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Or possibly May depending on how one reads the lines, but word has come that PHOBOS MAGAZINE number 4 should be published in print “in the next 1-2 months.  Shortly after, it will be available on Kindle.”  This is the deepblacksea_phobosartissue on the theme of “Deep Black Sea” with, keeping the subject in mind, my Lovecraftian story “The Dark Call of the Sea” (see December 14, October 25).  This is the one about a bad summer holiday spent at Innsmouth, with overtones of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Music of Erich Zann,” and to be available if schedules hold up in time for your and my summer vacations.

Then one more announcement regarding PHOBOS, we have a sneak peek at the cover art, by Abagail Larson.  Gaze and enjoy.


The beat goes on.  Late yesterday evening the contract came for my story “The Dark Call of the Sea” from PHOBOS MAGAZINE (see October 25) to be initialed, the “Author Credit” section double checked, and the bio for publication okayed and/or updated.  “Once we get the contract back then we can send over your payment.  Thank you and talk to you soon!”  And so, today, all ha170px-20000_squid_holding_sailors been sent back with, yes, one small correction to the bio (my novel-in-stories TOMBS, to be published in June 2017 rather than just in “spring-summer”), Paypal information had been sent before, and now one awaits the cash and an author’s copy of the publication.

The writing life as it’s supposed to be lived!

“The Dark Call of the Sea,” incidentally, is more or less what it sounds like:  A Lovecraftian horror story about a summer at Innsmouth gone bad, with a bit of a tip of the hat in addition to that author’s “The Music of Erich Zann.”  The issue itself is to be PHOBOS’s fourth, on the theme “Deep Black Sea,” so you landlubbers realize it won’t be alone — and you have been warned (details to come as they become known)!

The beat goes on, or, you get acceptances, then comes the scut work.  The little tasks that must be done to get a story into actual print.  Thus it was this weekend, when PDFs came for not one, but two stories from different publishers — and both of these also second-round proof copies, ones where preliminary proofreading had been done before.

But it’s one more step closer to seeing a book in print.  Or two, in this case.  Saturday brought line edited copy from Upper Rubber Boot Books for “Bubba Claus Conquers the Martians” (cf. December 1 2015, et al.), a tale of Christmas and sorta-like zombies and a trip to Mars for THE MUSEUM OF ALL THINGS AWESOME AND THAT GO BOOM, with corrections on the corrections at this end returned Sunday evening at just about the time the Arizona-Carolina NFC championship football game ended.  So in about two weeks the Superbowl comes, yes?  Then a few hours before, on Sunday afternoon, the other had come, a “cleaned up” galley from Bards and Sages Publishing for “The Candle Room” (see January 7 this year, et al.), a less comedic, more Lovecraftian excursion to Saturn — but an other-dimensional version of sorts — for THE GREAT TOME OF FORGOTTEN RELICS AND ARTIFACTS.

That one, however, will wait till tomorrow.

Life still goes on.   And so a cold Monday late afternoon was brightened by an email from Lester Smith of Popcorn Press that, although delayed by unforeseen circumstances, CTHULHU HAIKU II (cf. October 25) has now been published on Kindle and, in print, via Createspace, with a print edition expected on Amazon as well in the next few days.  I have Cthulhu-Haiju-II-coverfive poems in all in this extravaganza, none of them haiku exactly (but actually short poems of any sort were game, as well as flash fiction):  “Bad Vacation (A Shadorma),” “The Vampiress Dreams of an Evening in Innsmouth,” “With the economy What It Is, Maybe We’ll Take Any Job We Can Get,” “Slow-Motion,” and “It Must Have Been That New Fish Food.”  The latter two are reprints from CTHULHU A LOVE STORY (Prospective:  A Journal of Speculation, Oct. 2012) while the first three are original to CTHULHU HAIKU II.

So these are my first publications for 2014, for those keeping count, with the kindle version available by pressing here, and in print from Createspace by pressing here.

A long time ago Mike Arnzen started publishing “Instigations,” horrific variants on the prompts writers sometimes come across to spark story ideas.  I for one, a man of little imagination paired with a recalcitrant muse, have used these often and now,  coincident with the publication of a whole book of them, INSTIGATION:  CREATIVE PROMPTS ON THE DARK SIDE, Mike has added me onto his “Instigation Showcase,” a list of those who’ve used (and admitted to it) them in the past and have had the resulting stories published.  In my case, I can’t even remember which, and how many, except for one favorite, “Girls Gone Dead” which was published in Post Mortem Press’s NEW DAWN FADES (cf. November 8 and 23, September 8 2011), an anthology of zombie stories with . . . a difference.  More on NEW DAWN FADES can be found by pressing here, while to see the Instigation Showcase for yourself press here (then scroll down a bit, my name/link is at the bottom of the list, at least for now) and while you’re at it, if you’re like me and can use any idea-generating help you can find, you can click on the “Instigation:  Creative Prompts on the Dark Side” title in the paragraph at the top for info on the book itself.

Then, speaking of Post Mortem Press in a perhaps more Lovecraftian vein, today’s email included an announcement from Editor Paul Anderson that TORN REALITIES (see September 8, July 19 2012, et al.), this one with my story “The Calm” in the lineup, is again being offered at a 15 percent discount on Amazon.  Other bargains might be found there too — to check for yourself press here.

It took its time, ostensibly having been published as the “third volume” of  PROSPECTIVE: A JOURNAL OF SPECULATION last October, but one thing or another prevented the print issuImagee of CTHULHU A LOVE STORY (see September 21) from actually being received until now.  And quite the volume it is, however, handsomely put together by Editor Lauren Stone and filled with interesting and offbeat flash prose and poetry.  Copies should be available in the “usual places,” CreateSpace, Amazon, et al., while for more information on this volume and others, one can check here.

