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This comes to us today via Nathan Rowark on Facebook, a sale through June 30 from Horrified Press to include all e-titles.  Other than that I know no details, nor does the publisher’s Facebook page provide any more, except that all anthology titles are thus priced at $3.00 or less.  And, as it happens, I have several stories published by them although one, “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan” in HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL (cf. October 14 2015, et al.) appears to be available in print only, at least on Amazon, and hence doesn’t count. Two others, though, do:  “Tunnels,” concerning familial love in an underground post-apocalyptic world, in UNTIL THE END (see June 15 2014, et al.) on sale for $2.99; and “Flesh,” of a man who strives to get fat (but, when all is said and done, perhaps not enough), in NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS (see October 14 2015, December 21 2014, et al.) for an even $3.00.  For more, for UNTIL THE END press here; and for NIGHTMARE STALKERS here.


Editor Stephanie Buosi has just announced that links are live for purchase of HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL (cf. September 29, et al.) from either Lulu or, with a ten percent discount, direct from publisher Horrified Press.  My story in this is of carny folk of HTTTD Cover7-2the less-than-honest sort on Halloween called “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan.”  Checking the Horrified website myself, I’m reminded that another book with a story of mine, NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS featuring the surrealistic gustatory tale “Flesh,” was released two years ago under their imprint (see June 28 2013, et al.) and, while it seems it may be out of stock at the Horrified site, it is available (I just checked) from both Lulu and Amazon, here and here.  As for HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL, to find it on Lulu one can press here, or on Amazon here.

It sounded interesting, if not high paying, and reprints were okay.  The title is HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL, but stories didn’t have to be literally about Satan.  “Deception plays a large role in folklore, fairy tales and mythology.  The hero will often use trickery to best their opponents, marry the princess, win treasure, or achieve the upper hand.  Many tr2erebuspressicksters end up with happy endings — think Hansel and Gretel, or Puss in Boots — but sometimes they only find punishment or loss.”  So said the guidelines.

“Dark fairy tales, bizarre, horror, surrealism, dark science-fiction and steam punk are all cool here.”

So I sent them a reprint originally published in CYBER PULP’S HALLOWEEN ANTHOLOGY 2.0 (Cyber Pulp, 2003 — also in WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARE:  AN ANTHOLOGY OF SCARY STORIES, cf. October 13 2013), “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan,” a saga of scams and carnival “trick-or-treat” connivers, for which the answer came today from Editor Stephanie Buosi:  “I am pleased to inform you that we have accepted your short story ‘Lobster Boy,’ to be included in Erebus Press’s upcoming anthology. . . .”

It may not be much, but, hey, an acceptance is an acceptance.  And this one could be fun.

Okay, Suzie Wargo Lockhart, as co-editor with Bruce Lockhart 2nd of Horrified Press’s 2013 anthology NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS (cf. April 18 2014; November 1, October 23 2013, et al.), is obligated to give it good marks, but how’s this for a sort of chain review via repeated comments on Facebook?  The occasion  is to announce to the authors that there will be a royalty coming early next year, but it also gives a précis of the contents that may set readers’ palates tingling, in which case more can be found via Amazon by pressing here.  Or, from the horse’s mouth as it were, the Facebook page can be found here.

James Dorr’s ‘FLESH’ will gnaw at your soul, while Eli Wilde’s Rêve Noir’ drags the reader down into a seedy underworld that will torment your dreams…

Chantal Boudreau’s ‘Desperate Dreams’ shows us the true meaning of sacrifice, and Lindsey Goddard’s tale, ‘Gateway Drug’, warns us not to talk to strangers-oh, and to be careful what you wish for…if NightmareStalkersyou think women can’t write horror, then dare to check out their stories in Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers!

Mark Slade’s story ‘Whispers’ features a man slipping into insanity, and author Kenneth W. Cain offers up a wartime tale not to be forgotten, entitled ‘The Patrol’.

Local author Sean Farren haunts us inside an old mansion housing memories best forgotten in ‘The House on Cedar Street’, and acclaimed international poet Mathias Jansson offers a glimpse of a character questioning his identity in ‘A Shadow’.

Amazing author of zombie novels such as ‘FLESH EATERS’, Mr. Joe McKinney blew us away with his story ‘Mr. Creator’, and the multi-talented Kate Seren Monroe offers a creepy steam-punk-type tale entitled ‘Dialogues with the Dead’.

