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Stephanie Buosi, of Erebus Press, has announced a release date for HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL (see September 9, August 8, et al.) in just three weeks, October 16.  She also points out that this will be the publisher’s debut anthology, with more projects to come.  My tale in this one is of carney life (and possible death) titled “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan.”  As for more on the book as a whole, to quote the back cover:

The devil lures with sweet words and promises, do you fall for his trap or trick him instead?  Can you really have it all?

HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL tells stories of trickery and deception; of monsters lurking in unexpected places; of the lengths we might go to get what we want.  Much more than your average deal-with-the-devil tale, the talented authors in this corpus2collection explore the motivations behind the choices we make, be it out of fear, greed, or desperation.

The trickster works in confidence, never expecting the twists that just might tear their plans apart.  Evil is not always rewarded, but the hero does not always win.  

Then in other news, I’ve just received a cover image for CORPUS DELUXE: UNDEAD TALES OF TERROR , for which one need only look up to the right.  My offering in CORPUS DELUXE is a “Tombs” series story called “River Red,” of which see yesterday’s post directly below.

The holiday weekend over, it’s time to get back to work on a dim, rainy day that may spell the end of summer too.  This time it’s nothing spectacular, nothing hard, just the routine of life, in this case another proof copy, received 170px-Devils-from-Rila-monasteryyesterday from Stephanie Buosi of Erebus Press, which, corrections checked over and okayed, a few more added, a little clarification of dashes and hyphens discussed, went back in the email about two hours ago.  The anthology is HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL (cf. September 2, August 16 and 8) with my story in it “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan,” a lesson in what not to do when trick-or-treating on Halloween.  As of last notice, HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL was scheduled for release by the end of this month and, so far, it looks like it should be on schedule.

Two short updates for “the writing life” — the little things that are done between selling the story and seeing it published.  Yesterday, with admirable speed, the contract and payment (on acceptance, also admirable!) arrived from T.C. Bennett of Awol From Elysium Press for CEMETERY RIOTS (c.f. August 27), the latter of which went to the bank today while the former, signed, went into the mail.  Then also today Stephanie Buosi of Erebus Press sent this concerning HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL (see August 16, 8):  “In the next upcoming days I will be sending you back your edited short stories.  If you could take a look at them and get back to me with your approval as soon as you can, I would greatly appreciate it.  I will be sending them as a .docx file, please let me know if you would prefer to receive it as .doc instead.  Also, I am still waiting for author bios from a few of you.  If you have not already done so, please send me your brief bio, 200 word maximum, sometime by next week.”

The stories in question are “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan,” a contemporary tale of carnival grifters originally published in CYBER PULP’S HALLOWEEN ANTHOLOGY 2.0 (Cyber Pulp, 2003) for HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL, and for CEMETERY RIOTS the heretofore unpublished Victorian-set story of “The Re-Possessed.”

Another short note, that the anthology HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL (see August 8) is on schedule, according to Editor Stephaine Buosi, and heading for publication at about the end of September.  My act in this artifice is a tale of Halloween chicanery and carnival wiles, of small crimes and horror called “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan.”

More to appear as it’s revealed to me.

It sounded interesting, if not high paying, and reprints were okay.  The title is HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL, but stories didn’t have to be literally about Satan.  “Deception plays a large role in folklore, fairy tales and mythology.  The hero will often use trickery to best their opponents, marry the princess, win treasure, or achieve the upper hand.  Many tr2erebuspressicksters end up with happy endings — think Hansel and Gretel, or Puss in Boots — but sometimes they only find punishment or loss.”  So said the guidelines.

“Dark fairy tales, bizarre, horror, surrealism, dark science-fiction and steam punk are all cool here.”

So I sent them a reprint originally published in CYBER PULP’S HALLOWEEN ANTHOLOGY 2.0 (Cyber Pulp, 2003 — also in WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARE:  AN ANTHOLOGY OF SCARY STORIES, cf. October 13 2013), “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan,” a saga of scams and carnival “trick-or-treat” connivers, for which the answer came today from Editor Stephanie Buosi:  “I am pleased to inform you that we have accepted your short story ‘Lobster Boy,’ to be included in Erebus Press’s upcoming anthology. . . .”

It may not be much, but, hey, an acceptance is an acceptance.  And this one could be fun.

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