Today brought a reminder from AbeBooks (cf. below, September 6) that their September sale has just eight days to go.  Or to put it in their words:  Save up to 50% on books and collectibles from select sellers.  Discover a great selection of new, used, and collectible books, art and ephemera, all discounted until September 28th.  Or to put it in my words, if you might have a temptation to get a paperback copy of TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, there’s a week left to find astounding bargains as low as $7.08 and $7.33 — and that’s with free shipping to boot — by pressing here.
For more on TOMBS itself, you can click on its picture in the center column, or read some reviews by pressing here (and yes, these are all 5-star as it happens, but to be scrupulously honest you can find a few 2 or 3-star ones on GoodReads, for all of which my special thanks!).  Or, more to the point, if you have read TOMBS — or are getting it now and are about to start — why not jot down what you think of it, just one or two sentences will do, and send it to both GoodReads AND Amazon as your review?