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Today word has come that Bards and Sages Publications’s THE GREAT TOME OF FANTASTIC AND WONDROUS PLACES (cf. October 1, et al.), Volume 3 in the GREAT TOMES series, can now be obtained in audio form, according to publisher Julie Ann Dawson.  This joins the first two volumes, THE GREAT TOME OF FORGOTTEN RELICS AND ARTIFACTS and THE GREAT TOME OF DARKEST greattomev3-125102232_stdHORROR AND UNSPEAKABLE EVILS, and can be checked out by pressing here (from which, as well, one can use the search box for “Great Tome” to find the audio versions of other two).  Print and e-book versions, also, are still available from Amazon, et al.

My pups in this dog pack are “The Candle Room,” originally published in TERMINAL FRIGHT, Summer 1995 (also reprinted in my STRANGE MISTRESSES collection); “Pavlov’s Dogs” (ah, now), originally in GATEWAYS, Spring 1994; and “Ice Vermin,” EXTREMES 5 (Lone Wolf Publications CD ROM, 2003, and reprinted in DARKER LOVES) in Volumes 1 through 3, respectively.

Just a quick followup, THE GREAT TOME OF CRYPTIDS AND LEGENDARY CREATURES oozed into the computer cave’s physical mailbox yesterday afternoon (see just below, December 17, et al.).  Yes, the cover is that shade of purple.  Within are tales with (quoting their blurb) “[p]lots revolving around the folklore and legends of ‘real world’ cryptids.”  Or, to be more specific, here’s a table of contents:

The Voice of Thunder by Taylor Harbin
The Burryman by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Hunting a Legend by Derek Muk
Field Study by T.C. Powell
Cats in the Cradle by Matthew Smallwood
The Stalker by James Dorr
Shapes in the Water by Calvin Demmer
The Bad, Bad Luck of Judson Worley by Rob Munns
The Ghost of Arriscado Basin by Jon Michael Kelley
Sutan by Derek Muk
Hoofquake by CB Droege
Eleven Essential Items to Bring When Planning Selfies with Bigfoot by Sarina Dorie
Dark Fin by Mark Charke

Amazon, also, claims it’s ready for ordering now including in print, for which one can press here.

Bards and Sages Publishing’s THE GREAT TOME OF CRYPTIDS AND LEGENDARY CREATURES (cf. October 27, August 3, et al.) is now live, according to Editor Julie Ann Dawson.  This is Number Four in the GREAT TOMES greattome4series, joining with those of FORGOTTEN RELICS AND ARTIFACTS, DARKEST HORRORS AND UNSPEAKABLE EVILS, and FANTASTIC AND WONDROUS PLACES.  And I have stories in all four of these with “The Stalker,” in this one, the tale of a young college woman’s encounter with a Windigo and why one must always remember one’s BIBLE.  Also, the print edition has received a final approval and should be out within the next few days.

More information on THE GREAT TOME OF CRYPTIDS AND LEGENDARY CREATURES can be found from Bards and Sages, with table of contents, by pressing here.

A short note this time of a discovery no more distant than my street mail mailbox, the receipt of Volume 3 in Bards and Sages GREAT TOMES series, THE GREAT TOME OF greattomev3-125102232_stdFANTASTIC AND WONDROUS PLACES (see September 21, et al.).  My story in this is of an early 20th century expedition into the Wild Wild East — which is to say Russia’s Siberian wasteland — and what was there found.  Presented in the form of a scholarly journal article, a slightly differently formatted version was published in EXTREMES 5 (Lone Wolf Publications, 2003) as well as reprinted in my second collection, DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET (Dark Regions Press, 2007).  Or, for more on this current version, one may press here.

This is another of those periods where there seems to be something new happening every day.  And let us be thankful while it lasts!  For today it’s a notice from Julie Ann Dawson of Bards and Sages Publishing that the third volume in their GREAT TOMES series, THE GREAT TOME OF GreatTomeV3.125102232_stdFANTASTIC AND WONDROUS PLACES (see August 29, June 23, et al.) has been released.  Available both in print and Kindle, this one has my story “Ice Vermin,” originally published in EXTREMES 5 (Lone Wolf Publications, 2003; also reprinted in DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET for which one may press its picture in the center column), here reformatted into a new edition, describing the travails of an early 20th century Russian expedition into Siberia — and what they found there.  For more information and possible ordering one may press here.

