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A funny story:  On July 22 last year I sent a tale of loss of faith titled “The Wind” to Martinus Publishing, a reprint submission to an upcoming anthology, FORBIDDEN!  TALES OF REPRESSION, RESTRICTION, AND REBELLION.  Sounds intriguing, yes?  So much so, in fact, that exactly five months later, on December 22, having quite forgotten the first — and with a December 31 deadline fast coming — I sent another, originally published in Spring 1990 in PANDORA (and also reprinted two years later in MinRef Press’s ABORTION STORIES:  FICTION ON FIRE), “Fetuscam.”  And then about three weeks after that, an acceptance came for the original submission (“The Wind,” remember?  cf. January 13).  Oops!

Well, not to worry, the guidelines in fact allowed multiple submissions as long as sent separately.  And so it goes.  But then, today, from Editor/Publisher Martin T. Ingham:  Thank you for sending Fetuscam to the FORBIDDEN anthology.  It is a good story, and I thank you for offering it as a reprint in this collection.  I believe it will be a good fit.  I’ve attached the publishing agreement that you can send back when you have the chance.

Some may recall I am not a stranger to Martinus Publishing, having appeared in prior anthologies LIFE OF THE DEAD and ALTERED AMERICA, with stories titled “Girls Gone Dead” and “Avoid Seeing a Mouse,” respectively (see July 31 2016, January 20 2015, et al.), all reprints too.  Martinus is a nice outfit to work with — and not only that but ALTERED AMERICA is still earning royalties (tiny by now, but the first, especially, was quite handsome for an anthology with other authors to divide the goods among).  So now it looks like, with their latest, I’ll have not one but two dips into the pot if sales go well, even if somewhat by mistake.

But, harkening to the guidelines again, it isn’t forbidden.


So what’s Nokbok (pronounced Knock-Bock)?  Let Untreed Reads Publishing Editor-in-Chief Jay Hartman esplain:

“Nokbok is a new player in the all-you-can-read market that already has a few other significant players such as Scribd (who we’ve been with for years) and Oyster (who we are working with right now to get establish a contract).  The idea is that for $4.95 a month, a customer can read as many books Pedsas they’d like.  The author gets paid depending on how much of their book was read.  For people who opt for the free account, they will NOT have access to anything other than public domain works.”  He goes on to point out that, like with a lending library, readers don’t own the books they read — they can’t download or print them, for instance — and that all titles in Untreed Reads’s current catalog will be added, with Nokbok scheduled to launch by the end of the first quarter of this year.

Relevant to me, these will include my near-future “if this goes on” novelette PEDS, Christmas-time horror short story I’M DREAMING OF A. . . ., steampunk-mystery story VANITAS, and the lead story, “Appointment in Time,” in Untreed Reads’s 2012 anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR.  For more on Untreed Reads and my titles with them press here, followed by pressing the title of interest, while for those who just wish to borrow, not buy, more information on how Nokbok works can be found by pressing here.

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