Joel Kremer’s poem ‘Knock Knock’ kicks things off by sending chills down your spine everytime you hear a knock on the door, and Ben Pienaar’s story, entitled ‘Dreamer’, might make you question your own reality.

Congrats to the outstanding authors who took a leap of faith and submitted their terrific tales to this first antho edited by ‘Team Lockhart’…Suzie Wargo Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart 2nd. Our thanks to Nathan Rowark and Horrified Press, to Jay Wilburn for his foreward, as well as his entertaining twist on night-time terror, entitled ‘Dose’, and to some of the other authors who didn’t hesitate, and even wrote stories especially for this antho…

Congratulations to the authors of Horrified Press anthology ‘Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers’, who will be starting the New Year with a royalty payment for their excellent work.  Well done guys, and well deserved!
If you remember, this anthology won 2nd place in last year’s P & E Reader’s Poll (anthology category).

After moving into a new apartment building, a man gets more than he bargained for in Rebecca Besser’s chilling story ‘Chosen’, and Max Booth III combines horror and romance in ‘7 HOURS’.   K Trap Jones distorts a fairytale in ‘Seven Snowy Deaths’, and Joseph Pinto’s ‘Apep’ slithers into the catacombs of your subconcious.

In ‘The Twenty’, Ray Robbio plunges the reader into a tale of selfishness and redemption…and award-winning author William Holden’s twisted tale will leave you looking over your shoulder…

Flowers will never hold the same meaning after reading Justin Tate’s poetry, and Todd Nelsen plunges the reader into a bleak future in his story ‘Virtual Black’.

Following the availability of its Kindle edition (see April 11), Horrified Press has announced today that its NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS anthology can also be purchased via Google Play for $3.00 — and, at least as of my check this afternoon, possibly at a markdown from that.  I would assume that the discount is temporary, but to check it out for yourself, press here.  My story in this one is the somewhat surrealistic “Flesh,” about a person whose dreams instruct him to get fat, and was originally published in the Spring 1999 issue of MAELSTROM SPECULATIVE FICTION.

“Welcome to the dreaded night realm . . . lingering just beneath your eyelids, where the hellish things borne of fear eagerly await your arrival. Prepare to be whiplashed to the darkest regions of 32 wicked minds, and forced to stare into their collective abyss.”  Yes, it’s NIGHTMARE NightmareStalkers4_11_14STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS (see February 13; October 23 2013, et al.) and, according to its publisher, it’s now available through Amazon as well as Lulu, including for Kindle.  And not only that, it now sports a slightly different cover commemorating a second place win in the Predators & Editors™ Readers Poll 2013 for best anthology.  Not bad for a book that purports to be about sleep.

Or maybe not sleep, exactly, but the stuff of dreams, both good ones and bad ones, including a story of mine called “Flesh” about a man who’s become convinced that he must get fat.  Say what?  Well, to check it yourself on Kindle press here — from which, if you wish, you can move to Amazon’s page for the print edition as well.

As promised, in time for Christmas (see post just below):  “On the last day of planet Earth, a love-struck couple cling to each other as the world burns.  They survive only to greet a new dawn — one filled with violent mutations and terrifuntil_the_end_thumbnail.phpying consequences — conceived from the ashes of humanity’s defeat.  Can our heartfelt protagonists stay together UNTIL THE END, or will the harsh realities of a new world tear them apart?  Join over 20 authors from around the world as they lay down for us a truly frightening universe — one that, after reading, Romeo could end up eating Juliette’s heart out over instead of his own.”  So goes the blurb, and there’s sure to be a zombie or two there, although my story, “Tunnels,” depicts a world in which perhaps even zombies have perished.  But then there will always be some people left, yes?

Be that as it may, UNTIL THE END is available in print from Lulu, for which press here.

As the holidays approach, another anthology is due to be released, UNTIL THE END (see August 15), only two days from now on December 20.  This is a jolly (well . . . it is almost Christmas) after-the-apocalypse book with a difference, that the emphasis is to be on love and, even in the worst of times, its power to endure.  Or not.  And to help whet appetites, British publisher Horrified Press has announced the lineup of authors and titles, including my own tale, “Tunnels,” of how families will stick together and children, especially, adapt to the new life that they’ve been born into.

