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Today’s e-announcement of T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG brought, along with a new story, several reruns as is its custom, including one by me.  “Flightless Rats” is one of several stories based on the New Orleanian urban legend of the “Casket Girls,” of which two, the eponymous “Casket Girls” and “Dead Lines,” have been published on DAILY SCIENCE FICVampiresMusidora6TION on April 10 2014 and April 21 this year, respectively.  “Flightless Rats” itself appeared only eight months ago (see January 12, et al.), so it’s not all that old, but in the meantime the link has changed as the SPECULATIVE BLOG transitions to a new name of FREESCIENCEFICTION.COM, so for those who may have missed it before, the all-new place to find “Flightless Rats” is here.

One might mention also that, like DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, one can subscribe for free for announcements and links when each new story is posted, for which press the same link for “Flightless Rats,” then scroll  down past the story and “Comments” section and fill in the blanks where it says “Subscribe Me.”  For DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, incidentally, one can press here (and then for my stories, including “Dead Lines” and “Casket Girls,” enter my last name only, Dorr, in the search box to the right).

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