But then, speaking of exploration, and once again through the sheer wonder of serendipity, have you yourself ever wanted to know what and where is the most remote place on Earth?  Courtesy of BIGTHINK.COM one may wonder no more, via “Solitude, Space Junk and Sea Monsters:  the Eeriness of Point Nemo,” by Frank Jacobs.  The question posed, in Jacobs’s words, is “What do sci fi pioneer Jules Verne, horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and the Russian space programme have in common?”  The answer is a point in the South Pacific Ocean located at 48°52.6’S 123°23.6’W.

For more, press here.

Just a quick note, that Volume 3 in Bards and Sages GREAT TOMES series, THE GREAT TOME OF FANTASTIC AND WONDROUS PLACES has been posted by Amazon for pre-order in its Kindle edition.  Print, presumably, will follow.  My journey in this juxtaposition is a dark Russian fantasGreatTomeV3.125102232_stdy set in the early Twentieth Century, “Ice Vermin,” originally published in CD ROM in EXTREMES 5 (Lone Wolf Publications, 2003) and in print in my second collection, DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET (Dark Regions Press, 2007).  Ah, but with one difference, this being the “scholarly edition” where editor’s notes within the text in the original version have been replaced by end notes, thus separating, in a sense, the narrative into two separate stories.

So you, the reader, thus have a choice — you can look up the end notes as you come to them, thus replicating the original version, or wait until you get to the end and read them in one lump, solving perhaps some mysteries that came up along the way.  In either case, though, for more information, one may press here.

Busy, busy, busy weekend and busy end of the week leading to it.  Saturday’s task is to send changes back to Bards and Sages for my story, “Ice Vermin,” to come in THE GREAT TOME OF FANTASTIC AND WONDGreatTomeV3.125102232_stdROUS PLACES (cf. May 11), Volume 3 in the GREAT TOMES series.  This along with an early meeting of my writers group (usually on the third, not the second Saturday of the month), but for the solitary writer that’s almost more fun than work.

But then this will segue into a second set of proof sheets, this to GrayWhisper Graphics Productions for SINGULAR IRREGULARITY with my story there “The Master of Time” (see May 23, 9, April 27), a tome (to pardon the expression) of time travel gone wrong.  Hopefully this will be finished on Sunday.

And lastly the task I’ve already completed, actually lateish Thursday night in response to a question by Chuck Zaglanis of Elder Signs Press:  a description of ghouls as they appear in TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH (cf. July 5, 1, May 23).  Details, details.  I threw in some other beings too, boat-gypsies, necromancers, for these to morph into artist suggestions as the book’s cover begins to take shape.  The book itself is to be a novel-in-stories, scheduled to be out next spring, about a far-future dying Earth and the death-centric culture that starts to arise as the end grows nigh.  But of course there are other concerns as well, as trade, making money, planning funerals, protecting the dead from those who eat corpses, and above all loving.

But more on this one as its own time grows nigh!

Even if it was a Sunday, Amazon Fulfillment Services came through with the second in Bards and Sages’s GREAT TOMES series (cf. June 23, et al.).  Yes, staring out of my mailbox with baleful eye (or surely so had it not been confined to its sealed padded envelope) was the book, the second volume, THE GREAT TOME OF DARKEST HORRORS AND UNSPEAKABLE EVILS (June 9, March 4).  “Plots revolving around monsters, evil aliens, or otherworldly entities. . .” the guidelines had said.  “For purposes of this anthology, the monster or entity must be a wholly original concept to the story and not based on an existing New Image‘real world’ legend.”  And here it was, another eleven stories*, edited as had been Volume 1 by Julie Ann Dawson, including my tale of “Pavlov’s Dogs,” third from the end in its unholy lineup.

Pavlov’s dogs, yes, based on the famous canines trained to respond to bells, in this case with a young man with ambition determined to show that people, too, can be similarly responsive.  And who as well has a girlfriend, but one less interested in the sciences.  So where’s the dark horror and/or unspeakable evil in that, one might ask?  Well . . . the book can be found on Amazon by pressing here.

But that’s not all for this Fourth of July.  Not nearly all.  Forgotten Relics and Artifacts. . .  Darkest Horrors and Unspeakable Evils. . .  Fantastic and Wondrous Places. . .  Cryptids and Legendary Creatures. . .  Yes, we have braved them all, the four GREAT TOMES, two still to be published but we have had forewarning.  So, just when we had begun to think it was safe . . . a perusal  of the final pages of Volume 2 reveals there are now two more GREAT TOMES to come:  THE GREAT TOME OF DRAGONS AND DRACONIC LORE (“Plots revolving around dragons and dragonkin creatures”) and THE GREAT TOME OF MAGICIANS, NECROMANCERS, AND MYSTICS (“Fictional accounts of historic or legendary magic users, such as Merlin, Rasputin, Medea, Marie Laveau, etc.”).

