then, to read it for yourself, press here.

Then in other news, Martinus Publishing’s alternate history anthology ALTERED AMERICA (cf. March 19, 14, et al.) has been published, a copy arriving in my mailbox yeaterday afternoon.  My bull in this china shop is called “Avoid Seeing a Mouse,” a tale of Y2K fears, Ancient Egypt, and why some days are decidedly worse than others, originally published in ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES (Dark Moon Books, 2012).

“If I could go back in time, what historical event would I like to change (hint:  don’t pick killing Hitler, everyone wants to do that)?”  I’m not quoting these exactly, but that’s the idea.  “What event would I want not changed?”  And so it goes, a new interview of me with Martin Ingham for ALTERED AMERICA (cf. March 14, et al.) is now available, along with a link for more details on the alternate history anthology itself.  My entry in this, “Avoid Seeing a Mouse,” has ancient Egypt saying hello to the USA at the last millennium’s end and, needless to say, is covered in the interview too.  But to discover what’s wrong with seeing mice, you’ll have to read the story yourself.

Also, of course, there’s a mention of THE TEARS OF ISIS, but commerce is commerce, and maybe there’s a little more about me there as well.  And also comments on music and movies and television and new publications to look forward to — to read the interview for oneself one need only press here.

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