To quote from the back cover, CTHULHU A LOVE STORY “is focused on science fiction, romance, and Lovecraftian odes” and “hopes to provide an eclectic and more humorous insight into the nature of love and horror.”  My contributions to this are two poems, “Slow-Motion” (would you believe Killer Snails?) and “It Must Have Been that New Fish Food” (on the horrors of goldfish husbandry).  Also, interestingly, given its technical October publication, it fits on my bookshelf just after the Popcorn Press anthology CTHULHU HAIKU (cf. December 4, et al.).

A horrible reading?  Well, I do have a Writers Guild fiction reading scheduled in about a month, but this is different.  This is a story called “The Reading” about a reading by a horror poet.  Oh, and Cthulhu’s there too.  And, for better or worse, “The Reading” has just been accepted by Third Flatiron Publishing, publishers also of the war story anthology A HIGH SHRILL THUMP last summer with my story “Refugees” (see August 27, et al.).

The anthology with “The Reading” is on an “Uncaring or Hostile Universe” theme as announced in the guidelines.  “This can be Cthulhu mythos, cosmic irony, Nature abhors intelligence, etc. You tell us.”  As already noted, my story covers the first of these bases (well, sort of), but may encroach upon the other two as well — or at least so I think.

The title of the anthology will be UNIVERSE HORRIBILIS according to the acceptance email and it should be out in e-form on March 1.

‘Tis the season.  Today brings the announcement of another year-end sale, of a number of titles by Post Mortem Press, with some books priced as low as $5.00.  Those with my work in them don’t come down quite that inexpensively, but even they offer a 25 percent discount.  Moreover, shipping is a flat rate of $3.50 for domestic (US) orders, regardless of how many books you order.  

And, yes, I do have two dogs in this fight, “Girls Gone Dead” in NEW DAWN FADES (cf. November 8, September 18 2011, et al.) and “The Calm” in TORN REALITIES (January 21 2012), the latter also featuring a reprint of Clive Barker’s novella “Rawhead Rex,” with sale prices of $12.00 and $13.50 respectively.  Orders before December 10 are suggested for worry-free delivery before Christmas.  

Those interested in ordering — or simply curious to see what’s offered — need only press here.  

It was a contrast in slowness and speed.  I’d first sent a 300-word story “The Farmer in the Well” to a projected anthology from Popcorn Press, publishers of THE HUNGRY DEAD and HALLOWEEN HAIKU with work of mine in the past (see December 30 2010 and November 22 2011), on December 1 last year.  But things get delayed sometimes and, this September, Popcorn Press put out the call again for the new anthology CTHULHU HAIKU AND OTHER MYTHOS MADNESS, “an anthology of Lovecraftian poetry and flash fiction.”  So, things sometimes getting lost as well (and, truth to be told, I’d almost forgotten the earlier submission), I resent “The Farmer” along with some other things just in case on September 27.

Today the answer came from Editor Lester Smith, “The Farmer in the Well” has been accepted.  But the really quick part is this:  CTHULHU HAIKU will still be open for last-minute submissions until this Saturday, October 13.  For poetry they’re “open to anything related to H.P. Lovecraft‘s mythos.  Haiku and related forms like senryu, tanka, lunes, and Korean sijo are especially welcome.  Sonnet variations and other formal poems are also encouraged.  Vers libre will also be considered.  We further encourage 100-word prose poems and one- or two-stanza alphabetic morph rhyme.”  And, re. my sale, for fiction “[a]nything 1,000 words or less is solicited.  Stories can feature plot, mood, or both.”

Not only that, but CTHULHU HAIKU AND OTHER MYTHOS MADNESS is already open for preorder with plans for it to be out before Halloween.  For special deals that are also available for early orderers, just click on your choice of Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Then, for writers, guidelines can be found by pressing here.  But that October 13 deadline is firm, with final selections being decided on October 14, the book’s interior layout to be finished October 15 with its ebook release to be the same day, and the printed version to have an estimated shipping date two days after that for an estimated delivery date for early orderers of October 27-31.

Which brings us back to “The Farmer in the Well,” a tale of Cthulhu and life in the country entirely in dialogue, described by the editor himself as a “delightful story.”  With that kind of endorsement would you want to miss it?

Still sifting through things not quite done while I was away, of which two items (well, actually three):  Mark Crittenden, editor of TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU (see August 20, March 3), has put out a call for artists for interior illustrations.  To quote from the horse’s mouth, “Hello artists of the world. I am looking for black and white illustration images that you think would be suitable for TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU.  We are looking for haunting images representational of a dark future where technology looms as a threatening power.  Traditional Lovecraft-inspired images are fine as well, but something with a hint of futuristic horror stands a better chance.  There is no payment, but we offer exposure of your art in an attractive horror volume that will appear on Amazon and Amazon UK.  We ask for first print rights, all rights thereafter revert to the artist.  Please get your images to me by December 1st, 2012. Submit images in jpg. format in 300 dpi resolution to  Thank you!“

Judging from the editor’s previous DREAMS OF DUALITY (April 10, et al.), I think this will be a memorable volume.  General information on TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU, which will include my own offering “Ghost Ship,” is on the publisher’s website, for which press here.   Mark also notes that there is one update to the contents list, a change of title for his own story to “False Awakenings,” as well as that he’s currently aiming for a mid-December release date.

Then I received a note from Editor Paul Anderson to the effect that the anthology TORN REALITIES (cf. July 19, et al.) is now available at a 15-percent discounted price from Amazon.  Ordering/more information is available here.  My story in this one is “The Calm,” the tale of a lost village in the Taconic Mountains and why the wind is sometimes one’s friend.

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