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The haunted house import from Japan centers on a possessed residence that literally gobbles up its doomed visitors.  A group of school girls unwittingly enter a haunted house of horrors.  Demonic possession, reanimated body parts out for blood, and downright bonkers fun house effects ensue.  Fun fact:  studio execs in Japan originally planned to produce a movie like JAWS.  Yet when director and producer Nobuhiko Obayashi discussed the pitch with his young daughter, she revealed her own childhood fears — which were far more twisted and inventive than a rehashed shark movie.  Thus, HAUSU was born.

Thus quoting from number 3 of “11 Scariest Haunted House Movies to Freak You Out in Your Own Home” by Jessica Ferri, courtesy of THE-LINE-UP.COM, and reason enough to check out the whole list by pressing here.  Yes, there are “the usual suspects,” PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, but other good films are on the list too, like the Spanish film THE ORPHANAGE and THE OTHERS.  One caveat, though, the links under each listing inviting you to WATCH IT NOW aren’t links to the movies or even to trailers, but rather to Amazon’s rental site.  But you can always go from there to their actual movie site and get an idea of what prices are if you want to buy the DVD.

Also, re. HAUSU, I highly recommend it, but do realize it’s a little . . . different.  Or to quote myself (cf. below, October 31 2015 — yes, I posted a review when the IU Cinema screened it for Halloween three years back), [i]t’s an “evil house” movie, but with a big difference.  This one combines the expected tropes with a weird undercurrent of surrealism, including cartoons, a demon cat, telegraphed punches — all clearly intentional — even slapstick humor in a tale of seven schoolgirls’ summer outing at the home of one of the girls’ maiden aunt.  An aunt she hadn’t seen since her grandmother’s funeral years in the past.  And in my opinion, HAUSU alone is an excellent film to ring in the new year, a year perhaps destined to be marked with its own surrealism.

Spring is upon us and, with it, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association’s annual “Year’s Best” anthology nears publication.  Or to cop the tip from the horse’s mouth:  Aside from STAR*LINE, the RHYSLING ANTHOLOGY is the SFPA’s single greatest contribution to the larger world of Speculative Poetry.  It is a platform where Speculative Poets are nominated and acknowledged by their peers for single works of exemplary poetry.  But there is a catch.  Although dues-paying members of SFPA receive the anthology as a perk (while those not members may buy it as well), it does cost money.  And so today’s email has brought a plea, that members — and non-members too! — may also contribute donations.

If interested, or for just more information on the Rhyslings and the anthology, one may press here.  And if willing to donate, look to the right for the drop box marked Rhysling Sponsorship and take it from there.

In somewhat related news, Smart Rhino Publications is sponsoring a kickstarter for its and the Written Remains Writers Guild’s upcoming anthology A PLAGUE OF SHADOWS, more on which can be found here.  This is a little unusual for me to report in that I don’t have a dog in this particular pack (though I don’t have a poem in this year’s Rhysling contention either, as it happens), but I have published with Smart Rhino before and, to quote their particular email this time, [o]ur main goals for this Kickstarter campaign are (1) to support the fruitful collaboration of amazing writers (regardless of their current stature in the publishing world), and (2) to bring the best horror and suspense fiction possible to you, the readers.  Smart Rhino takes great pride in publishing quality books for our supporters — and our writers take great pride in providing you with the best stories they have to offer.  My particular stories with them are in the anthologies UNCOMMON ASSASSINS, INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS, and ZIPPERED FLESH 3, and to help the cause one might buy one or more of those books as well.

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