A Valentine for Kathy – By Ken L. Jones
No Fear, My Dear – By Mathias Jansson
Till Death Do Us Part – By Mathias Jansson
Fresh Start Fumes – By David S. Pointer
12:12 December 12 – By Changming Yuan
End of the World – By Mark Slade
Three Little Words – By Adam Millard
Lessons to be Learned From the End of the World – By Shaun Avery
The Watchers in the Park – By Matthew Wilson
The Power – By David Perlmutter
A Small Sacrifice – By Todd Nelsen
Ironsky – By Mark F. Bailey
Rollup – By Thomas J. Keller
Cornucopia – By Edward Ahern
One Last Question – By J.J. Steinfeld
Before the End – By Jane Hertenstein
Tunnels – By James S. Dorr
The End of a Thing is Better – By Eric Keys
The Red Queen Makes Her Excuses – By Mercedes Webb-Pullman
In Fables – By Gary Murphy
Time Catcher – By Denny E. Marshall
Via Di Porta Angelica – By Jason Bougger
Zombie Heartbreak – By Lauren Hudgins
After It All – By Stephanie Buosi
Outer Reach – By Hanson Hovell Holladay

Technically this arrived last night, so, closing out the month of November, David Nell emailed:  “Thank you for your submission to COSMIC VEGETABLE. We are pleased to confirm that your story has been chosen for the remaining 16 spots and will appear in the anthology’s final lineup.”  To be published by Dreamscale Press, COSMIC VEGETABLE:  ANTHOLOGY OF HUMOROUS SF* will be coming out with my even longer-titled “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Procyon VII Slime Dancers’ Beaux,” a tale of intrigue and interstellar love originally published in March 1996 in the magazine ZONE 9 — and, the acceptance letter goes on, to be out as early as later this week in this new venue.  And, yes, we’ve met David Nell before as editor as well of MISERIA’S CHORALE for Forgotten Tomb Press (see November 26, et al.)

So part of today’s activity included reading over, electro-signing, and sending back the contract for COSMIC VEGETABLE, using a public library computer downtown, then walking about two blocks on a remarkably pleasant first day of December to local bookstore Boxcar Books for December’s Bloomington Writers Guild “First Sundays Reading and Open-Mic” (cf. October 6, et al.) at which, for the “open-mic” part, I offered my short short “The Christmas Zombie” from Kazak Press’s last year’s anthology AT YEAR’S END:  HOLIDAY SFF STORIES (cf. November 19 2012).

Then, once I returned home, it was time to check over proof sheets and send back corrections (only one small one!) to Nathan J. D. L. Rowark of Horrified Press for my story “Tunnels” (cf. August 15, also September 6 2011, et al.), to be in their rather less jolly, post-apocalypse anthology  UNTIL THE END.  Mine is a horror tale of familial love and childhood wonder under not-the-best-of-circumstances, with UNTIL THE END tentatively scheduled for release December 20th.

Then, finally, Untreed Reads Publishing has announced a fifty percent off sale for all titles all day Cyber Monday, tomorrow as I post this, including my PEDS, VANITAS, and Christmas short “I’M DREAMING OF A. . . .,” all reachable by clicking their pictures in the center column, as well as last year’s New Year’s anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR with my lead story “Appointment in Time.”  Other partial-day specials will be available too, starting at 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. EST if I’m counting the hours right).  For more information check out the Untreed Reads store by pressing here.


*Not to be confused with the “Eco-Horror Veggie Anthology” GROWING CONCERNS (of November 18 et al.), with my story “Seeds.”

“Welcome to the dreaded night realm . . . lingering just beneath your eyelids, where the hellish things borne of fear eagerly await your arrival.  Prepare to be whiplashed to the darkest regions of 32 wicked minds, and forced to stare into their collective abyss.  This world is chock-full of the stuff dreams are made of, but more than likely, if you find yourself in the minds of one of these authors, you’ll awaken to a nightmare.  This fear you’re experiencing is like a virus, it will spread to every inch of your body, sending not only a chill down your spine but reaching into the very depths of your soul. . . .  You’ll journey to the darkest corners of these author’s minds, as you confront the living, breathing entity that is fear.”

So reads the rollout of Horrified Press’s NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS (cf. September 23, 20, et al.) on Lulu, edited by Suzie Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart 2nd.  What more can one say?  My dozer in this dormitory is a tale called “Flesh,” about . . . well . . . flesh and why, in a dream, a man is told that he needs to have more of it.  On his body, that is — he needs to get fat.

To find out more, a print copy of  NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS can be obtained by clicking here while, for an electronic edition, click here.

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