More information on all of these can be found in the guidelines by pressing here.

*The sharp-eyed reader will notice the contents page in the book shows only ten titles, excluding the “Introduction,” “About the Authors,” and “The Great Tome Series” at the end, yet Amazon’s listing (as well as the book’s own back cover) insists on eleven.  To escape this devilish trap with one’s sanity intact, turn to page 48.

Contracts came Tuesday, were signed Wednesday, and went into the mail today.  And oddly they shared the same envelope, although they’re for very different projects.  For the first, in fact, there’s a funny story that goes back to when I had been in Boy Scouts, and of an over-zealous (though mercifully fictional) Scoutmaster who proposed a survival hike in which participants would spend a week in the woods with “nothing but a jock strap and a knife.”  And so, once upon a more recent time, I wrote a sort of absurdist story in which the horror trope of the defenseless woman lost in the woods being stalked by a monster would be ratcheted up, the victim becoming a college student in a “survival geology” course with nothing but a rock hammer, a thong, and a silver dollar.

The geology part, incidentally, was a spinoff from another story, “Ice Vermin,” which will be reprinted in Bards and Sages Publishing’s third volume in their GREAT TOMES anthology series (cf. June 9, et al.), THE GREAT TOME OF FANTASTIC AND WONDROUS PLACES (see specifically May 11), thus joining stories I already have in their first two entries.  And so by coincidence this new story, called “The Stalker,” seemed like it might fit in the fourth and last book, but there was a snag.  The editors thought the undies might make it too over the top, and so on request I rewrote a new, more modestly attired version.  And now the word has come (well, actually Tuesday), the new better dressed “Stalker” (well, actually the stalker’s victim, the stalker itself being more like fur-covered) has been accepted for Volume 4, THE GREAT TOME OF CRYPTIDS AND LEGENDARY CREATURES, set for a December 2016 publication — and so I have stories either out, or due out by the end of the year, in all four of the GREAT TOMES volumes.

But another coincidence now comes forth.  A new Bards and Sages project has been announced, THE SOCIETY OF MISFIT STORIES “to provide a loving home for those misfit tales that are too long for most periodicals but too short for print.”  This will be in electronic format only, with reprints allowed although unpublished stories are preferred, for tales between 5,000 and 20,000 words in length “in all speculative genres (horror, science fiction, slipstream, steampunk, magical realism, etc.).  We will also consider mysteries, thrillers, and action-adventure stories for this series.”  These will be bought for a modest sum, but only for a six-month period, subject to subsequent renewals by mutual consent.  And I have several stories that otherwise are doing nothing that fit the description.

So, long story short, Tuesday also brought a contract for my 9,800 or thereabouts word “By Force and Against the King’s Peace,” a fantasy-mystery originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE in December 1999, and now tentatively scheduled for this September.

And so, having received the first GREAT TOME volume (see just below), what should come in Tuesday’s email but an acceptance and contract for my story “Ice Vermin” for Volume 3, THE GREAT TOME OF FANTASTIC AND WONDROUS PLACES.  Theme:  Plots revolving around the exploration of fantasy or alien locales in which the acts of exploration and adventure are central to the plot.  It is a reprint (the GREAT TOME series does not pay much, but it is a kind of neat venue to be in nonetheless), initially published in CD ROM form in EXTREMES 5 (Lone Wolf Publications, 2003) as well as in GreatTomeV3.125102232_stdprint in my second collection, DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET (Dark Regions Press, 2007).

The acceptance was not entirely unexpected, however, as I had been asked about making a possible change to the MS which I then sent back, having eliminated interspersed “editor’s notes” ( the story is actually two separate narratives, the first excerpts from the journal of an early 20th century Russian explorer, the second comments the greater part of a century later explaining, with hindsight, portions of the original text) and replaced them with numbered end notes.  Thus, as emailed to me, “I like this much better.  Particularly because I can play with the actual formatting to give it the ‘look’ of an academic publication a little.”  This fits in with the idea of the GREAT TOMES in general, not an annotated excerpt in the “Notes” section of a relatively ephemeral geological journal, but a more full-blown scholarly treatise preserved many hundreds of years in the future, collected thus with other material into a  “Great Tome.”  And, also to the point, it’s a change in form only, not in content, thus telling the same story and in the same way, but just in a slightly different package.

The first GREAT TOME was published in March, as we might remember, even if actually just now received; the second, THE GREAT TOME OF DARKEST HORRORS AND UNSPEAKABLE EVIL with my story “Pavlov’s Dogs” (see April 27, March 4) due, if all goes on schedule, in June.  And so this third volume is tentatively set to be out in September.

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