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Quoting the blurb:  Third Flatiron’s new speculative fiction anthology, MONSTROSITIES, contains 20 short stories about things that are disturbingly large or outrageous.  A flash humor section, “Grins and Gurgles,” is also featured.

An international group of new and established contributors to “Monstrosites” makes this an original and varied collection that is sure to please fans of science fiction/fantasy, humor, and horror.  Writers include Keyan Bowes, Larry Hodges, Carl R. Jennings, Mark Pantoja, Ray Daley, Brian Trent, James Dorr, Liam Hogan, Salinda Tyson, Jennifer R. Povey, Ville Merilainen, Sita C. Romero, Martin M. Clark, Sharon Diane King, Julia August, Robert Bagnall, Barry Charman, Russell Hemmell, and Joseph Sidari.  With a special reprint from Edward Bryant.  Edited by Juliana Rew.

Yes, MONSTROSITIES is out on schedule including my story, “Got Them Wash Day Blues” (cf. February 24; December 28 2017), in Kindle format.  A print edition should follow as well in about a week, but for now for stories of things more enormous than they ought to be — including my own of laundry gone wild — one may check what Amazon has to offer by pressing here.


Horror is always game for a life; no bone is left unturned, no body ignored in the haunt for a good joke.  In the pages that follow, punishments are meted out in inventive fashion, a his-and-hearse mix of stories utterly in tomb with each other.  Language, it seems, is truly the Devil’s plaything, and why should he have all the good jokes?  After all, are we not all entitled to carrion laughing?  In the end, dying is awfully good at raising the spirits and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Thus another book from the UK and this one a long, long time in coming, but late Monday the word came from Editor PUNbookOFhorrorTheresa Derwin that TERROR TREE PUN BOOK OF HORROR (cf. January 27 2015, March 8 2014, et probably al.) has been published in print, with an ebook version to go live, hopefully, by the end of July.  Other changes are also afoot, with Teresa stepping back somewhat from publishing, though not entirely, including Steve Shaw taking over the ownership of Knight Watch Press.

But getting back to the book at hand, my tale is one of zombies and the running of the bulls at Pamplona, Spain,* titled “Olé Bubba and the Forty Steves” and originally published in 2005 in Yard Dog Press’s INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BUBBAS.  For more, check out its entry on Amazon (including the opening quote, above) by clicking here.

*In one of those kinds of coincidences that couldn’t possibly be planned, Monday was also the opening of this year’s Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, with this morning marking the beginning of the eight days of “Running of the Bulls” ending July 14.  For those good with Spanish, to get more from the (as it were) horse’s mouth, check here.

Two quick items for today, the first being that THE 2015 RHYSLING ANTHOLOGY has arrived.  This is the book of nominees for the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s annual Rhysling Aw2015Rhyslingard for short (50 lines or less) and long poetry, in which I have one entry in the short category, “Beware of the Dog” (see March 16, et al.), a tale of werewolves and working-class values originally published in GRIEVOUS ANGEL in September 2014.

Then, in the electronic mailbox, the contract came for “Bubba Claus Conquers the Martians,” a jolly Christmas tale (with zombies) to be published in Upper Rubber Boot Books’s upcoming “anthology of fiction and poetry,” THE MUSEUM OF ALL THINGS AWESOME AND THAT GO BOOM (see February 16).  “Bubba Claus Conquers the Martians” originally appeared in Yard Dog Press’s HOUSTON, WE’VE GOT BUBBAS in 2007.

Credit goes to Jay Hartman of Untreed Reads Publishing for announcing this one, with my novelette PEDS one of the books on sale.  But let’s let DriveThruFiction say it in their own words:  “To celebrate Science Fiction Month, this title has been marked down by 15% through all of May!”   And that’s not all, Nomadic Delirium Press’s anthology A ROBOT, A CYBORG, AND A MARTIAN WALK INTO A SPACE BAR with my tale of a lovelorn toaster, “Toast,” as one of its offerings is also part of the DriveThruFiction May sale.  To check them out, for PEDS click here, or A ROBOT, et al. here.  And then, to be sure, you can explore around for other science fiction bargains as well.

One may recall A ROBOT, A CYBORG, AND A MARTIAN WALK INTO A SPACE BAR (cf. December 1, October 22 2014, et al.), the long-anticipated anthology of science fiction humor from Nomadic Delirium Press, as having suffered several delays (cf., especially, September 26, but then there was one this January too involving spoiled copies from the printer. . . .).  Hard luck, one might say.  But then — guess what — today, Friday the 13th of February, comes this news:  “Print copies of A Robot, a Cyborg, and a Martian Walk into a Space Bar have shipped.  All of the contributors have been sent their copies, and everyone who ordered copies have also had theirs shipped as well.  Most of the contributors to the Kickstarter will have their books in the next week.  . . .  We hope you all enjoy the book, and we ask that if you do enjoy it, please post reviews wherever you can.  Thanks!”

Go figure, huh?  But be that as it may, I’ll be looking forward to my contributor’s copy!

