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Let’s let this one speak for itself:
Tim Peake is the UK’s very own space hero:  only the seventh UK-born person to venture into the great beyond and a member of the International Space Station for six months between December 2015 and June 2016.
A machine of a man, he ran the London Marathon while aboard the ISS, participated in the first spacewalk outside the ISS by a British astronaut and, while aboard completed approximately 3000 orbits of the Earth and had covered a distance of 125 million kilometres.
This is a man who has ventured beyond.  He’s been out there.  He knows things.  So we wanted to ask the tough questions, the ones you always wanted to know the answers to.  The biggies.
Do aliens exist?  And how exactly do you go to the toilet in space?
This is what he told us.
The article is “We Spoke to Tim Peake to Find Out Everything You Wanted to Know About Space but Were Afraid to Ask,” by Dave Fawbert on SHORTLIST.COM, and for more press here.

Yes, what about the bedroom?  So this is another example of serendipity via the web, a click on an email on a different subject, an article about prolonged time in space, then another click and . . . well, I hadn’t even thought to ask.  But here it was:  “Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Having Sex In Space,” by Sam Diss (warning:  may contain frank language) on SHORTLIST.COM.  And, taking the previous post to its next level, it is an important aspect of life if to be spent in space for any length of time.

So be you warned, and — for scientific interest only, mind you — press here.

Suppose you were the new civilian owner of the International Space Station?  Do you just move in or, as one might suspect, could it possibly be a little more complicated than just that?  In fact, Joe Pappalardo explains how much so in “The Owners Guide To Your New Space Station” on today’s installment of POPULARMECHANICS.COM.  Or to quote from the subhead:  Congratulations!  You now own an outpost in orbit.  Here’s how to dock with other spacecraft without breaking everything — and what to do about all that pee.  And be admonished a few paragraphs later that [h]umanity’s big, dramatic future in space will depend on getting the small, everyday details right.  Here are just a handful of the considerations of the future handyman-astronaut. 

Interested?  Thinking to buy?  To see the full article, plus a few extra links, press here.

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