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No need for a picture here on the posting, plenty are waiting for those who click the link.  And so for Saturday, three-days to go before Halloween, we have “Inside Germany’s Creepy American-Inspired Halloween Parks” by Nick Kirkpartick with photographs by Tomasz Lazar, on WASHINGTONPOST.COM.  And if that weren’t enough, watch for the links within to other Halloween-themed features.  For more, for the brave, your journey starts here.

Then also a quick reminder:  For those who receive THE HORROR TREE’s “Weekly Posts From the Horror Tree” roundup, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of today’s edition where their interviewee this time is . . . me.  Or scroll down here to October 22 where you’ll find the link when it first came out.


Yes, I am of course one of them, but one must scroll down and down past the other five, to just before the ending blurb for the ZIPPERED FLESH series plus PLAGUE OF SHADOWS.  Not surprisingly, the books featured for all six of us writers include ones by Smart Rhino Publications, including the upcoming ZIPPERED FLESH 3 (cf. June 19, et al.), in my case also covering the two “assassins” anthologies, UNCOMMON ASSASSINS and INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS.  But there are others too.  Also for all six of us there are interviews featured on Editor/Publisher Weldon Burge’s blog, BULLETS AND BUTTERFLIES (see, for me, also January 18).

All told, these are storytellers worth looking into, I think, with information on all of them — including . . . moiavailable here.

Yes, we said “Friday night” (see post just below), but the Gehenna & Hinnom Books interview of me on TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH is live now!  Kudos go to Editor/Interviewer C.P. Dunphey for excellent quickness, as well as great questions on origins, ghouls, use of languages, social cultures, and more.  Discover the parts played by whimsy — and guilty pleasures, the influence of Voodoo, and Charlie Chaplin’s “The Little Tramp.”  Pre-TOMBS “history.”  The long, long path to publication by Elder Signs Press and the inspiration of other authors and books going back to 1485 (and worldviews going back far, far, farther than that).  Of keeping one’s place and fun with details. . . .

And so, like a good zombie that just can’t be kept down — not to mention the biggest picture of the book’s cover I’ve seen thus far! — for the “dirt” on TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH be invited to press here.

Secrets, secrets.  What was my “first ever” book, and why?  (Hint, long out of print, you usually won’t see it in my current bio-notes.)  Do I claim a specific writing style?  Does my novel TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH have an ultimate message for readers (and what is the relation of TOMBS to what dramatists call “the five act structure”)?  In the process of coming up with a title, how did TOMBS differ from THE TEARS OF ISIS?  And now the answers, to questions I wouldn’t have dreamed up myself and many, many more have been revealed, courtesy of blogger extraordinaire Fiona Mcvie on AUTHORSINTERVIEWS.

And maybe a little more will be there on ISIS as well, or how Peter Lorre might have made a good “Ghoul-Poet.”  If curious, press here.  (And if interest is piqued by what you find, links are provided at the bottom for pre-ordering TOMBS as well as ordering THE TEARS OF ISIS — or if in a hurry, just click on their pictures on this page in the center column.)

Speaking of fast work, Tuesday, while skipping some of the slow, slow reports of election results, I was finishing up questions for a new interview by Carrie Ann Golden.  No ducks walking into bars or early crushes in this one (cf. October 24), but good writerly questions still, seven in all, including a few on my upcoming novel-in-stories, TOMBS:  A 13921093_549470955240395_4107293061612582985_nCHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH.  And even a comment on THE TEARS OF ISIS.  But here’s the thing:  We were looking toward a publication date prior to Thanksgiving, just a couple of weeks down the pike, but when I sent my copy in Wednesday early afternoon, Carrie was back to me by that evening.  “These [the answers] are wonderful . . . am planning to post your interview on Monday, November 14.”

But wait.  That’s this Monday, the one coming up.  Four days from today, today being Thursday.  Talk about quick work!  So anyway, just around the (as it were) calendar corner, I’ll be there on Carrie Golden’s A WRITER & HER ADOLESCENT MUSE blog, more on which, with link, we will see here on the 14th.

And so today I completed Sonnet O’Dell’s DUSTY PAGES author interview (see below, June 28), answering twelve of a whopping fifty-question lineup.  No, no, those were enough, in fact we were asked not to do more than fifteen, but that’s part of the fun of Sonnet’s questionnaires, that most questions are serious, but some are plain wacky.  “A duck walks into a bar, what does he order?”  Yes, that’s one I chose, cabinbut as for my answer to it . . . well, we’ll find out here eventually, won’t we?  But first we must find out from Sonnet if/when the interview’s scheduled for publication.

Meantime email perusal continues with today’s bringing another item worth passing on.  I’ve been on convention panels related to this one, the nuts and bolts of how many (maybe all?) popular horror films work.  So herewith from CRACKED.COM, “The Secret Thing All Horror Movies Are Really About” by Robert Brockman, courtesy of Peter Saloman via HORROR WRITERS ASSOCIATION on Facebook, and for which press here.  (And then, of course, the fun for this one is to look for exceptions.  Any suggestions?)

Three items today, all of them good (although two are really from yesterday):

First, THE TEARS OF ISIS has reached another milestone with the receipt yesterday afternoon of the proof copy from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.  And the cave computer had no trouble opening the .pdf file (it’s sometimes temperamental that way)!  So all is on schedule for its publication date set for May 15 (see below, March 21, et al.).

Then Upstart Poets (cf. October 31, 26, September 27 2012, et al.) is back with us again!  It had been on a hiatus the last few months and, as has been known, the facilitator will be leaving the area sometime this fall, but we have it back now at least for (hopefully) summer.  Next meeting is next week, on Thursday evening, with an all “open mike” format this time out for everyone to get reacquainted.  Shall I plan to read my latest epic, “Godzilla vs. King Kong” (well actually a rather short epic at 26 lines, but one has to admit it’s a big subject)?

And finally, of which see just below, Sonnet O’Dell of DUSTY PAGES has confirmed July 29 at the date for my interview with her. More information on this and my earlier (hopefully May) interview, also noted below, will be forthcoming.

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