It’s been a long time a-coming, but UK publisher Terror Tree’s PUN BOOK OF HORROR STORIES (cf March 8 2014) is entering into the home stretch, according to Editor Theresa Derwin.  In fact, today’s email included a copy of the ToC, with my pup in the punhouse listed as second from the bottom.  Thus, please to peruse:


Contents —

DIYiary of the Dead                           James Brogden

Trees Behind You                                Lisamarie Lamb

Logan’s Runs                                          Nick Walters

Blood on Santa’s Claw                        Richard Freeman

Road Rage                                               David Croser

The Thin Dead Line                              Oliver Humphreys

Dead Punny                                             Ross Baxter

The Woman in Slacks                           Stephanie Ellis

Tie Bride                                                  T. M. McLean

The Round of the Baskervilles              Jon Charles

Rosemary’s Baby Shower                     Ken MacGregor

Twitard                                                 Scott Harper

Cycle Killer                                                Nick Walters

Poo the Winged Serpent                       Richard Freeman

A Stitch in Nine Saves Frankenstein         Stewart Hotston

Spyder, Spyder                                         David Croser

Olé Bubba and the Forty Steves               James Dorr

The Dreams that Stuff is Made Of             William Meikle


“Olé Bubba” was originally published by Yard Dog Press in the 2005 INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BUBBAS, volume three in their BUBBAS OF THE APOCALYPSE series, and concerns the running of the bulls at Pamplona Spain . . . with “yumbies” — yuppified zombies — added.

The pre-sale for A ROBOT, A CYBORG, AND A MARTIAN WALK INTO A SPACE BAR (cf. December 1, September 26, et al.) has begun, according to Editor J. Alan Erwine.  The print book will list at $10, with an e-book version for $3.99.  To quote the announcement further, the anthology “includes stories from Francis W. Alexander, Lou J. Berger, Wayne Carey, James Dorr, Laura Givens, Alan Ira Gordon, John Grey, Carlos Hernandez, Gilda A. Herrera, Ahmed A. Khan, Sheryl Normandeau, Robert Lowell Russell, John Skylar, Glen R. Stripling, and Scott Virtes.

“You’ll be taken to alien bars, alien planets, and any funny place these authors could come up with. You’ll meet meddling appliances, aliens with strange habits, and aliens trying to live on or visit Earth. There are even time flies and a cloned genius. This collection has everything you need to tickle your funny bone.”

My entry in this comes into the meddling appliance milieu, titled “Toast” and having to do with a robotic toaster with its own ideas.  For more, though, you’ll just have to read the story, orderable from a choice of vendors by pressing here.

(Also, for those interested, there are still a few days left to join publisher Nomadic Delirium’s kickstarter, for which press here.)

Talk about fast work! Yesterday I received the acceptance for “The Needle-Heat Gun” for Geminid Press’s not-yet-titled Space Opera anthology, as related just below; today the contract arrived from Editor Phillip Garver.  So part of this afternoon’s activity has been reading through it and, a few hours ago, sending it back with electronic signature affixed.  Also just a few days before I received and sent back the final proof sheets for my story, “The Labyrinth,” to be published in the Smart Rhino Publications anthology INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS (for details on which see September 9).  Such is the writer’s life, in part.  “The Labyrinth,” a fantasy/mystery set in modern Crete but with intimations of ancient Greek myth, is hoped to be out in early 2015; “The Needle-Heat Gun” in the mid-to-latter part of next year.

Two short items for last night, the first being that the contract for the science fiction humor anthology A ROBOT, A CYBORG, AND A MARTIAN WALK INTO A SPACE BAR (see September 26, et al.) has been received and has gone back into the email early this  morning.  In time for breakfast, as it were, my part of it being a story concerning the loves of a robotic toaster, often with not so fortunate results, and titled “Toast.”  The anthology itself, however, has been running late and is hoped to be out in late December or, more likely, early next year.

Then in a spate of interesting articles seeming to come out as Halloween nears, here’s a link to one by Lauren Davis, courtesy of Terry West via the Horror Writers Association page on Facebook, “No, Bram Stoker Did Not Model Dracula on Vlad the Impaler,” giving the lowdown on how the notion it might have happened came about, and how even its greatest proponents ultimately were led by the evidence to disbelieve their own theory.  But also within the article itself are other links to interesting sidebars, such as what happens when a police portrait artist tries to recreate the old Count from the description in DRACULA when Jonathan Harker first meets him (look for the twentieth century haircut — these portraits are apparently assembled from standard templates 🙂 ).

For more, press here.

Another short trip in the wayback machine:  how many recall A ROBOT, A CYBORG, AND A MARTIAN WALK INTO A SPACE BAR. . . . (cf. May 28, 26)?  To quote from Publisher Nomadic Delirium Press, “[a]s you might be able to guess, or at least we hope you can guess, this is an anthology of comedic science fiction.  So, if you think you can tickle our funny bone with your SF story, we want to see it. . .  We will also consider fantasy humor, but we would prefer SF.”  Originally the book was scheduled to come into being just after Halloween, on November 1.  Well, you know how these things go, try to get even three Earthlings together for an appointment at a given time.

So in this case another book ahead of it on the publisher’s schedule suffered an unexpected delay and, again from the horse’s mouth, “we thought we’d post an update here.  . . .  We’re hoping to release this collection in December, but the reality is that it will probably be January.  Everything is still on course, and we still want to use all the stories that we’ve already accepted.

“For authors who have stories appearing in the collection, you can expect contracts in late November or early December.”

Such is the life of the publisher, the writer, and also sometimes the reader.  My story in this one is titled “Toast” and, perhaps ironically, is about breakfast (well, possibly one or two other things too).  So maybe in  time for a post-New Year’s brunch. . . ?

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